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March 22, 2010



Sometimes it's just best to step away and after awhile go back and try again. If I can't figure it out by then it usually goes on the shelf until I can figure things out, ;) my shelf is getting packed! It still looks pretty!


took a while to reconcile lavender espadrilles with "him" in that sentence above...

Anyway, put the needlework down and back away slowly...

drink something and go back to it when properly (mentally) lubricated.


So, perhaps the vision of two intertwined yo-yo halves might help to guide your pinning?
Absolutely love, for its bracing honesty, your blog, having spent so much time at FAIL over the years, :-}
Oh, yeah: how's the neighborhood drama progressing, pant, pant, drool?
From: Pointy-nosed on the Coast


I failed Geometry class. There was no helping to correct tests for me. I failed and had to go to summer school. This same summer, I came down with mono and my mom would make me walk to summer school.
Worst summer ever!!


Geometry wasn't my strong subject either. Nor do I care that it wasn't. However, if they would have offered knitting in school we would have aced that class! I'm having 'not perfect' results with my project too, but by now we all know that's just how it goes right? The challenge keeps it interesting and frustrating, but fun.


I was on board with the lilac espadrilles until you said "him." That must have been distracting! I think your puzzle pieces are very pretty. It's going to be a beautiful pin cushion!

Leah CS

Aw... We all hit the fail wall sometimes, you shouldn't sweat it. I would love to help you fix it, I am a geometry person! Get more abstract than that though, math-wise, and I'm pretty much useless.


hmmmm....I excelled in geometry and I had a little trouble getting this one, though I did. I wish you were a few thousand miles closer so I could show you....I do "show you" much better than "tell you". I think you have the right idea of staring at the finished pic. I had to keep mushing the top and bottom together to see how the sides of the edge pieces touched. I know you have some latent geo talents cause I have seen your balls!

Windsor Grace

I agree. Just step away and come back. Don't worry about pulling it out until you have a project you need that stuff for. And, it's not all horrible. It makes me feel a little encouraged to know that, even you, have made something unperfect.


That's why knitting is sooooo much easier.

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