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October 30, 2009



Would love to see how you do the 2 at a time thingy, cuz I don't have any one footed relatives either. I taught myself how to do the magic loop technique awhile back after you mentioned it here. Just watched some videos on YouTube, by far my favorite technique. I really do not like those d.p.n.s, I do not like them in sock, or in a hat or in a sleeve. I do not like them here or there, I do not like them anywhere.


The other solution for Second Sock Syndrome is to do one sock cuff down and the second sock toe up. True, your stripes won't match. And if you are doing a directional pattern, one can tell.

But what do I know, I love the toe-ups, one at a time, and I hate the Magic Loops (because I get ladders when I ML).


"...your hands will cramp up so badly that you will die"

Best laugh of the day! Thank you.


I think I've complete one pair of one-at-a-time socks. And probably only 1 or 2 pairs of 2-at-a-time. I think socks just aren't my thing! But I sure do loooooooove sock yarn!


I loved the description of knitting on the small circular! I wholeheartedly agree :D
I've only ever knit one pair of toe-ups and didn't like it, so don't bother ;)

I'd love to see how you knit 2 at a time on 2 circulars. I sure like the idea of finishing both at a time!


I've just taught myself to knit in the round using DPNs and then tried the Magic Loop method. I prefer the ML method, so far. I would be interested to see the knitting on two circs method. I've been hearing about it but have no clue. Thanks!


I'm a 2 circs girl, and would love to see how to do 2 at a time. I'm a toe-up-er. Will that matter? X x


please do the two at a time thing.


i just recently learned how to do 2 socks on one circ. i dont think i will know if i really like it until i actually finish this first pair. im the only person i know who knits and LYS is kinda outta the way for me so im going on a wing and prayer here and going "eh, looks alright to me so far"


What about two at a time on one long circ? That's how I do it. I have five or six completed pairs to show for it. I kept losing the dps when I tried it that way.


yeah! please do show that technique. I'm a DPN sock knitter, mainly because that's what I learned first and I can't wrap my head around the other techniques. DPN top down socks, that's all I know how to knit. Your comparison of the diff techniques was great!


First I have to say, each method of knitting socks is great as long as you get your socks but - since I often find that I have to re-knit at least half a sock because I made some mistake or other - doesn't making two socks at a time have you rip out more if you're prone to that kind of mistake?

I have recently gone back to knit socks cuff-down on dpns but I also do magic loop, toe-up, and anything that strikes my fancy. I refuse to do socks on two circs though because I'm too cheap to buy two of the same. (And also when I tried it with two circs that were the same size but not the same brand (obvisouly I'm not that cheap when it comes to needles) I got annoyed by the dangling ends.)


I want to see two at a time inside each other. I prefer to use dpn's. I like having an arsenal in my purse. A sock full of needles is somewhat like a Chinese throwing star. I've never done the toe up thing either. And I'm slow until I get to the first heel of the first sock, then it's like I'm super motivated. The first cuff seems to take weeks for me to finish.


I'm absolutely with you on all the points you make.....two at a time on two circulars is the one for me too (when I have the sizes. If not then just one at a time)


I have yet to tackle 'the socks' (dum dum dum....that would be dramatic music and NOT a personal opinion of myself!) although I have supplies all set to go. I must say it is intimidating and I can only hope we are genetically related (knitwise) and that I can follow your guidelines. Bring it on.


There's this annoying woman that comes to my Stitch N' Bitch that would shank you or, at the very least, take away your circular needles and replace them with dpns.

We've all have watched in horror as this woman has done this to unsuspecting newbies.

I started out with dpns and now do magic loop more. It was nice to know that I am not the only one who has never attempted a toe up sock, although my knitting friends swear by the method.


I did the two socks on one circular and have to agree that I am not a fan. I actually prefer dpn over the two socks on one circ. I may have to try the two socks on two circs sounds much more sane!!


I've knit one sock inside another and I very much agree with you, it's quite like pulling all your eyebrow hairs out...
Plus when I tried it I did two different coloured socks to get used to it so once I figured out it was awful I still had to do it again to get 2 matching pairs.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on different methods, very entertaining!


I have tried knitting socks every way, 8" dpns, 5" dpns, magic loop but I found 2 needles and 2 socks @ a time is my obsession!!! I've completed a few pairs of socks using only this method. My first attempt @ socks, I used dpns, and I took me 2 weeks to finish one sock. I lost my sock steam. I was doing my laundry one afternoon and my mom noticed that I only had one sock left from the pile. She got upset and said she believes there's a black hole between the washer and dryer and socks "just disappear". Of course, she gave me her motherly advise, pin them together, put all socks in a laundry bag and wash them in there, etc. Little did she know, it was a case of the single sock syndrome!


i'm in agreement with you all the way until the part where you knit two tandem and i'm am hopelessy lost and fell somewhat dim witted to top it off. i would LOVE to see a lesson on knitting two together on two long circs. the spoken word means nothing i need visual's! i like the magic loop method myself for just about everything you can use it for.

sue Treiber

I almost always use DPN's, just becasue they are there at hand. Have tried ML and toe up, not really fond of either. Tiny needle is torture. Would love to see your demonstration of 2 at a time!


I am a total two at a time on two circs girl. The thought of only making one at a time causes severe ADD for me. There would be two many mateless socks laying around the house!
Love the photo!


I've never attempted socks or gloves because I know absolutely that I could never finish a pair. A video demo of knitting two socks at once might make all the difference for me!


PLEASE show the two at a time thing! I just HAVEN'T been able to get the hang of it.

Carrie B

I love how you put the perks of each method! I get so tired of reading how one method is so much better than the others! Lets all just knit our socks and be happy.

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