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November 24, 2009



I love it. . . hope to see the pattern available, when you have some free time ;)


I like it with the leather belt - gives it a nice contrast.


That's so cute! You'll have to get some coordinating slippers :) I like the non-knit belt - I bet it would look good with an uber-wide belt too for extra sass.


I'm working on the pattern right now.

Terri Bergandi

Absolutely adorable- I've never knit with Ella Rae- did you like it?


Knitting with the Ella Rae is much like knitting with many of the other super washes out there: Slightly scratchy. BUT, once it is washed, it is very soft and drapey.


LOVE your in-between-times creation, Wendy!


Love the vest; that color looks great on you. Hope to see a pic when you put on your big-gurl-goin'-out shoes.


Oh, I like the vest - but show us your slippers!


how do you knit so fast? or do you use machines?


I knit pretty fast (and all day, too)


that is amazing! sounds like a dream job!
Do your hands hurt? or do you ever experience back pain? ( I am genuinely curious)

Also, do you make garments for yarn stores?


oops! I thought the first comment didn't post! So I posted a second!!


No! I don't make samples except for my own patterns and for patterns of my own that appear in magazines or books. I simply couldn't make extra garments for yarn stores. It would take too much time and it wouldn't be worth what they'd be willing to pay.

Knitting isn't exactly lucrative given the amount of labor involved.


Love this! Thanks for getting this amidst the book deadline! Anxiously waiting for the pattern....this is just the kind of think I like to wear :-)


Love the pattern of the shawl collar.


super cute!

Anna Gueldenhaupt

I'm loving it! That's my favour colour, I'm sure it looks fab!


From one Wendy to another - LOVE that vest - I've been looking for something just like that!


I love the vest! The pattern will be greatly appreciated. I really enjoy your designs Wendy.

kasia w

Excellent pattern and color! I wish I had the time (and talent!) to create like you do! I love vests, and this is perfectly stylish and classy - why not put it in the book? (or maybe that's all decided already, I don't know how making a book works)


This was something that I wanted to do for myself and there are already a couple vests in the book...So, it'll be my own pattern.


I went to work twice wearing my full kitchen apron (just in case I'm messy with my breakfast), so I think your slipper story is awesome!

Jan Smiley

Love the vest - can't wait to see the pattern, and also to hear more about the book - when will the book be out?


The ribbing is really nice!

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