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March 19, 2010



I learned to crochet first and still like it.
I learned needlepoint next and still like it.
I learned cross-stitch (stamped) next...don't like it.
I learned counted cross-stitch next and still like it.
I learned to knit next and LOVE it.
I learned bobbin lace next and LOVE it.
I'd like to learn to quilt...but it involves (gasp! The horror!) sewing...not sure I'll ever learn to do that!


I knit and crochet (and do some other thread-crafty things, as well). In general I greatly prefer knitting. The element of crocheting that appeals to me is the same aspect that repels me at times: crochet uses up a lot of yarn and builds very quickly, so you zoom through skeins just like that. Sometimes the quickness factor makes me feel drawn to crochet, but most of the time (and probably mainly because I'm a poor grad student who can't afford lots of yarn but likes the nice stuff), I like to savor my yarn time a bit longer, so knitting it is.


Well, for me, I just don't like the look of crochet as much as I like the look of knit.

Cassie Hale

I learned to crochet when I was 8 or 9 by my great-granny. I made a TON of chain bookmarks . . . and that's about it. I tried to make a couple blankets and was just too slow. I took up knitting over a year ago and am OBSESSED! However, I started crocheting again as well and love it too. I do both, depending on what I'm in the mood for. I also enjoy sewing, though I'm not very good, and I'm getting ready to learn quilting. My girls are taking sewing for 4H, and since we have to help, I figure I'll learn a lot more then. While I knit the most, I do enjoy an occassional crochet project (even if it kills my wrists), and some light sewing. I cross-stitched for YEARS, but I haven't been able to tolerate it since I began having children . . . . On the crochet note: my friends who quit doing so said it hurt their wrists, and I can certainly attest to that.

Liz Anderson

Put me in the Oddity List as well. I can knit, crochet, tat lace, paint, sew and keep house. I just don't choose to do them all the time or all at once.

Perhaps our handwork tastes are dictated by our upbringing? My mom & grandmother did most of the above so I was exposed to them, and some I've carried on to keep the tradition alive. I was taught crochet and knitting in Girls Scouts and Campfire Gils as well, and what do you know, some of it stuck with me!


first comment i've posted on your blog lol
I learned to crochet when I was about 8 years old, and learned how to knit when i was 16. My mom has crocheted practically her whole life and just learned how to knit a month ago... plus i love scrapbooking, beading, painting, drawing (i'm in the process right now of creating my own manga series)... I have lots of hobbies and love all sorts of crafting! ... i guess some people just don't want to learn or try new things when they know they are already good at something... but i like doing it all!


I learned to crochet when I was 8 or 9 and crocheted many many afghans.
I learned to knit in my 20's sometime, and love to knit socks.
I learned to spin just a couple of years ago (I'm 43), and love that too.

In my opinion, crochet is better for afghans and doilies. Knitting is better for wearable garments (generally anyway). Knitting has more stretch and is perfect for sweaters and socks.

I love them both!

Kristen J

I'm with all these other people--I'm a multi-crafter who loves to knit AND crochet AND quilt AND sew AND embroider and and and. I don't know why some knitters see crochet as some kind of red-headed stepchild. Group mentality, maybe?


I both knit and crochet, and sometimes I'll do both in one project. I really like to add a crochet edging to a knit garment. I can't explain why some people don't like one or the other. They both have their charms (and drawbacks). Sometimes you just want to crochet and sometimes you just want to knit. For full disclosure, I'll admit that I learned both when I was a child, so I don't really remember learning either craft - I just do them.


I TRY to crochet, but my hands go weird. I have hooks if that counts. I mastered a granny square last summer.

I want to learn to tat. My mother has a beautiful ivory tatting shuttle that was my great grandmother's, but she can't remember how.

I love shadow work embroidery and smocking. I would have to take all of that perle cotton and smock some dresses for Girlfriend. My own dd refused to wear any of the 30+ dresses I smocked for her. You can only stuff boys into smocked bubbles for a certain amount of time before they realize people think that they are wearing dresses.

I went through a wool embroidery phase. I have several acres of wool blanketing, waiting to be embroidered and a gorgeous girly baby blanket started.

I had barely learned to knit and was fighting the urge to buy a stinking sheep so I could grow my own wool, shear the sheep, and spin the wool, and knit socks. I'm a freak.

I tried to quilt. I have a stunning half finished quilt top for a baby boy.

I just love fibers. Today my 12 yr old daughter and I are sewing skirts and curtains for her newly redecorated bedroom.


I started off as a cross stitcher - and then along came our kiddo. Once he got to be a year old and mobile and started touching all of the threads - well, something had to give. I was able to learn knitting - because so many people at work knit, and my mom knit, so that is my knitting story. I simply haven't learned to crochet - haven't had anyone around me who knows how to do it. Tried books, tried youtube clips - can't seem to get it.

Chelsea the Yarngeek

I crocheted for 9 years before learning how to knit. I knit a lot more than I crochet these days, but that's mostly due to the fact that I overused my wrists crocheting for so long that it hurts to do.

