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December 06, 2009



You could always use binary too. I'm geek enough to admit I thought about it, hehe.

donna lee

Someone walked into your lys and asked about the pickle lady? Did she (I'm assuming it was a she) have no sense? I'm sorry you feel you have to censor yourelf. That must be hard sometimes because then how true to yourself are you being? I hope you find a happy medium, one you can live with. I'd hate for you to stop writing what you think.


I'm sorry to hear that you have to sensor yourself. I don't think you should have to do that especially on your own blog. If you want to say something just say it and those who are offended should just chose not to read it or comment on it. Participating in internet commenting wars is not something I do or find the point in doing.
Anyways, I like your memory of your father using the ham's radio. My husband knows how to do Morse Code, which I think is pretty awesome. When he was training to learn it in Arizona I remember him telling me the stories of students who killed themselves from going crazy hearing it everyday. It's not funny but the stories of others hearing Morse Code when fans were turning or from other everyday objects is pretty funny.

If you wrote what you wanted to in Morse Code I would take the time to decode it and read it!


Oh I forgot to mention I love your scarf. The colors are awesome and remind me of sherbet for some reason. Your hat looks very pretty, it reminds me of birthday cake(you know the mix in boxes). Guess it means I'm hungry for some sweets.


You crack me up! I'll knit the code dishcloth. I wish everyone everywhere would just get out of Jr High.


A) The scarf and hat are among my very favorite things I've ever seen here. Hubba.

B) My ex (who was one of the early bloggers and hence had plenty of time to acquire readers, both friendly and unfriendly) used to have a little note to himself in his Movable Type post composition screen. It read: Are you their bitch? No! Say what you want to say.

C) Always wished I knew Morse Code. All that tapping has a certain romance to it.


How very Mme DeFarge of you. She knit in code and kept records. Of course, she was an evil vindictive woman...



1. Love that scarf - brilliant distraction
2. Need that hat pattern. I am certain it is easy peasy but just not good at that whole pattern thing. I have 4 skeins of Koigu waiting for a purpose.
3. I was just thinking about the whole censorship thing as my sister talks crap about her jerk of a husband in a code that works just for us. very funny
4. I would so knit that dish cloth and would love to find the pickle lady just to see her. Hehehehe.
5. I love Morse Code as I associate it with ASL which both of my daughters are fluent as are many of their friends so they all sit around and talk about "secrets" in front of us parents. So funny!


I have the Ashford Knitter's Loom -- and it is, indeed, easy to learn; however, I am focusing on sewing these days. In case any of your followers are interested, I am selling mine (its less than a year old and in tip-top shape). I live in the Seattle area. Sorry to turn this into a Craigs List or whatever, but I thought this would be a sensible way to find a new home for my loom.


I hate that you have to sensor yourself, it's your blog, say what you want. Love the scarf, that is a perfect name for it, 'the distraction' because that's what it did to me while reading your post. Dish cloths in code? Brilliant idea, what will they say about the dirty dishes?


Thank you for the song!


You totally got me with the song this morning. Nothing like bursting out laughing before 6 a.m.

I've been thinking about doing an online journal to get all that censorship that is rattling around in my head out of my head.


I know what you mean about censoring yourself. I've had many times in the short time that I've been blogging where I've had an opinion on an issue and have to censor myself so as not to offend someone.

Hang in there. :-)

And thanks for the soundtrack to your blog today. It got me grooving this morning.


Censoring yourself sucks.
I started a blog so I could complain about my family, but they all found the address. Now I can't even tell amusing stories about my Grandmother proclaiming loudly at Thanksgiving dinner that she has had diarrhea for 4 months straight. I've thought about starting a secret blog, where nobody knows the address, but I fear that word would get out and then I would be ostracized by my family...which might not be bad at times.


The scarf is beautiful! I am a wife, mother and grandmother and I swear that no one hears a word I say. So it's safe for you to say what is on your mind around me because if I repeat it no one will ever hear it.


I've been a stalker of your blog for a while now and have to say that I love it when you're 'true'. You make me smile with your stories and the feelings that you so vividly describe. I understand you're wanting to censor yourself to make things easier but I really wish you wouldn't. Those that are easily offended need to get over themselves and realize that the world can't and shouldn't cater to them. Keep up the awesome work and thank you for being you!

Kristen S.

Dris- I might be interested in your loom. I'm on ravelry as kristenkraft if you want to contact me with details.


Have you ever seen the movie "Wanted" with angelina jolie? They put a very interesting code in a giant weaving machine. So you could totally do it!


LOL! I love the scarf... love, love, love! And the sweater looks like it may be handknit too. Is it one of your designs?

Ann G.

That is the most beautiful scarf EVER!! I love it. And I have been dying for a Knitters Loom since I first saw you using yours! Dear Santa: please please please please please......

Leah CS

I love that Kersti color as well! I think I know where you got it... I think I work there!

It's a bummer to feel you can't speak your mind and get those thoughts out there. You need another anonymous blog for that. And once that it discovered, another one, and on and on. Never mind. I think you are onto something with the journal idea. That or magically stop worrying what people do and think. Simple!


Love the scarf! You make me want to learn to weave. I would love to knit the code dishcloth and would not ask where the pickle lady was... =)


Love, Love, Love the scarf! I have never even thought of weaving, but I want to buy one right now (like my credit card is in hand). Any advice or article you can suggest before I buy without any knowledge about these things. Love the yarn choice too - what is it (I don't even know if you use regular yarn or if it is some sort of special weaving yarn that I have yet to meet...would by beloved Malabrigo work on this device??) I can see getting addicted to this - if only I knew what else other than fabulous scarves I could make. Thanks for a great blog - I love reading it and I am usually nodding my head in complete agreement. Happy Holidays.


It's your blog. Say what you want. If people don't like it, they need to just move on. There is another fairly famous knitblogger that I used to read, but I didn't like what I perceived as her "superior" attitude. So, I stopped reading her stuff.

Problem solved.


Sher, yes, you can use knitting yarn on the loom. I used a combo of a variegated misti alpaca (worsted) and nashua something or other in three colors for the warp.

You can use Malabrigo, you can use just about every weight yarn imaginable. You just need to purchase a heddle/reed that will take it. They cost about $15.00.

If you are a member of Ravelry, check out the Ashfood Knitter's Loom group. They have tons of info and pictures.

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