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February 01, 2010


Lynn in Tucson

Heh heh. I don't wear these kinds of things either but I'm about 12 rows from the cast-off edge of a Lacy Baktus (deep purple merino-bamboo handspun). I don't think I'll wear the point down my back but I really like this look (tied up in a cowl): http://www.flickr.com/photos/83952633@N00/3645777181/in/photostream/

Mine may have come out a bit larger than that, however....


Ahhh the bunny and pagewood two of my favorites


I don't knit socks but can't tell how much sock yarn I've got. I just keep buying it.

Pam Grushkin

It's so nice to hear of someone else who turns to other knitting projects as a means of avoiding a different project.

And, I'm with you on the Bachelor - squeee comment.

Loved the list!


The wine thing is funny. You must be a very lucky person, not with wine, but with other things. To be able to know these things always happen to you the same way is so cool. It's almost psychic.

Alice in Richmond

That list is too funny. But I know what you mean by the nightmare people. And the cat poop.

Windsor Grace

I have similar experiences. I thought it was just me. Nice to know there is someone else out there who suffers from the same affliction.


Your truths sound like one of mine: if the take-out order has any errors, they are always in my order...and usually include some food that I am allergic to and cannot eat. This has become a huge joke in our family.

Jane Prater

Wendy, we need to work on your positive outlook. Or develop some alternate identities for you a la the spy network.


Like the red nails!


I have similar truths too. Homework to finish, but this book I'm reading calls to me. A sweater to have done by Saturday, but another socks are more fun. A trip to the store to forget what I needed there....and on and on.


I LOVE that Pagewood yarn and did the very same thing--made a shawlette even though I had one hundred other things that should have taken priority. It's the siren call. We're blameless and helpless.


Whenever we go out to a restaurant anywhere, I get the least full glass of anything! Thanks for making me realize it's not just me. I'm not a shawl person (they never look good on me) but that yarn color is just gorgeous!


I have to say this Bachelor is such a drama queen himself. He's always bursting into tears and storming off the set. I think if I were one of those girls that he sent home, I'd be secretly relieved that I dodged that bullet. Can you imagine what marriage to him would be like? He'd cry like a baby every time you had a fight!


Actually, I don't get this particular Bachelor season at all. I can't believe that there is a likely couple there! I can't see any girl with him or him with any girl!


I love how you always have pretty manicures. (Especially since I'm a complete manicure maintenance failure)

And the happy cat picture is lovely.

I knitted a Simple Things over Christmas and loved it, and promptly gave it to a good friend of mine because she will actually *wear* it, whereas I will only take it out and admire it every few months. If I remember that I've made it, that is.


OK. I'm must be completely out to lunch, but what is a HWWV?


funny about the manicures: I just paint them myself, practically every other day because I'm so bad at it that they chip almost immediately!


I agree with you on the bachelor. I would never wade in the ocean with boots.


Hahaha, I totally agree with you on #9...and that Pagewood sock yarn with cashmere is fabulous!


Great list!


We have every single stinkin' ice cube tray IKEA makes, and yet I still paw through the big bin when I'm there, to see if they have a new one. I never even use the trays I have! I think I need help.


Lea....I will answer your question about HWWV because I'm sure Wendy is tired of explaining. It stands for He Who Wears Versace...aka, her husband.

Susan Florence

I'm new, completely new. Is this a thread? Do we post threads, or just let the unconscious kinda roll along. It's sweet how every one here (just about) sees herself as the one who suffers--that is, the one left out, gets the smallest drink, the failure--sweet and hmmmmm, something wrong. It's not like that everywhere. Knitters??? I do like the using of one thing to procrastinate on a more important thing. I relate to that, as if we're intimidated by failure in the more important thing--or what do YOU think it is?


This is funny! I belong to a group on Facebook called "I went to Target for shampoo and spent $150!" One of those universal truths! I love your picture of your cat while you are knitting - mine do the same thing.

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