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November 19, 2009



Great tutorial! Thanks!


I am going to have to try this! Maybe I'll actually finish a pair, rather than just one. Thanks!


I love these two (so far) blindingly obvious things that had not occurred to me:
use different needles (length, material, or both); turn the project back & forth to avoid twisting.

*smacks forehead*

I only tried doing 2 at a time once, and after I thoroughly lost my place around the heels, I frogged it. MAYBE I'll rethink that stance. thanks so much for this!


I like to knit off one ball of yarn for TAAT ML. I put the ball in one ziploc bag with the bottom two corners snipped off. I feed the center pull end through one corner hole, and the outside end through the other. It prevents tangles, and also the dreaded two-leftover-half-balls-of-unknown-yardage syndrome. :)

Jeanne B.

I should try this. Next time. I'm in the middle of Sock #2 at present. Great tutorial! And I must admit, duh, I never considered turning the work back and forth instead of around and around to avoid twisting.


Thanks for explaining this. I'm going to try it with the next pair of socks.


Thanks for explaining this so simply. Can't wait to give it a try!


Meghan, that's a great idea! I have tried to pull from both ends, but it always tangled. Putting it in a ziploc is genius. Luckily, I have a scale, so when I have leftovers I just weigh them and then I know the yardage.


Great tips! It never occured to me to make the cast on so simple. I'm ready to give it another try. Thanks.


Not to change the subject (and I'm getting inspired to try two at a time)....but, what is that beautiful color you're using??


Hm, I do know and understand msgic loop, but can't picture 2 socks.. Off I go in search of answers!


I can take a picture of the two socks on one circ to get you started, Emma.


THANKS for this tutorial! Love the ziploc bag idea.
I can't wait for the next post! I'm turning the heels now, and always get things messed up there.


It's Scout's Swag hand dyed sock yarn in Como. It was part of her sock club. I'm sure you can email her to find out if she has some on hand or if you can special order.

kim Brachet

Thank you so much for advocating this method, while it took me several attempts before I got the system to work, it is by far the best way for me to knit socks. I use fabric ribbing used for sleeve cuffs to hold my yarn, slipped into a small bag that also holds small knitting tools and a tape measure. If the yarn is tangled I can just flip the bag around.


Thanks for the tutorial; now it sounds like something I can do.


I love all the information you are giving on this. It definitely makes it seem not only doable, but peaks my interest in trying it.


Once you go TAAT, it's hard to go back to dpn's. I don't mind four or five sticks but it's almost impossible for me to make both socks match. I'm not very good about taking meticulous notes and duplicating the steps once more. I'm in too much of a hurry to finish that second sock. Thanks for all the tips.


Thank you so much! We had someone from my SnB group last night attempting to do two socks at once. I felt like such an idiot because I didn't know what to tell her.


Thanks for doing this... I've been wanting to learn how to do two-at-a-time for soooo long. I will be couragous and cast on next week!

Delightfully Healthy

You've made it so clear! Thanks! I knew it had to be something fairly common sensical.

Melissa G

Love the practical approach Wendy! You do tend to just solve the problem without getting too hung up on details. I end up reading and knitting often and one way to keep the ball(s) behaving is slide them under the book (~700 pg hardbound works well), the weight provides just enough resistance that the yarn feeds off nicely as well as propping the book to a good angle.


Great tutorial! I use one ziploc as well, but I don't snip off the corners; I just pull one yarn end out each side of the top, and close the ziploc in the middle so that about 1" is left open at each end, just enough to let the yarn move freely. I use 2 balls but one ball would work too... will do that with my next pair.


If I were to find myself at my LYS today at lunch, what lengths do you recommend I buy for the two circulars?


definitely no shorter than 20".

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