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March 10, 2010



huh, yeah, that is sad isn't it. i'm sure you could jazz it up for your murder mystery novel though ;0)


Our nephew and his family have a neighbor that sits at the window and listens to evreything that goes on. She is not shy about it either. How sad her life must be?
But your street sounds pretty exciting! not in a good way though!


this sounds like the movie Tom Hanks was in years ago. . . "The Burbs". Hysterical!


Here's to the "F" word...Family.


Oh, I hate when sadness hits close to home. The silver lining is that you start to be a little more thankful for what you have. You're heart is in the right place, keep your head up. Remember, there's nothing wrong with wanting to know what's going on around you. You're not walking over to their house to spy, so try not to feel too bad. Hang in there. BTW, I loooooovvvvvve the Dreamswatch!


Actually, when you sense that something's wrong, its a good thing to keep an eye out and offer support if you can, especially when there are children involved. Many women and children have been helped by a neighbor letting them know they know, and that there's a safe house to come to if necessary, or a ride, or whatever. Noticing trouble is not a bad thing at all.

And its clear there's a child there with a man with a history of violence. So its extra important to be available and watching and honestly, ready to call the police if things seem (sound) wrong.


If there was domestic violence and a divorce is going on, the police will accompany one party to the house a couple of times so that they can collect their belongings.

If you really want to get nosy, Google your city or county name and the word "docket." Once you find the court site, you can search by last name.

If they're going to court, at least you'll know that they're still alive! They didn't go down with (or are buried under) the tree.


Write the book already - I will preorder!! You blog is WAY BETTER than any soap opera! YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!!


Wow. thanks for the update/conclusion. I think that things like this are always somewhat disappointing because when we imagine scenarios we know somewehere in the back of our mind it's imagined and can be exciting because as a fiction no one is hurt. The truth is sad, and not much else, no matter what the real story is.

Windsor Grace

That really blows. But why is he getting custody of the kids when he is trying to hack the door down with an axe? That doesn't make any sense.

On another note, I absolutely love that you sit in your window and watch your neighbors. Like they are the television. It's awesome.


Sad story; however, you jazzed it up! Loved reading your rendition. Ice that neck. =)


Thanks for the details - finally!

Re: why he got custody despite axe-wielding? Could be he was worried she was in there with the kid & something could happen to the kid. I'm sure there are any # of possibilities.

My thought on reading this was wow, that's an impressive door if someone who took down a big tree with an axe only "tried to" hack down the back door with that same axe.


How truly sad and scary that the dad is wielding an axe and the mom is so "off" that he gets custody. I would be watching from the window too, in case I needed to call someone to help that child!


OH, this sounds like a Ruth Rendell mystery. Thanks for the update.


Eek! Thanks for the update.

I'm glad I popped back in today.


Sounds like a sad case of alcoholism driving yet another person to the brink of madness. I hope the kid doesn't pay.

I'd read a story you wrote. You might not have a formulaic style of writing, but your blog makes me feel like we're hanging out at the yarn store, sans pickle lady, having a bit of a laugh and gossip.

Kourtney R

It's hard to say what is going on - but a good bet would be to try & makes friends with the kid, no matter what the gossip has said about the dad &/or mom. And truth be told, our society is always so willing to paint the man in that scenario as the villain, and the woman as the victim, and it's not always the case. The child is probably feeling ostracized & alone; a genuine friend & safe person can make a huge difference, like Astoria said.


Wow. Creepy. Makes me glad I'm an introvert and avoid my neighbors. ;)

BTW - I just ordered some yarn for your endless dream swatch. Yes, I could've used any number of beautiful yarns in my stash... but where's the fun in that?

Still waiting for a vest though. *tapping fingers* :)


As a post script, it appears that he no longer has custody. I see her there only on the weekends now, maybe just Sundays. She may be in foster care.


is it possible your neighbor is wrong about the custody and the daughter is with the mom?


yes, of course. He probably held interviews with the neighbors and gave his side of the story. All I know is what I imagined from my window...I'm not the most reliable narrator...


This is very sad. I can't imagine growing up in a home with that much turmoil. Keep your eye out for safety reasons. Its the Mrs. Kravitz in the world that help keep our neighborhoods and the people in them safe.


Just a thought - perhaps your front door is like my next door neighbors - so very loud in opening, that I think someone must be breaking in. I've been tempted many times to wd-40 the heck out of it.


You never know what's lurking behind those front doors, do you? This is a sad story..and the Nancy Drew in me wants to know more. Will you expand this post anytime soon?


My life is nowhere near as dramatic, but you make me wonder if someone somewhere is blogging about the weeds I haven't pulled or the rare middle-of-the-night sighting when I don't want to get dressed but have to walk by the open blinds...am I mentioned somewhere out there? How many people get blogged about without knowing it?

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