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March 05, 2010



I LOVE THIS SCARF! I can't wait for the pattern and video. You are so creative, I'm seething with both jealousy and gratitude. I made the ripple hat and get tons of compliments on it. I'm looking forward to trying this one!

Chantal B

Very interesting that stitch... look forward for the video! thanks! Have a nice week end!


Love the pattern and the pictures are great too! I recently went through my stash and had the sudden realization that I just wouldn't make or even need that many socks. So here's the perfect pattern - - so versatile. Thanks, Wendy!



Alice in Richmond

So pretty that scarf. I LOVE the color, woodland greens.


I can't wait for this pattern - the scarf is lovely!


LOVE it. I was just thinking about something like this - not nearly as pretty, though. Now I can wait.

Megan Doreen

That is an absolutely gorgeous cowl/scarf/neck thing! (And you knit that really fast...shockingly fast...) I always appreciate another use for my buckets and buckets of sock yarn...you know, besides socks.


Very nice! Love the open stitches.

Nancy J

I am definitely "cowl" crazy. (It might be a subconscious way to hide the neck wrinkles.) Just finished a neckwarmer and working on another. Can't wait til your pattern is available.


it's not enough that you have such wonderful ideas - they're also presented (by you) and photographed (by HWWV) in such a beautiful way that makes them all the more desirable. sigh.


Your scarf is beautiful and apparently versatile as well. Good job. And a beautiful collection of green's. Have you tried it at the waist or around the neck with one of those beautiful wooden stick pin thingy's that I see at the LYS?


Wow beautiful! Green used to be my most disliked color. Now I have my kitchen green. LOL I love the color on you! I love it on the seconed picture of you!!! Hugs Marion


Alyeska is fabulous for scarves and shawlettes. Check out my 198 Yards of Heaven, on Ravelry. I'm JelliDonut.

That green is amazing!


There's an idea...!

Lynn in Tucson

Ooooh... That looks grand! I can't wait!


Love it. I've been waiting for something just like this. Thanks.


Looks like just the thing that we knitters want to make to really feature that One Fabulous Skein of Wonderfulness that we *all* have in our stashes.

I can think of three such skeins in my stash that are waiting for just such an occasion.


This looks great!

gina L.

Wendy - You are so pretty and there is such a sweet look in you eyes! I like the new scarf too!


Oooo, that's lovely. I've been in a bit of a knitting funk lately. This might just be what I need to snap out of it, not that I need another project in my queue.


I was reading your blog and watching Bewitched at the same time - have you ever realized how much you look like Elizabeth Montgomery??!!


Yup. Lots of people say I look like her


That turned out beautifully! And I've got some very similar Fleece Artist in my stash that I tried out a failed idea on...


Ooooh, I'm all about the cowls/infinity scarves these days. Hmmmm....

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