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December 01, 2009



She clearly earned dog breath.


So right there with you...sometimes I yell at Lance - he needs to work on the perkiness in his voice.


I don't know, Darci, if any perkiness would have made me feel better that I endured that hill and got a measly extra five minutes out of it.


So funny you caught her spying! Although if I lived next to you I'd probably peek too, what with all that creativity oozing out of your house!


You walk at a tremendous speed! Congratulations! I'm quite fast, but not like that.


Remember, there's lots of downhill going on.


She had dog breath coming for peeping, lol.
'Hill' is a 4-letter word, isn't it?


I didn't fully understand the concept of "laugh out loud" until just now...

CaroleP (ohio)

Look at your time this way - you are really getting faster! That's close to a 10 minute mile (don't have my calculator out). Keep it up!
Also, I heard aprons are coming back although I haven't had any requests for one yet ;-)


I hope Rocko has really bad breath. I hate nosy people.


Everything is always fast on the way back. I'm the same with knitting I start fast then end slow. Your a super fast knitter. I have yet to knit a sweater but I'm sure it would take me way more than 10 hours. Just my small projects are taking me about 6. That really funny about your neighbor! Some people are so strange and nosey


I am making aprons as well!!! I made 16, yes 16 for my sisters shop in Chicago, and now I am making 10 more for friends for a brunch I will not even be at this Friday!!! I am using a basic apron pattern I found on fabritopia.com and also purchased some great fabrics at discounted prices!!


I looove Amy Butler fabrics and patterns...I have so much of her fabric that I have hoarded until I can find a day to get to my sewing machine.


Hey, you may start fast but end slow, but at least you finish!!! I get bored by most projects mid-way and stick it somewhere to let it steep. For YEARS. :) And also? To most mere humans, 10 days for a sweater does not qualify as a long time...


I made aprons last year--very, very simple aprons with a free pattern. They were appreciated by the recipients more than I expected, so that was nice. Enjoy making them--sewing is a nice break from knitting for me.


I wear my apron every time I cook - my preference is for the full-length style (meaning top and bottom, not floor-length!), so I don't spill all over my shirt. If you can't tell, I'm a messy cook.


10 days. 10 DAYS. Wow. Wish that were slow for me...

Tell Rocko I love him.


Heather, if you HAD to knit a man's sweater in 10 days like I had to, you would. (I have to knit upwards of 25--and I don't do a lot of scarves or little things--for just one book and have less than a year to do it, plus write the patterns, plus write the narrative, plus do all the math...)

And I'm under contract. So, yes! A sweater in 10 flipping days.


The only way I could stay motivated when walking on an indoor track was to set my sights on someone in front of me and hum the 'Jaws' music in my head... I got to where I was walking about 5 miles an hour.

Do the peep back on your nosey neighbor, that's when you sneak back around and peep back at her through the hole. Scares the crap out of people.

I used to knit that fast until I started blowing the discs out in my neck.

Miz Booshay

Are you sure you are not from the 50's?

How odd to be spied on. Ew.


I wanted to thank you for the sock knitting posts. I have discovered that I will read things on blogs that I sometimes won't take the time to read in books. I think this is because the blog entry sort of disappears if you don't read it right away. When I know I have something in a book, sitting on my shelf, I think, "I can read that anytime, it's safely stored in my library," but unfortunately I often never get to it. So it's great to have something important written out in a blog so I actually ingest the information!


Ooo, sounds like there's a men's sweater knit top down! I'm knitting my first men's sweater now (Spud & Chloe Track Jacket) and would love to do more, but the pieces are annoying. And I'm spoiled by being able to try on a top-down sweater -- why can't you really tell when sleeves are uneven until you try it on, no matter how much you measure?


She deserves the dog breath. Good thing the teeth didn't become part of the equation ;)


We always knew Rocko was a smart one. All you have to do is look at his wise little face.

Nice fabrics!

Megan Doreen

I am impressed that you knit a guy sweater at all, let alone in 10 measly days! The only thing I'll knit for a man is a hat...maybe a scarf. Men are just too stinking big! My friend asked me to knit him socks...so I held my teeny tiny size 6 (4 in mens') foot up next to his honking size 13...and said that I thought not!

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