I think a lot of the animosity between the two crafts comes from the perceptions from the two sides. Knitting patterns tend to be more sophisticated, while crochet patterns tend to be a little more funky. But that's really just the nature of the craft. Another reason for the rift I think is the lack of crochet patterns. Crocheters feel a little pushed to the side because knitting lends itself so well to garments that it takes the spotlight. And don't get me started on yarn usage...

Personally, I find that I like both crafts for different things. Knitting makes more comfortable garments, while crochet is perfect for household items and hats. I guess I'm just bi-craftual. (Or maybe trans-craftual. I also sew and occasionally scrapbook...)


Count me in as an all round needlecrafter. If it uses a needle, I do it. I understand your frustration.

Carolyn Jolly

I think it's like the Geometry and Algebra phenomena. You know you're either good at one or the other......never both. I hated Algebra....never really "got it", but LOVED and even excelled at Geometry.....it just made sense to me. I think it's the same with crochet and knitting. I love knitting, but hate and suck at crochet. Right brain, left brain???


I learned both as a child from my grandmothers & picked them back up when I was in my early 20's. I've crocheted everything from an afghan to a lace doily. (Hmm, now that I think about it, I have a lot more crochet FO's than knit...). I do far prefer knit fabric for garments though. I've also dipped my toes into filet crochet, counted cross stitch, needlepoint, and even those darn balls. None of them stuck, but I always go back to crochet & knitting.


I can do both (and sew and quilt and macrame), but I knit pretty much exclusively now because I love the finished product so much...the smoothness of stockinette stitch. The rhythm of knitting also makes me more relaxed than that of crocheting.

Kathy S

I knit and crochet. And sew. And embroider. And spin. And dye. And have dabbled in MANY other crafts such as weaving and tatting. Even nonfiber ones such as stained glass. I'm a crafting lemming at times, compulsively "trying out" new crafts I see other people having fun at.

I actually learned to crochet first, as my gramma taught me granny squares when I was little. My aunt tried to teach me to knit, but it went too slow and every time I tried to make a little square I'd lose stitches and then turn em into huge Barbie sombreros.

When I was in my 20's I finally took up knit for serious. The reasons I hadn't before is I lacked the patience. (Yeah, someone who can crochet doilies out of size 30 hand dyed crochet cotton had no patience to knit!) And the reason I took it up was because I wanted to make garments and didn't like how crocheted garments looked.

I primarily knit now, but it doesn't stop me from busting out the crochet hook like I did when I realized that knitting an afghan for a friend's housewarming was going to take forever so I crocheted a riff on the Moderne Log Cabin in a fraction of the time.


Interesting question. I first learned to crochet from my college roommate, then taught myself to knit. Honestly, I think I don't crochet much just because I never really learned to read crochet patterns. Every time I try one for something more complicated than edgings or a blanket my brain just balks. I guess if I wanted to learn how to do it, I'm sure I could. But right now, my little free time is taken up by knitting, which I can do without looking. I think when I want a new challenge I might go back to crochet.


I knit, sew, quilt, and embroider ... and do other random craft projects I happen across that I want to replicate ... but I am not a good crocheter. I actually learned crochet first and could never get my tension right, I always ended up with pieces curving because I had started too tight and gotten looser as I worked my way out. I've tried again after teaching myself to knit, but I'm just better at knitting than crocheting so I kind of gave up on the latter. I absolutely love some crochet projects though; namely granny squares, flowers, and crocheted slouchy hats. I would consider myself a relatively advanced knitter, but crocheting is just beyond me. Maybe its one of those things I just need someone to sit down next to me and teach me to do, instead of learning on my own.


I find crochet to be uncomfortable to my fingers. Partly it's just practice, I'm sure, but I tend to hold everything too tight. I also don't tend to like the look of a lot of crochet garments - I like afghans and such, but not enough to make one.
Also my mother-in-law and sister-in-law both crochet and can crank out enough stuff to supply every family member for the rest of their lives. I like being different.


I knit crochet sew spin weave bead embrodery and probally a few I cant remember. Mostly right now I knit but I have a granny square blanket going and I crocheted a sock once (yes one sock) just wanted to see if I could do it with a pattern and I did it. I think if people keep there mind open they can do all of it!!! Only thing i can't seem to grasp is spelling LOL 53 yrs old and still have problems spelling. I think it is because I spell the way it sounds to me. Anyway people try new things you would be amazed what you can do!!! Hugs Marion


I learned how to crochet as a child and did that until I was an adult, when I learned how to knit. I love to mix the two. I sew my own clothes, too. No worries about not having friends who do both, looks like you have a lot in the comments!


I knit and crochet! I knit more than I crochet largely because I can knit without looking at my work but I can't crochet without looking at my work, and I do all of my crafting in front of Netflix movies because I don't have time for both leisure activities separately.


Wendy, If I could I would.
My neighbor has tried countless times to teach me how to crochet. It usually ends in tears of laughter. I just can't get it.
She is both a knitter and crocheter. I am a knitter and a baker. I would love to make a granny square, I just can't.


I can and had done all of the above, but find that I much prefer knitting. However given my choice of how to make a baby afghan, or most any afghan really, I will crochet. I just find it faster for that kind of project and I like the results better. I can crochet, I'm actually very, very good at it. It just isn't my first choice for most things.

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