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November 01, 2009



Thanks for the blast of Janis.

elizabeth morrison

I'll leave you alone about two socks at one time on 2 circulars and you'll leave me alone about one at a time on double points. Deal? I tried the two on two theory once and it wasn't for me.

I just love the pic of you two Wendys. I wish I could have popped in for a little coffee hour/knitting time. Someday.


Right on. Here is a link to a video of this song. When I watched it at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, I was stricken by her pants. I kept thinking I wanted to knit or crochet some just like them.



I love the photo of you with the cigar...It seems to perfectly capture a moment of humor between two old friends. *sigh* I miss old friends...


I love that photo of you both. You look like you had a great fun together.


I am in love with mister's pictures. What a fantastic shot of the two wendys. every picture tells a story, don't it?


HWWV has such a great eye to capture the moment!


I would love to see how you do two socks at once. I even promise to put away the dpns for a while if you do.

Marie Grace

Welcome home Wendy! So glad you've landed safely in the land of cigars, drinks, and yarn!


Glad to see the other Garter Belt Wendy happy and well. Missed her blog and kept her in my thoughts.


After all that, now I'm knitting 2 sleeves at a time on 2 circs, so there's a time and a place for everything!


Hope all is well with WW & WB ... great pic of the two of you ...


You are hilarious!

Willa Jean

Well THERE's Wendy. The other Wendy. Tell her for me I missed her blog like crazy. I mean there was this thing about the Nazi schoolteacher and then POOF. Nothing. I was afraid maybe the big bad teacher ate her or something. Is she going to blog again? Just once in a while? I loved hearing her point of view, checking out her links to sites I'd never have heard of otherwise. I still read Gates of Vienna because of her. Something very sad has happened to Lgf though.
I'm looking forward to seeing how you do two at one time, Wendy B. Nothing to get huffy about. Nobody's making a law about how to knit socks, right? I've actually done two at one time and it sort of worked, but not that well. Maybe I'll pick up a detail from you that will make it work better. Or maybe it will just be fun to read. Whatever.
Really great pix, btw. When can we see the sweater? Yeah, I'm greedy. I know.


I'm a dpn person feeling a little huffy, but I really do want to see how you knit two socks at one time so I'm going to suck it up. Can't wait for the photo essay!

Yakira Heistand

Larry was walking by as I was reading your blog. He stopped to look at the picture of Rocko. "I know how that dog feels," he said and walked away with a sigh.

I can't imagine doing two socks at a time. I'm a DPN gal myself. How do you keep your yarn from getting all tangled? Is it portable? I keep a sock in my purse, makes it easy if I'm waiting in line. I can just stand there and knit.


Ahh, the puppy picture is especially fantastic, though I see no shame in a little puff (or pseudo puff) on a cigar here and there. :)

Melissa G

I'll try it once, because that's my motto. Otherwise how do I really know what's my favorite?

Linda B

I'm not sure if I catch your drift every time being foreign and all - but I love reading your hillarious knitandtonics, I often laugh out loud reading your stuff.

Great inspiration too - thanks for introducing me to top-down knitting and two socks at once, especially.

Sheri B

Ok! That picture of you two girls is the best!


Wendy, In your photo essay, if you can somehow explain how to not get pooling of color right where the top of the foot and ankle meet. I would appreciate it. Every time I finish picking up stitches for the gusset and start knitting the instep again, I always get a pool of color. I have not been able to figure out why.
Any tips??


Sorry Jennie. You are out of luck. Unless you cut your yarn and start over with a color you like, you are likely to get that effect.

I always get it but I'm too lazy to cut yarn.


Wendy, Thank you for this. It is only when knitting on 2 circs when it happens, right? I wonder why it happens.


No, I don't think that knitting on 2 circs has anything at all to do with it. Maybe if someone knits a different type of heel gusset, it might make a difference.


I'd love to see your way of doing two socks at a time while smoking a cigar! Thanks for the upcoming photo essay. I've been wanting to learn how to make socks two at a time.

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