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November 27, 2009


Tiny Tyrant

Love Rocko to pieces.

Surprised that didn't set the two of my boys that are home off.


Ha. Howling in their sleep is so freaky. Our dog isn't a howler but he woke us up about a month ago with a long nose pointed toward the moon type howl. When I checked him out he was still snoozing in his usual legs-splayed-out-on-his-side way.


You look very pretty, and the dog is very cute. Hard to pick which is the better howler, though.


I just played this...now my dogs are barking and my husband came running thinking something was killing the little one, opps!!! My childhood dog used to do this too! His trigger was The Bold and the Beautiful theme music, no kidding! It was hysterical!


Wendy, I swear I just heard one of my dogs howl for the first time when she heard your video!
I love Rocko's sweet terrier face!




Whenever my husband makes a similar high-pitched howl-esque sound to our dachshund Eleanor, she flips over onto her back and starts pedaling her paws in the air.

Ha. Dogs are dumb. Gotta love em.


That Rocko is something else! He is sooooo cute.

My Chow mix, Bear, God rest his soul, used to howl like that when firetruck used to go by the house. I guess the noise used to hurt his ears.


rocko is the bestest!


OMG-Rocko is soooo cute!


Oh man that was good. Loved it!!! When you commin' out here? Bring both of them out here and he can play with Quincy! And the girls will have a blast...


Funny video. However, my golden retriever did not enjoy it as much as me.;)


That Rocko is a card.


Love it - Rocko is too great!


That is so cute! My dogs don't do that but they don't know how to howl and barely every bark. By they way you look very pretty!


Too cute!!

courtney (knitnpurlgurl)

He looks just like my step moms dog Paxton

elizabeth morrison

Aarrroooh! Now he has me going!

One of our cats does the Cat Yodel pretty easily. But she's not happy about it.


Pretty darn cute. I played and and all my doxie Angus did was lick me lol. I am glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours was wonderful also. I bet yours was warmer than ours lol. Marion

Miz Booshay

Oh my! I heard it. I'm sure I did.

So funny!


That video made me laugh out loud and got the girls all worked up. Rocco cracks me up! Also, he has the most amazing sad puppy eyes.


I love "group howl"! We do it all the time at my house!


Oh Rocko is so cute!

Miss Scarlett

Rocko is waaay too cute!


You are ready for the late night with David Letterman pet tricks!! Super cute- who knew he was so talented, and you're not bad either! Thanks for sharing the fun!

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