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December 27, 2009



I feel the exact same way about Christmas. Glad it's over.


Yes, Christmas is a big one that I would almost rather do without. Now that we have a little one in our family walking around, it's a bit different and a little more magical. But I always breathe a sigh of relief that it's over and things can get back to semi-normal.


Christmas is also MY least favorite holiday, especially the years where it's our turn to host--we take turns with my BIL. It's not that I don't LOVE hearing the other SIL talk about the party she had at her house the week before, knowing that she has hosted HER family's Christmas thing once in 15 years. And it's not the fact that two of the in-law families have NEVER hosted because they don't want to clean their homes. It's the fact that "relax" and "enjoy" never seem to be invited to the party. Arbor Day--that's my idea of a holiday!


Looking forward to 2010 AND the new Natty Duo! Thank you for the time you put into your patterns.


I was just wondering if it was to soon to take it all down. All I want is for it to be over. On a more fun note--after seeing your new bag I fell into serious lust. Red is my thing. Scouts Swag was out of the red and red was the only color that would do. After much searching I finally found one. Merry Christmas to me :) Love your blog.


I don't really like Christmas much myself, but I love the time just after Christmas and before the new year. The annoying and angst laden Christmas thing is over, and things are usually slower at that time of the year, and it's fun shopping for end of the year bargains.


My Mother died last month. I see it in type and can't believe it. I'm the eldest of 9 children.....you'd think it wouldn't be so awful; it is. It will never be the same. Thank you for the blog and Merry Christmas!


My least favorite thing about holidays is all the expectations that get set up. "Be thankful! Be joyful! Now!" Or the holiday police will get you.

I'd rather be able to randomly choose a day during the year to be those things.


I don't know what it is about Christmas but I agree. I can't stand all the commercialism and the pressure to shop, decorate, bake, send out cards, etc. And once it's all said and done, there are always things I didn't get done. This year it would be the fresh wreath sent to us by a friend of mine that is still in the box by the front door because I kept forgetting to get a hanger for it and after a while the box just became part of the decor and... well, it shames me to no end to admit that the darn box is still sitting there. (Does that make you feel a bit better?)


I like Christmas, but I can't wait to move on now. Put a bit of distance between me and the things I didn't get done!


Was about to say "I know how you feel" but I don't do I? I've spent my adult years trying to get over my childhood years of dreading and then hating the awful time that started right before Thanksgiving and ended after Christmas. It has gotten better but there is always the relief when it's over.


Christmas is actually my favorite holiday -- but that's in large part b/c my family and friends have strong but low key traditions (just hosted my 10th annual cookie baking party). My holiday policy is "do what you can and what you enjoy." I've applied to this to Thanksgiving as well since I'd rather have a quiet holiday and cook the bird myself than spend a day dodging unpleasant relatives. I do feel lucky that I don't get forced into family gatherings as I enjoy seeing my various relatives when I'm not being guilted into it.


I feel the same way about Christmas. And it's not even really a religious holiday anymore, so there's really nothing to cling to there for me. I hate being out of a normal routine, but I always seem to hold out hope that next year will be different. Glad to know I'm not the only one.


feel the same way about christmas too. this year was different however. we skipped the family part and visited friends to do unchristmassy stuff. presents were strictly forbidden :)

donna lee

I love Christmas. I don't have a close family so my husband and children and I celebrate in our own way each year. We have our favorite things and we make time for those and let everything else slide. I don't mind the mess in the house for the two weeks or so but I do love it when the tree comes down and the decorations are put away and the house looks normal again.


Ever since my mom died, Christmas hasn't been the same, because it was a big, big deal for her. I'm varying levels of blue every year. I do like some of it, and try not to allow myself to get caught up trying to do too much. But yeah - I'm usually glad the day after when the hubbub is over. It all feels so obligatory.

Lynn in Tucson

It's not a holiday I ever look forward too but this year was quite nice. The daughter (age 7) has been saying for a bit that she wanted Christmas in her own house instead of traveling to g'parents. So we did. My parents were here for a week, my MIL for three days. The house was insanely crowded and chaotic but it worked. And I'll be very happy to put it all away.

Happy New Year!


This year my Lola (aka grandma) passed, we were very close. On Xmas eve day, my aunt called me up and played a recording of my Lola's voice wishing me a merry Christmas. it was very painful and i just wanted to get it over with. I've never liked Xmas much, not just bc of this experience but the overall "holiday". i have to agree with you, Wendy, thanksgiving and Easter are on the top of my list and Xmas, well that's starting to inch its way on another list.


Not my favorite holiday either. I LOVE Thanksgiving--all about food and eating. But I hate to shop and that is such a big part of Christmas. Plus, I feel like there is so much pressure (esp. with kids) to make it "magical"--which seems like a tall order when you don't actually possess magical powers.

I don't think it helps that it's a whole "season" that starts creeping in in *October* and the goes full blast for almost 2 months. It's just too much. And the overt message is "buy buy buy" A holiday should last for a long weekend, max. Then it's back to normal life.


I lost my dad in September. So, to make it easier for me, my husband decided we should go to Florida and NOT host the huge Thanksgiving we usually have. I think that was the catalyst that ruined the holidays for me.

For me, the holidays are all about friends and family. I no longer put pressure on myself to knit or make anything for the holidays, and all the obligatory presents are Starbucks or iTunes gift cards. I do all my shopping online and just make the holdidays easier on myself.

I am still holding out hope that next year will be better and easier, but yes, I am glad it is over. Now, to go dye about 8 kilos of yarn!

Sheri D. Maple

I know Christmas is just another day for many people. Christmas has not been the same for me since the death of my grandmother and mother respectively. However, Christmas is what make of it as some things in life. I live alone, so may it is a good idea for me feed the homeless or volunteer at a hospital and comfort those are not able to be home for the holidays. Doing something like this will change your perspective and see things differently. The idea of Christmas should be year round, but it is not. However, Christmas is also a time to eat and be merry and there are times when we can all use a little joy. We should always remember that normal change and we create different normals. I can relate, but also know that it does change over time.


Every year I really WANT to love Christmas but I just don't. It seems like a big hassle rather than a "joyous season." And honestly I just feel guilty all the time. My mom would decorate the house, cook like a fiend, shop, and she worked full time w/ 5 kids. I've got one toddler and I rarely get the laundry put away. So when the holidays roll around I guess I just feel like I don't measure up to my mom and aunts who seemed to do it all with efficiency and grace. Oh well, there's always next year.


off topic, but where did you get that grey & white shirt with the thumb holes? **love**


hmm... I guess I have a different perspective. I really like Christmas, but my husband and I decided the last few years not to decorate, at all, unless we were having people over. And we've had no people over. The one and only thing we do with other people is Christmas day at my aunt's with my siblings. It's not as exciting a holiday as I always build it up in my mind, and I always feel disappointed. But then again- I don't feel any pressure whatsoever at the holidays either! Maybe we just can't have it both ways: fun/exciting/stressful or dull/uneventful/painless... Although I definitely understand we can't always make that choice, family obligations and all. And of course the loss of loved ones always makes certain times of year more difficult too... ahhh, life.

Diane Egelston

I hear you. This year I felt closer to some kind of Christmas sanity than ever before, and it was because I stuck to my plan and didn't spend a lot of money on stuff no one really wants or needs. I made edible goodies and actually got them in the mail in time for Christmas. Next year I'll know I've evolved further when I don't look at all the vendor Christmas come-ons wondering if what I already sent was enough, or if I should send one more "last-minute" gift. Thank you for taking the time to write and share thoughts that connect us. In the end, that's what we're all longing for.

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