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December 14, 2009




Its a cute cap. I knit and knit and knit and I hate it when it ends up on the looser pile. I just completed a baby rib slouchy hat for my mom in a rich red wool. She hated it. I do too...


I love your attitude. It's nice to know that someone else likes to be different!


Um . . . a plain old knit cap as opposed to a loser cap on the pile????

I R confused.


Noooooooo!!!! Such a sweet cap doesn't belong in the loser pile!!! I quite like it. :) On the other hand, when I finished Woolly Wormhead's Ziggy slouchy hat, my grandson said I looked like a washer woman! Adults disagree with him, thankfully. I like your hat, roll and all.


Not as bad as you think.


Oh Wendy. It's terrible. AWFUL. It doesn't even deserve the loser pile. I'll take it off your hands....cuz I'm a friend that way. Just send it to me now :P (Please?)
Seriously, I'm calling it urban-hippy-cute! I would totally wear it.


It's cute!


I dunno. It could work. I think it's very young looking - maybe the young urban hippie would go for it. Like Kellie said. It could happen...


I think it's a WINNER! I would honestly knit this and wear it because it's different. Like Kellie said... Urban-Hippy-Cute!


No loser! I wear hats all the time and this is one I would wear a lot.


I love this hat...and love the roll! It takes it from just a "plain old cap" to one with a little bit of personality and flair! Go for it...it's definitely "urban cute"...and definitely a winner! And the colors are fabulous on you! :)


There are those of us who would indeed look like a washer woman in just about any knit cap. You are not one of those people. If HWWV likes it, wear it.


it actually looks very virginia woolf...mrs. dalloway.


Your loser pile is better than my winner pile!


Looks like Koigu. Koigu makes everything look good! As always it looks cute on you!


What about putting a tuck or two in the back instead of the roll? Bit like Ysolda's hat, Ripley.


PS I was wearing a slouchy knit beret yesterday and got carded when buying alcohol! (the drinking age here is 18, I am 28) The checkout lady said I looked younger with the hat on. So there you go, hats make you look at least 11 years younger.


I would totally wear that! It would work on my giant hair and in this below freezing weather we've had. Cute!


It is a very nice cap. I wouldn't put it in the loser pile.


Would look fabbo in a solid yarn-- it's the yarn that's questionable, not the pattern. I think the cap itself is really cute. :)

Windsor Grace

SO, I really like that hat. And it keeps you warm. I have hats that I don't like at all until I am freezing to death and then I keep them with me like my life depends on it.

blake roberts

where is your camera strap from, I love it!


Camera strap was purchased from:


The selection varies, depending upon what vintage ribbon is available. I've purchased other things from them, too, like guitar straps.


i think it's cool. a winner for me.


I love the cap! Will you be posting a pattern? Don't rip it!!! : )

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