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January 16, 2010



ogawds, I'm slow. That one took me a 2nd read! har.


I made your Le Slouch beret and love it.
I put a link to your site but was not able to link to the pattern.
Could you tell me where it's available.



That was a good one, Wendy. I promise not to ask about the gun shop, but since I love Chicago as well, was album where you listening to?


Not very PC....but VERY funny :-)


hah! ;-D


heh heh, funny!


OMG that was wonderful....

What is the fabulous nail polish color you are wearing?

Looking forward to the pattern. Need some quick knitting around here...




Le Slouch is not available at this time.


Nail polish: Essie Sole Mate


Wendy, I love puns. Thanks for the smile.

And the hunch looks very cute! I love the brim thingy.


i can't wait to try this hat and to share this joke! Thanks for the smile this morning!


True life story: Purchased Hunchback right away. Showed daughter who has been waiting impatiently for pattern. She has picked out black yarn for kiddo versio.
Me: "Okay! We have the pattern!! I will cast on tonight".
9 year old: "Uh, mommy. I need to talk to you. Me and Emma(bff) have decided we want matching hats. So we want you to do it with a yellow flower, with a blackish center. And, oh yeah, we want red hats now. You better ask your friend about when she is putting the flower for sale"
(Don't worry wendy, I've got Nicky Epstein around here somewhere)

Thanks! (I think)


I just got the joke, took a while -- that's funny. I definitely get the visit to the gun store. I just decided to give up trying to design a hat because I felt a trip to a gun store coming on.

That's a really nice hat. Your purled beret was my first hat. Thanks.


Love the pattern, loved the joke (being blind in one eye myself!), and, love the glasses, and they are...?


Good Old Rayban's (or Ray Ban's). . .


We used to tell that joke in the bar/joint in Alaska. An oldie but goodie!
Nice hat sister.


I love your nailpolish color in this photo. What is it?


See comments, above.

Miss Scarlett

Oh my goodness.
I have to say I was momentarily puzzled!
I am going to share that tomorrow - my Uncle and my 6 yr old cousin are going to love it.


Hunch looks fantastic btw.


My tells this joke but instead of a hunchback the girl has a hair lip.


Hey - I think Michael C. Hall was wearing Hunch at the Golden Globe Awards! Excellent taste!


Hi-friggin-larious. I love bad puns and I've never heard/read this one before!! I can't wait to subject my immediate and extended circle to it!!

And that shot of you is GORGEOUS.

mutuelle dentaire

hey its really cool. i like this style


Took me a minute with the joke. Boy I feel slow, but I have to express my agreement with everyone about the nail polish, glasses, and especially the hat. Loves it all so much!

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