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October 13, 2009



It's the entitled attitude that is so off-putting whether it's "I do all this blogging so I deserve a book deal" or "I have an MFA in photography so I deserve to make money taking pictures." If you're dedicated and putting in the time to make something good, you deserve any recognition and opportunities that result. The people who didn't put in all that effort have no right to pick on you and it's unfortunate that the internet makes it so easy to insult others for a cheap self-esteem bump.

It's nice to hear that you both have had your hard work pay off. The dog portraits are great. Those are two faces that would be hard to ignore when they demand their suppers.


Funny isn't it, how they act like they're at a restaurant with bad service. :) Cute


We honestly used to wonder if the dogs saw a shadow reach a certain point or something that told them it was feeding time. Or maybe one of them just had a watch hidden somewhere. It really is uncanny how well they keep track of the time (when it comes to food). This is as opposed to the cats, who continually claim, loudly, that we were SUPPOSED to have fed them half an hour ago.


It's scary, how dogs can tell the time - and then, on vacation days like our Thanksgiving last Monday, mine did not do their usual whine-and-dance routine at noon for their walk, they were just as lazy as we were - they seem to be completely in synch with the kids' school schedules...

and I always love the pictures on your blog, particularly your dogs...


Thanks for solving the mystery of HWWV. I have been trying to puzzle that one out for awhile.

And as far as bloggers finding a new profession goes, I think it's like journaling in public. There are just a lot more witnesses and the payoffs are bigger. So you go, girl and HWWV!


My two (a pug, Orion and a Jack Russell Terrier, Lourdes) can tell time also. I get awoken out of a sound sleep every morning by the pug at EXACTLY 7:00 a.m. The stare down in the afternoon starts at 2:00 p.m. and continues until I feed them at 5:00 p.m.

However, Daily Savings Time seems to screw up the pug just as much as it does me. By the time we get used to it, it goes and changes on us again!


Interesting. Our dog can't tell time, gets upset when the clocks change because she eats when it's dark. But she can find her ball and knows it's supposed to be outside, so she'll sneak it in (turning her head as she walks by me). Hadn't thought about being "angry" about a new profession. Why would I be? Did you take my job? :) I enjoy reading and wish you both the best in whatever you do.


By the way, I just LOVE the pictures that HWWV takes of Chuck and Rock-o.


We were just on vacation, due to drive home on Monday. Sunday evening, our dog started urgently following me around, like "hey. Hey. HEY. You're not leaving me here, are you?" How the hell did he know? I hadn't even LOOKED at the suitcases yet!


Yay!!! Chuck!!! HHWV, great pics....Wendy, wonderful patterns!


People who have problems with bloggers making a living doing what they love, well phftttttt! to them! Sounds more like jealousy to me. And there is no law they need to buy the book. Leave that to us who enjoy it!


awwww, Chuck is so sweet.


Chuck and Rocko are too adorable! Great pictures. :)


Rock-o is darling and I have such a soft spot for Chuck I'm glad he's okay. My dogs can tell time, I'm sure of it. And they know when we're going to be gone longer than say the grocery store or karate class. Odd.


The other day I was washing dishes before supper. All of a sudden I feel a nose bump & nudge me in the butt. I turn around and it's our (big) dog. Apparently, it was his way of telling me I better get moving and feed him. Gotta love 'em.


Your HWVV is a tremendously talented photographer. I'm glad to hear he's making a go of it!


i always wondered what HWWV stood for!


I say, why not blog? It's the natural progression for creative types of any kind. Your foray into blogging inspired mine. Good luck to you both!

kate w

Maybe they are just hungry. I know I would be. Just a thought.
Knowing what HWWV stands for makes me like him more. My hubs does too.


Love the puppy portraits. Dogs know all the truly important stuff, like dinner time.


CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!! :) I love that boy.

So, Chuck and Rocko might not notice a wig, high heels and a wetsuit, but HWWV would no doubt have his interest piqued. And I'd love to see pictures.

Melissa G

My dog is getting worse with age. We must get up at 6:45 (even if he doesn't want to go outside yet due to weather). The paper must be picked up by 7:30, followed shortly thereafter with his breakfast. 10 is a good time for a walk. His dinner is at 4:30. We should be in bed by 10. Time changes take about 2 weeks adjustment. Scary thing is the border collie is right. Better go walk him--I'm in Mountain time.


We had two beagles, obviously very food-oriented dogs. The hints started at 4:00 and demands started at 4:30. We lost Thyme last spring but Basil is happily teaching Rosemary, a 6 m.o. German Shorthaired Pointer, the nuances of telling time. I have no doubt that after Basil is gone, Rosemary will gladly let me know when the clock strikes 4, even though she couldn't care a wink about eating!


I've enjoyed your pictures on this blog. They have feeling, depth, and are basically fantastic. I'm always on the lookout for folks with great cameras and a great eye. I enjoy your blog.

BTW...I used to have a beagle that could tell time for me as well. ;) Susan


A few things...

Yay for Chuck and Rocko pictures. Truely lovely.

the fact that you grow from an expereine in the most basic of concepts and well deserved. You and HWWV have put in the time and are reaping the rewards.

Finally, don't get me started on the whole feeding time. My lab, all 70 pounds of her will literally climbing into my lap at feeding time and will start this the 30 minutes leading up to 6:30. Silliness.

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