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February 15, 2010



I... Wow. I don't even know where to begin. I think maybe you should watch TV instead of the windows? Just a thought.

That vest is super-cute. Can't wait to see the pattern (and the outfit that goes with, of course).


Ah obsession is such a wonderful thing!!!!


Oh dear, what if the house noises turn into the "bump bum" noises on the "Law & Order" shows... with subtitles!!! If that happens, then you'll know for sure he's up to no good.


Ooooh! This is getting good!
(the bit about the grass reminds me of the time our lawn got some kind of blight and my brother, Mother and I were put to work ripping out sections of lawn by hand. horrid work--but work with eventual, lovely results!)


This is all very "Rear Window" ish. I'm at the edge of my seat.

Liz Anderson

Beautiful vest.
I know when I start to jump at every little neighbor noise it's either heardling the Return of Flo for the month (you know what I mean) or it's time to have The Talk with my Dr. about getting back on the anti-anxiety (or better known as The Happy Pills) medication. It's just a thought. Your milege, as they say, may vary.


funny, Liz. It's not either of those things. It's called being on Deadline for my book and my bad habit of paying attention to everything BUT.


I have really been enjoying catching up with your blog - but I have to ask... are you sure it's the neighbor guy that's the crazy one in this scenario? ;) Anyways, love, love the vest!!


...well, I did admit to being the fool in this scenario...

Lisa Osborne

Who cares about the vest? I want to know why the guy dug up that big honkin tree with his bare hands (imagine the size and depth of the blisters on his hands) and what about the wife and kid(s)? Man Wendy, would you stop missing sounds and keep watching for us? Inquiring minds want to know!
BTW: We got a letter and a fifty dollar fine from our HOA once for having our garage door open for thirty minutes (for real, and they even quoted the time of day). I wrote back and told them to tell the 'garage door natzzi' to 'get a life...go devote some of his time to charity' and had a currier deliver the $50 in dimes and nickels (to send the message to stop nickel and diming me to death). Haven't gotten another letter since.
Oh, the vest is very nice. What's wrong with the outfit on the mannequin?


What's wrong with the outfit on the mannequin is that I have bigger arms and don't look like that.


You are so funny. Reminds me of my daughter when she was supposed to be studying for an exam. She would muck around with whatever distraction she could find in her small bedroom and outside her window all day and then get up at 3 in the morning and do some real studying. Love the vest.


Keep us posted!!!


Can't wait to read the next installment!


Please hurry second installment. I will not sleep until I know where the wife and kid went. I'm a bear when I don't sleep and my neighbors start to think I'm crazy!


You've got to ask around! Comeonyoucandoit! I need to know MORE! Ack!!!Let us know ASAP

I think we'll all hound you until you tell us more! HURRY! (I have no life!)


@Mary-Kay: I DID ask the neighbors, and one tidbit is that the nextdoor ones saw him with an axe one night at the back door, trying to break in when the wife had locked him out.


I'm a regular lurker 'cause i love your blog. But I had to comment today...this reminds me so much of a Tom Hanks movie. I think it was called The Burbs?


Hah! Just looked up The Burbs. Not sure I'd break in to see what's going on inside, but I would sure like to be a fly on the wall. Will definitely rent it.


Dude, Wendy, it sounds like a real mystery to me. Do the other neighbors that you've talked to seem to share your concerns? Do you know the guy's name? Maybe you could Google a bit and try to find more information?
That tree-cutting, grass-pulling thing is very weird.


Sounds like the wife took the kid and left him. Bet he attacked the tree because it either was a tree she wanted or she made him put it in a weird location in the front yard.


It's like Rear Window, cept with knitting! :)


Your neighbourhood watch can put a lien on your house?! I'd look into that. Bet that's why they leave the lawyers alone, they know the lawyers would have their heads if they tried that.

No one can put a lien on your house unless you've signed papers giving them that power. No papers, no lien. No papers, no fine for that matter.


I love it...this reminds me of being a teenager and reading the serial sagas in my Mom's British weekly magazines. You had to wait each week to find out what happened next.

As for the HOAs (notice what that sounds like if you say it like a word in a southern accent?)...you (and commentator Lisa above)give so many reasons why I live in a neighborhood without one.


Well, whatever you do, don't break both legs, 'cause Grace Kelly's dead, and we don't want you to be!

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