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March 19, 2010



Well then I guess I am a real oddball because I do all the above and have been doing so since I was little

ps. Love your blog!


I can't answer, either, since I both knit and crochet and learnt both at around the same age. I'm happy using my crochet hooks in a knitting project or vice versa, but I must admit as I do more of both, I'm tending to gravitate to either one for specific types of projects.


I really don't know. I have friends who knit and crochet though. But I know a lot of people who are firmly in one camp or the other. I think the continental style knitters are more likely to also crochet.


I don't know the answer to this, but I did have this EXACT same conversation today with someone sitting next to me crocheting... as I was knitting.

I have attempted to crochet but honestly, it boggles my mind a bit. It doesn't make sense to me like knitting does. I'm a freak.


I learned to crochet when I was little from my gramma. She tried many, many times to teach me how to knit and I never caught on while she was alive. I finally took a class about ten years ago and got it quickly. I don't crochet much anymore because I'm obsessed with knitting but I can tell you that I'm about to buy that pincushion pattern because it is adorable!


I suppose people just have a favourite thing to do with yarn, and if it's their favourite they do it more and turn to it more quickly. After all, sewing and embroidery and (!!! awesome) rug-hooking make very different things out of very different things to crochet and knitting in the great design of things.

Anyway, my godmother crochets and knits. I keep badgering her to teach me the former.

Also, cotton NOM. Aren't they stunners? I love the purple in the second picture.

Ros R

I can do both and will use crochet to edge a piece of knitting but it actually hurts my hand and arm to do it - I get a bit of RSI/tennis elbow when I crochet for any length of time. I also much prefer the easy rhythm of knitting - it feels like breathing...


I am one of the who knit AND Cook AND stitch. I can use easily the crochet only if it's single chain. For the other thing I don't know why and normally I am good for that, I can't count... I realize tot do a hat and a purse but I have tried to do some sleeper and Impossible... I think it's one of this question where the response is "Because"...


I learned to crochet and then knit.

My friend learned to knit and then crochet.

(We do other crafts too.) What's wrong with being multi-craftural? Maybe people think that their way is the best way?


I don't know. I do both, but I knit far more than I crochet. Knitting is easier on my wrists and I do them for different reasons. I like to knit socks, toys, etc. Although if I knew how to crochet decent socks, I'd probably do so. Crochet is usually blankets, scarves . . . as I would never take the time to knit something that large.


I also do both and crochet was my introduction to stitchery. I love crochet for how much more organic working with it can be, and I also think it's easier for a novice to alter and create their own patterns with it. But.
I hate to say this.
I think that there is some really hideous crochet out there. And while there is some really bad knitting...I don't know, I think crochet has the most potential for fugliness.


Add me to the list of people who can do both: knit (from Mum and Nan) and crochet (Oma-grandma). But also add me to the sewers (Mum), quilters (Mum) and tricoters (Tunisian knitting). I much prefer the knitting though because I don't need to watch what I'm doing and can instead watch the kids. All of the other options require a lot more eye contact with the work.


Hmmm... I tat, crochet, knit, cook and garden.

My best guess would be that single technique practitioners just like knitting or crochet and they don't realize how liberating it is to have multiple techniques at their disposal. There are things you can do in crochet that are impossible in knitting. Things you can make by tatting that you can never duplicate in crochet or knitting.

IMO Every knitter needs to crochet. There are too many finishing techniques that need crochet skills and, if one ever needs a quick afghan, crochet is the way to go, not knitting.

Stitch Sista

I do both, although generally only crochet blankets or borders.

I guess I prefer the drape of knitted fabric, and let's face it, for something with gaping holes, crochet uses up a LOT of yarn. So maybe us mainly knitters figure knitting is more economical lol.

Having said all that there is too too much I like to do besides just that. Piano and sewing and drawing and cooking just to name a few.


Hi Wendy. This is my first comment, which is terrible, since I love your blog and I read it all the time! Anyway, I knit rather than crochet because when I crochet it hurts my hand, leading to periods of enforced activity. This drives me crazy, because I honestly don't think I would have been able to quit smoking without something else to occupy my hands. I do crochet sometimes, but not very often.


