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March 19, 2010


Kelly N.

I don't know why either. There are 3 of us in my knitting group that knit and crochet! So that's pretty cool...


Beats me! I love both knitting and crochet, for that matter I also love to sew and quilt.
I have lots of pearl cotton left over from when I use to embroider so thanks for highlighting this super cute pattern.


I can embroider, cross stitch, cook/bake, am getting better at sewing, and knit and crochet. I use crochet at least once for each knitted project- crochet cast on is just so quick, you don't have to worry about that long tail being too long or too short, and it leaves enough room for making that first row. And I keep that hook close by for fixing mistakes, binding pieces together, finishing edges...
That being said, other than a quick hat here and there, I hardly ever crochet a full project. Every once in a while I'll see a skirt or sweater that I just feel I have to have. The thing that keeps me from starting is the quantity of yarn needed for most of those garments.


Hmmm, I knit AND crochet AND sew AND tat AND needlepoint AND do pretty much anything else that involves string and/or fabric -- cross stitch, macrame, felting, and on and on.

For a long time the knitting patterns were a lot more appealing than the crochet patterns (or needlepoint or macrame patterns, etc.), so that's what I did. Now, frankly, the sewing patterns are more appealing, and the knitting patterns seem to be written by people who don't have a clue how to fit the human body, so I sew.

Mostly I go along with the crowd

Laura (soapturtle)

I tend to do it all, but I had a hard time learning to knit. I had been crocheting since I was around 5 or so and the act of knitting made my hands and brain hurt. I had a really hard time with it.

In the end, the trick that did it for me was swapping my yarn feed hand. That made my brain realize I was doing something different I guess. Left hand yarn is crochet, Right hand yarn is knitting. That is all it took.


I don't crochet because I don't get it.

I've tried to learn from books. I've tried to learn from people. I tried to learn when I was a kid. I've tried to learn since I grew up.

I just don't get it.

I have nothing against it as a craft. It's not a drama thing for me. But it's no longer giving me any joy to keep trying to learn and I think I'm too old to beat myself up about it any longer. So I sort of prefer it when my knitting magazines, etc., don't expect me to learn or give me a hard time because I haven't and no longer want to.


In my world, knitting and crochet kind of serve their own purposes for particular projects, but I do love to do both. I haven't attempted a combination project, but I'd be willing to try!


If you must know, I don't crochet because I just can't learn it. I cook, sew most of my clothes, embroider, quilt, do all sorts of needlepoint, and of course knit (all self taught via books) but for the life of me I can't crochet. I have not tried to learn in a while. Maybe the universe does not want me to learn because I finally bought a book for left handed crocheters and proceeded to lose it.

One thing I know, I will learn to crochet before I die, even if it is in the nursing home.


I am totally a cross-crafter! Knitting first, then sewing, crocheting, paper folding, embroidery... I love it all! I've got that pincushion on my Ravelry queue and I just finished crocheting some bird ornaments for a cheer-me-up mobile! Vive la diferance!


Ah, finally, one of the commenters (Nicole) mentioned my problem with crochet. It is, quite simply, that I can never figure out where the next stitch is supposed to go. With knitting, there's a loop on a needle, and it's obvious that that is where the next stitch goes. With crochet, I always feel that it's a crap shoot whether or not I've put the hook in the right place. Who needs that kind of stress? When doing something supposedly for relaxation?


I knit and I temari. Crochet has absolutely no appeal for me. I'll crochet an edging, but that's about it. It's odd, because I enjoy the ACTION of crocheting, but I don't like crocheted fabric: everything I see is too stiff, too structured, not drapey enough for my tastes.


I think, too, that crochet and knitting tap into different parts of your brain. Crochet seems to work out best for people who have good spacial sense: You have to know where you've been and where you are going because you don't have the benefit of all those stitches just hanging out and waiting for you on the needles. Even though I primarily knit, I definitely keep the hooks near at hand for that edging that can't be knit, or the odd granny square to add to my collection that is going to be a blanket someday.


I taught myself to crochet when I was in grade school. I made my Mom a Christmas stocking out of small granny squares, and it took forever. I was so proud of it, and she has displayed it every year since then. I didn't notice back when I made it, but it looks absolutely hideous. So, whenever I try to do anything beyond picking up a dropped stitch with a crochet hook, I see the hideous granny stocking in my mind. I'm a self-taught knitter who has been knitting for over seven years now. I'm happy to say that I've never knit anything as ugly as the granny stocking.


