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October 04, 2009



where in Oregon since that is where I live!!


I had a similar experience a year or so ago. I ran into a friend from my last job (I left when I had kids almost 7 years ago.), and as we talked about that place she told me how confident and self-assured she always assumed me to be. I was stunned as our exec. dir. scared the tar out of me and I never felt that I was doing a good enough job.

Guess it just goes to show that what we project isn't always the truth!

Chelsea the Yarngeek

We'll welcome her to Oregon with open arms! If she's moving to the Southern Part, my lys is always happy to have newcomers. :)


. . . Bend

dawn s

I talked a good game of scorning the popular kids to my best friend in high school. I was shocked to find out 15 years later that she bought it and she was shocked to find out I was as insecure as she was. BTW, do you ever miss Houston or Texas?


It seems to me that being hated by call center managers isn't such a bad ambition.


What is it about Oregon that attracts the Southern Californians? I know so many people that decided to move there when they felt like they needed a change. My parents almost did, and they were looking into Bend...


That Call Center Manager sounds like the Office Manager from Hell at my last job, except insert trolling internet sites instead of the reading a book. She once pulled up a porn site while looking up Dick's Sporting Goods!

From what I hear from my friend who still works there, OMFH is also running her side business while she SHOULD be doing her actual job!

Jane C

I quit a job once and told the boss I would stay until he replaced me because he had some important cases and I didn't want the clients to suffer...,6 months later I told him he had 2 weeks. My last day his wife took me to lunch and told me he was going to fire me before I quit but felt sorry for me. No explanation as to why he felt sorry for me either. When I asked why, then, did he wait so long to replace me, she didn't have a reply. This person telling you everyone hated you is in the same line. By saying things like that, do these people feel better about themselves, is it something to take back to the water cooler? I stopped trying to figure them all out long ago. Good for you to let that all roll off your shoulders.


Oh no! The person who told me that they hated me had no ill will! She told me that because it was probably true...they hated me because I rocked their boats. They didn't feel comfortable around me because, as a newbie, I upset their status quo and they were threatened!


I love being threatening to the people I work around. Everyone leaves me alone.


Hey! I'm down a few hundred miles and to the right!! I don't think we're related though...

Bend is nice. My step sister moved there about ten years ago. She's the odd duck, though, because all of my other family has moved to the other side of South Oregon...Grants Pass area. I'm the lone hold out for NorCal.


did she say why they hated you? What an odd thing to say to you! I hope she said why...

I've always wondered what people thought of me in HS, I wondered the same thing while I was still there lol... but maybe it's best I don't know :) hah.


We'd talked about it before. They didn't like me because I threatened them. No biggie. Believe me, these were not people I wanted to have as friends, anyway!


You are such a great storyteller, taking every day events and making them so fun and real to us out here in the nether-land of cyberspace.

And, such an inspiration to us recovering doormats. Here's to rocking those boats!


Holy cow... have her look me up!!! Not that there's any jobs or anything in Bend, but still. :)

meadowlarkgurl (at) gmail (with a dot here) com


Those mittens!!! Love indeed!


I'm killing myself laughing about you walking by book lady to get her to slam her drawer... I'd so be doing that!


I love the Chevron Love Mittens!! I had to order a kit. Too cute!


Sometimes it makes life interesting when your boss hates you. Of course it's better when they can't do a damn thing about you. ;)

I hope Mina enjoys her new life and you still get to see her once in a while.


Yeah, since these managers weren't my bosses, they had no power or influence. We were actually contemporaries, but in different "departments" and had offices close to each other.

kasia w

You sure know how to make me laugh! Thanks for your humor - I always look forward to your stories :)


If I'm doing it continental, I can go for hours without detection. (I'm talking about knitting under my desk of course). But for those in the know, I'm the crazy knitting lady and it keeps the gossipers guessing. I just so can't get into the corporate scene, even though it's been paying the bills forever. Can't wait to get fired, as if my boss could live without me.


"oh, the things we say in garages"... hehe! yep! so true...

Miz Booshay

Dear friends are hard to find.

It is a delight just to knit with Verper (which I call Vespa)

I am making Katie wear her socks with school issue skort.
Whether she likes it of not.
Until she starts to cry.
And then I will give in and let her do what ever she wants.

I will be buying that mitten pattern and yarn...I have be lusting after it for months.

And those cute multi stripy socks? What do you think of those?

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