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January 20, 2010



I miss living in California, where rain is a special occasion!


rocko you are a wild beast,maggie chewed the plastic on my ebony #9s circulars


. . . was it because she couldn't go outside?


Someone was REALLY mad at you.... poop on the bed is nothing, chewed needles, you're grounded.


When I lived in Oregon, I had a dog who refused to go out in the rain because she didn't like to get her paws wet.


Mind you, this was not a small dog, but a nice big 60 pound lap dog. Spoiled much?

After a couple of years of struggle, we finally found her some doggie rain boots and she was as happy as a clam.

Go figure.


Not the Endless Knitted CardiShawl!! ...I've only gotten through one ball of yarn on mine. Whoops.


It's raining here, too, but it's 30 degrees. Makes everything shiny and pretty.

Maybe you should exile the cardishawl eater here for a while. Bwah-ha-ha!


I've been wondering about the status of the Endless Cardishawl - I guess the knitting of it is endless as well!


I sure can relate to the driving. I'm a Californian in Utah. I have a great all-wheel drive Subaru with snow tires and still drive like Elmer Fud during snow storms! I have to say,almost all of the vehicles I see that end up backwards and off the road are SUVs. Just a little observation.


oh my gosh, you certainly paint a picture! I'm sure some of your neighbors would be barricaded in there houses here, we have had the 4th wettest year on record with over 60 inches of rain! And frankly it is starting to make me a little crazy.

Susan - Knitters Delight

I'm in San Diego and I'm having the same existence. People are driving like they've gone mad with all of this rain.


You are spot on with So Cal drivers. Too funny to read this because I was driving behind Elmer this morning while the other looney tunes raced around me.

Laurie in Mpls.

Here in MN we have "wintery mix". That's rain, freezing rain, sleet, and ice pellets with an occasional chance of snow, all on random. Glazes the roads over nicely. Is happening as I speak, so today I'm *very* glad I work at home!

I'll drive behind Elmer Fudd any day. Four wheel drive is no help when there's no traction. And yeah, on any given snow day up here in the wild North, more than half the vehicles in the ditch will be SUVs. :)

Windsor Grace

The rumor is that Atlanta gets more rain per year than Seattle and that it's just cloudy more in Seattle. We are having one of our lovely rainy spouts again right now. Somehow, the people of this city, even though used to driving in rain, lose their minds on one mere sprinkle and get in constant accidents and either speed up or slow down. So, everyone is either going 90 or 20. Awesome.

Melissa G

Uh oh...

The driving is possibly worse in AZ when it rains because the pavement gets so hot there's a weird surfactant effect when a little water is added. Also people are juggling a cigarette in addition to the coffee and cell phone when they drive. I survived a year down there.


I loved this post! It reminded me of my few years in LA during another El Nino season. I remember cars being abandoned on Wilshire when they stalled because the roads are flat, not curved, so the water collects. And watching Dallas Storm on the news (super tanned, wavy movie star-like hair -- and with that name, was he for real?). LA felt like it was enduring a natural disaster every day. Good knitting weather, though.

Kathy Sue

I remember living in Colorado when the snow started each fall. Cars off the road everywhere, mostly SUVs. Gwyn's point is well taken about the curved roads. Maybe we need to lobby for not-flat roads. For our every 5 years rain. Well, maybe not. Just stay home only works for our usual few days. This kind of weather will get a person fired.

So sorry about your endless cardi-shawl. Silly animals, anyway!


I live in Massachusetts and am laughing hysterically at your story about how people drive in the (so called) adverse weather. Oh my, I would have no patience for them one bit!


I was happily reading along, scrolled down and saw the broken needles. I gasped. Loudly. They should be burned at the stake.

Or at least not be given treats for a day.


Oh my! I mean, I know they're dogs & all... my Ginger won't go out in the rain either, but at least if she has an accident it's on the floor! Only the cats are spiteful enough to crap on my bed! Hahaha

Also curiously, the same thing happens in Chicago with the snow. Every couple of weeks (in winter) we get a crap-load of it, and the whole city collectively forgets how to drive for a few days, it's remarkably predictable... and never really that amusing when you unfortunately get caught in it!

Best of luck repairing war-torn cardi!!! The needles look pretty DOA to me, though :(


Wendy! I'm a long time reader but never comment. I live in San Diego too! Stay safe, there's a flash flood warning. Hope the flood stays away from you, and stay safe on the roads too :) We need more knit and tonic

Willa Jean

Yeah, mine are like that, too. Mine haven't eaten any knitting though.
How far along were you on the endless cardi? I've been mulling that one over. Haven't decided yet.
Rain every day for a week does make for some good knitting weather, though, doesn't it?

Tiny Tyrant

I have to admit that I'm glad my three dogs will go in this mess that even the ducks don't want to have anything to do with.

On the flip side. I have to be out there with them , but it's a price I'll pay for not having that kind of mess to clean up.

Rocko is still a love though, even if he does eat knitting. You just can't stay mad at that face.


yea tomorrow i plan to have the joy of driving to work on ice but hey we get used it around western pennsylvania we get it all. i have a 95 pound german shorthair who won't go out in the rain either sues he's afraid he'll melt. he doesn;t eat my knitting though thank goodness!


Can't express how much I loved the way you absolutely, perfectly got the effect of rain in southern California. So funny. Precisely stated. Depending on the car I owned, I was either kind of driver. For several years I refused to drive on the freeways in the rain, because my little pickup would hydroplane. Now, after 5 years in the east, driving in rain doesn't bother me. Snow, however, brings out my inner Elmer Fudd.

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