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November 12, 2009



that yogi bear is so teeny tiny! ha!


I don't do yoga. Right now I'm having some joint related problems that I probably wouldn't be having if I did yoga! I'm pretty much a self-taught knitter and look most things up in books or on-line. I just try to figure it out, so it amazes me when I hear of others who give up. Figuring it out is part of the fun! Whatever it is that we figure out. Thanks for sharing the little cat of enlightenment with us.


I find yoga more relaxing when I'm at home practicing by myself. Actually, I find most things more relaxing when I'm by myself. Hmm... Does that make me anti-social?

Yes, it helps to approach your practice with humor, but really, humor helps most things, does it not?

My advice, skip the yoga classes for a bit and try it at home. You may find you like it more than you think.


Nivea for Men. Facewash and moisturiser. Moisturiser seems counterintuitive but a good oil-free moisturiser stops the skin from overproducing oil and results in much clearer skin. Guys should use moisturiser!!


He's eleven.


Suggest Cetaphil to your son. They have a special face wash that really clears things up.


Hi Wendy and everyone,

This is off-topic but maybe someone can help me...I looked at the website of one of the recent commenters here and would love to find it again. It was a woman who makes gorgeous almost photo-realistic quilts of flowers and some that have kitchen related themes.

If anyone knows who I am talking about would you mind posting a link? Thanks very much. I really appreciate it.

Have a great time with your guests, Wendy!


Oooh! Is it the super-fun happy times guests? Will you be hosting a Carnival?


Nope. But I will be serving pork ribs.


Oddly what works really well is Milk of Magnesia applied topically.


Yoga has everything to do with a good/great teacher...I took a class from what I called "Yoga Nazi". She could whip you through the sun salutation in under 30 seconds. Unfortunately I came away not liking yoga as much as I should have. I think I will stick to walking...


i don't understand. the place where i used to take yoga in NYC, you couldn't enter a class after the first 5 or 10 minutes.

oh, and Buddha Cat Soap of Enlightenment - SO AWESOME!!!! thank you - i think i have to go order some right now


I think your complaints are not about yoga or knitting, they are about the people around you (real or virtual) when you do it. I have the same issues. I've learned to schedule my "knitting with others" time and leave lots of "knitting by myself" time to compensate.

Knitting is good. People are.....well....


Haha! I've just dealt with several people recently who'd been knitting for years but never learned to purl. It made me wonder if they looked at other people's knitted stuff and wondered why theirs looked different...

Elizabeth D

Tell your friend, anything with 2% benzoyl peroxide (I asked my dermatologist this exact question). Neutrogena On-the-Spot (terrible name) is one you can find in any drugstore.


I recently moved to a new city and tried several yoga studios. I truly didn't think this was going to be a problem. I finally gave up when a woman told me to move it because I was in her spot. Cleveland gets a bad rap on so many things however the yogis there were much more happy and zen.

Sarah TX

My spouse used my Oil of Olay make-up wipes to clean his face for a long time! They work pretty well and they're gentle on the skin. But we stopped using them because they generate so much waste! For awhile we were trying to share one wipe but that seemed sort of ridiculous.

I need to find him a good oil-free moisturizer - my Oil of Olay 15 spf stuff is just too greasy for his skin.


LOVE Buddha Cat. Love (and agree with) the rants. Also, as a 46 y/o female that is *still* battling acne, any insight would be greatly appreciated (hey, it's all hormones, aintit?!)

Good luck with the guests!!


My husband swears by the Cetaphil stuff for his skin...

Yoga Cop

Aaahh...I feel your yoga pain. I own a yoga studio and trying to teach people discipline and consideration of others is often a thankless, hateful job. I try to set the standard for people like you and me who have trouble focusing and really want a safe consistent space in which to practice.

Just the other day, 40 minutes into class, a man went up to another man in the front row and told him to move over, that he was in his way in the front mirror. I told him to please return to his mat and that he was not to disturb other students in the class. It was a teachable moment, and I gave examples to the class how sometimes we'll get triggered during class and the goal is to "just be with it" and to try to let it pass. To which he started mouthing off in the back row, under his breath at first and then louder as we move through the poses. I finally told him, keep it up and you'll be asked to leave. He did and I told him, "You're done, roll up your mat, you're outta here." like a baseball umpire.

It was the first person I have ever kicked out of class in 10 years of teaching. The phone calls and emails from him that followed were so spiteful and disrespectful.

For some reason, people feel entitled to their poor behavior and have a lack of consideration for others around them. Versions of his behavior happen fairly regularly, but not to that extent. I do find it puzzling that I have to teach people things their parents should have taught them.

You might ask the studio owner or director for help with the matter and maybe they can set up some rules to follow and not let people enter the room with bags or after a certain time. It sounds like you are just asking for a quiet, respectful environment and the teachers really do help set that standard. I'm right there with you.

Lynn in Tucson

Maybe try a different class before you throw in the towel completely? I will admit to being a yoga evangelist; my practice (albeit more physical than spiritual) saves my life on a daily basis. But having just left a 7-yr. "relationship" (not THAT kind of relationship) with my former teacher, I'll admit that it can take some work to find the right fit.

Kathy in Napa

I'm right there with ya on the yogi rant. I also agree with the idea that you have to have a good fit with the instructor. There's one at my gym but she only teaches about twice a month. The other one is a bit too militaristic a yogi for me.

I loved the buddahcat so much I ordered one for a friend and of his buddah poodles for another friend!


Laurie in Mpls.

Going to second/third/nth what a lot of folks are saying: either have a heart to heart with the teacher, or find a different studio. As a dance teacher, I find it irritating when people come late to class, but at least all they are doing is cheating themselves of a bit of warm up and having to try to find mirror space. With yoga, you are *disturbing* other people, and that should be a *big* no-no.

If you like your teacher/yogi otherwise, I think expressing your distress to her will at least make her re-think her policies. If it doesn't, or it leads to "well, no one ELSE has any issues with this", find a different studio. Or, if you are far enough along that you don't need the teacher there to lead or correct you much, do it at home.

Disclaimer: I am a fairly anti-social being myself. I enjoy other people to an extent, but only if they are relatively conscious of how what they do affects other people. It was a service to the world when I started working at home. ;) So I *totally* feel your pain and stress with unthinking and disrespectful classmates.


I must say that the only thing that worked for me was proactiv. A friend gave me some, I never would have bought it. And it takes me many months to get through it, so I just buy it on ebay. Your friend could just buy one and try it out. I think it's great stuff but it's a total scam with the whole monthly club thing. Mine is hormonal, so any women in their 30's and up that are experiencing it - give it a try. I can't use any of the drugstore stuff for acne, it's way too harsh


oh, and if you (or anyone else) is considering doing yoga at home - check out the site yoga today. they are really fabulous!

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