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February 10, 2010



Somebody taught her to have a kind heart. The world could use a few more like her... and you too.


That is completely fabulous. And very sweet.

My kiddo and I haven't quite gotten to that point of coolness.

Carla Riggs

You don't know how blessed you are... I've had assorted children innocently say "Mommy, that man/lady is *fat*", or other head swiveling pronouncement in their loudest voices. And they won't be shushed until I answer them, "yes, dear, I see".

Children are the great levelers. ha


Oh my goodness...that is great:-)


That is awesome.

CaroleP (ohio

Well, leave it to me to try to figure out what someone will do. Didn't check your blog yesterday because that would mean you blogged 2 days in a row! I'm sorry because I love your blog and now I'm missing a chance at Laurie's book. Have her other one. I need another hoot about now. Both of you are the greatest!
I am glad I didn't miss Girlfriend's comment. Kids can perform the sweetest acts of kindness when least expect it. Give her a hug for me

Mott @ The Courtyard Gate

Kids--she learned that from someone. Kindness is contagious!


I did something very similar when I was a kid, and I think it's one of my mom's favorite memories. Funny how children can be either the cruelest or the kindest beings on earth.


What a lovely little angel she is :) World becomes a better place with such people :)


Absolutely fantastic!


So sweet.


Awwww... I love her, too.


What a sweetie!

I had an incident happen in a restroom. A woman hurried into the stall next to us and was quite loud, if you know what I mean, and four year old Kid2 said loudly, "Off to an exploding start!!!"

I have NO idea where that came from. Man...

Lety Booth

That's awesome!

After going to the bathroom with grandma at McDonald's, my son asked my mother if she thought that some construction workers seated at a nearby table "had hair on their bums too." Everyone within earshot howled!


Girlfriend is a dear and so kind. Oh how I wish we could all be so kind!

Rhonda the StitchingNut

Kids do say the darnedest things. Hopefully they don't embarrass us ... but sometimes they do. "Are you old, Grammy?" Yah, I guess I am. I looked up as she said, "Well THAT lady must be really really old then" while pointing at her. Thankfully, the lady (she really was a little old lady pushing a grocery cart) laughed and said, "Well I'm a LOT older than your Grammy, dear." Sigh.


This is wonderful. She is a good girl.


Your daughter is priceless.


That made my day. Good one girlfriend.


What a sweetheart!


The comments about the lavatory noise and the construction workers made laugh until the tears came. My mother loved to have second son talk about fire trucks because the "tr" came out as an "f".


I laughed at this for a full minute...you lucked out with that one.


What a great kid!

Melissa G

Your turns of phrase are inspired, "from the heart"...

Can't help but contribute: I heard a "who does number 2 work for" a couple years ago skiing and can't use that restroom without giggling.

The word "fork" can be interesting from children as well.


what a sweet, funny story!

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