I have done a lot of crafts in my years but so far, I have not learned to crochet. When I was looking around for a fiber craft (after beadwork and jewelry) I chose knitting. The main reason was that the fabric is much preferred. But another reason was that in knitting, the loop for next stitch was right there on the needle. In crochet it seemed I'd have to hunt for it in the fabric.


I can't crochet because I can't figure out the patterns. I can follow a knitting pattern ... hell I've written knitting patterns ... but I look at a crochet pattern and can't figure out what they are trying to tell me to do.

Barb T.

Funny--I knit a Thorpe hat the other day and it calls for the half double crochet border. I don't crochet, but it did not stop me. I checked out the internet for a video of a hdc, found an excellent one where the woman was edging a baby blanket, and I was able to do the hdc after viewing the video a bunch of times. I didn't find the hdc difficult at all; my problem was my cheap yarn kept splitting.
I have found many crochet patterns recently that I'd love to give a go. I swear, with the internet, you don't even need to attend a class, so I might just try a simple one.


For me it's just because I cannot get my head around crochet. I find knitting fairly straightforward and can follow a pattern, but crochet just baffles me!

My mother in law has tried a couple of times to teach me and my brain just doesn't want to learn. I'm sure that if I persevere then one day it will just click into place, but for now there is plenty that I want to knit :-)


I think it's an "us" vs "them" kind of thing - like crocheters are the rival team we hated? I try to crochet a little, but it is strictly to makje something I want, I'm never calling myself a crocheter:)


Hi Wendy, I do both, though I have much more experience knitting. I am printing the pincushion pattern as we "speak". As always, thanks for sharing!

I once taught a crocheting friend to knit and had a devil of a time getting her to quit stabbing her knitting.


I'm bistitchual. Began crocheting a few years ago, but preferred the look of knitted garments, and so learned to knit. I go back and forth between the two crafts, but find I mostly knit right now, as it's the newest craft, and I'm almost done my first sweater.

I have some theories as to why many knitters don't crochet, but it's pre-caffeine time for me, and the thoughts won't come out coherently, so I'll save you the babble. ;)


I learned to crochet when I was little...just recently learned to knit. I also quilt and cross stitch and needlepoint and hook rugs! Love it all! But I know what you're saying...I have needlepoint friends who wouldn't DARE cross stitch. I say the more the merrier!

Lynn in Tucson

For me, it's esthetic. I've liked maybe one garment and not much else that I've ever seen out of crochet. I loathe the granny square, other than in the afghan made by my great-grandmother (she used black where most would use white and it's stunning), but that's only because it's an heirloom.

Amigurumi do me in with their cuteness, but there are plenty of toys that I could knit if I need to get that out of my system.


First, that's a really cute pincushion! The chance to use perle cotton would also be fun. I am another one who learned crochet first and knitting second. I admit I knit more now, but have some crochet projects for charity going--I'm also another one who hurts after a lot of crochet. I agree with the commenter who says it really helps a knitter to know some crochet!

Observing the one-craft people in yarn shops I think some people just really like the stuff you can make with crochet and some really like knitted stuff. What makes me sad is how the knitters at the yarn shop I used to hang out at would act when they asked a new customer what they were going to make with their yarn. When they would say "I only crochet, and I am making..." the knitters would look blankly, say, "That's nice," and move on.

Of course, I sorta do that with weaving. I guess I better learn more about that!


I actually started to play with yarn because of tatting, so maybe I don't count as a "real" knitter. (the development was tatting -> knitting -> crochet -> the WORLD) But for *me* crochet was so much more difficult to learn than knitting. Part of that was I had wicked tight crochet and it was difficult to get the hook into my stitches (though I was always even). But really, with two sticks, I always know where my next stitch is supposed to go--the knitting needle is holding my place. I don't know why people think crochet is more easy, I've always thought it was harder.

I think that perhaps it is because knitting is more popular. I have friend who learned to knit first, decided she hated it (I don't know how she knit as tightly as she did, but her stuff could stand up on its own). She then learned to crochet and the world opened up for her. So it seems like she learned to crochet because knitting was "too hard" for her, but really she has the same problem that I did with crochet.


I learned to hook rugs first, then moved on to crocheting, then to knitting. And while I knit more these days (it's faster for me), I love the other two as well. If only I had more time to craft things. :)

And for those who are blaming their crochet struggles on being left-handed, I am too. It's easier to learn watching someone, because if you sit across from them, it's an exact mirror image. Just copy what they do, using the opposite hand.

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