I knit and crochet... I just prefer the fabric of knitting so that is normally the craft I play around in.

I do however have an entire throw blanket of crochet. The cats love it (and I did too before it started to smell of unholy cat-butt).


I do both, too, although I do more knitting because crochet will hurt my wrist after awhile. I learned to crochet first. I taught my friend Tiff to knit, and then she wanted to learn to crochet so I taught her that, too, and she had a much harder time catching on with it. I think it depends on whatever craft you learn first. Hands want to do what they know, and one has to be determined to push through the awkwardness.


One more iddity here. I'm a Knitter who also crochets. In fact I started as a Crocheter but wanted to make more items that are better suited to Knitting (I personally think anything crocheted with yarn bigger than sport weight looks very chunk). So I started knitting and that took off more than the crochet but I'll go back to crochet when the right project hits. (I also spin, weave, used to do a lot of beading, and sew occasionally).


Let's see:
I can crochet but hardly ever do it
I can knit and do it often
I can spin and do it often
I can embroider and cross stitch but hardly ever do it
I can do bobbin lace but hardly ever do it (toddlers and 100 pins don't mix so well)
I can tat and used to do it a lot but one only needs so many lace doilies...
I can sew a little and do it moderately often
I cook a lot and mostly like it...

I think my moderate dislike for crochet comes from the fact that, for me, it's harder to tell where the next stitch should sit than in knitting (where you don't have much choice, the stitch to knit into is right there). And also because my edges look so wonky when I crochet. Also, a crochet needle slips out much much more easily than a knitting needle (while the item's not being worked on) and I hate that.


Hi there... first, thanks for featuring my pin cushion and I really look forward to seeing the finished thing 'cos these colours are just beautiful! Mmm, yes, the knit & crochet debate. Well, I know for one I can't do both. I either get the knitting bug or the crochet bug, but not at the same time. I'm currently back in knitting mode, although I do find crochet much easier, once I got the hang of it. I think learning to crochet is more difficult than learning to knit, but if you start with a granny square it's easy. The problem is most self-teach books start you off on rows which is very disheartening :) Generally though I prefer knitted garments and crocheted accessories and home goods. Maybe I might just whizz up a couple of these pin cushions again :) All the best to you, Leanda x


Hmmm, interesting question. I crochet and knit. In fact right now I'm alternating between a big knit project and a smaller crochet one. But I must confess, I do prefer the look and feel of the knit fabric versus the crochet one


I love to crochet on the edges of knitting.


I both crochet and knit. I think the main reason some people stick to their guns about their craft is because they are scared of the other one. There are some friends i have that crochet and just don't want to devote the energy to learn how to knit so they just dismiss it. While other of my friends knit and think crocheting is beneath them like it's less than knitting. Mainly those people don't like crochet because they tried it and didn't like whole crochet look or just did not get how to do it. Doing both I don't discriminate. Most projects I like knitting just because i like the way the end fabric is, but there are crochet projects that are awesome like that pin cushion!


My grandmother, who did lovely filet crochet, tried to teach me her art several times when I was a young girl, but I just couldn't get the hang of it. By contrast, when my mother taught me how to knit, I took to it like a duck to water.

I've always maintained that I "can't" crochet. I've decided that I need to get over this and have signed up for beginning crochet lessons that will start in a few weeks. Not so much because I want to crochet items, as much as I want to be able to do borders and finishes to my knit items. After all, I've quilted, done cross-stitch and needlepoint, cook and sew, and have even done rug hooking. So I guess crochet is the final frontier for me!

toni in florida

First, I learned to crochet. Then I learned to macrame (a little). Then I learned to sew. Then I learned to cook (a little). Then I learned to knit. Then I learned to cross-stitch. Over the years, I have dropped macrame completely and put cross-stitch in a hiatus status... and my kids would say the same is true of cooking, but they tend to exaggerate. I'm a multi-craftual person and I love it! I don't understand the "conflict" either, but perhaps some people just need the drama to make their lives more exciting, even if the drama is manufactured and false. Les pauvres!

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