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September 08, 2009



If that pedometer works I need one too!
Too funny - your dog is looking like, "Um, there's a MONKEY on my Back!!!" Very cute!

How sweet his ears falling off from hugs... :)


That sock monkey/doggie photo is the cutest!!!!!!!! Really needs to be in your next book. Seriously.


I was thinking Rocko might need his own sock monkey pal.

Btw, my dog George informed me that he thinks Rocko could really and truly be his new best friend.


The best reason of all. Would that we would all be so lucky...


Ooh, I just bought two pairs of running shoes (for walking) but I didn't see that pedometer. Does it fit in all shoes? What's it called? I want one too!!! :)


Love the picture of Rocko and the monkey. His expression is so perfect.


Rose, the pedometer fits in many Nike shoes. I have a link in the post.


I just bought the new Vibram running shoes, the ones that are like running barefoot and have separate places for all your toes...yeah, they're GREAT! Even though they look a little weird :) I don't think they come with a pedometer, though!


Enjoy your new toy! Check out this site - your next pair of shoes may resemble these, http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2009/05/07/vibram-five-fingers-shoes/

Enjoy your blog! Thanks for the laughs and the knits.


Hah! Speaking of the Vibrams. We just had dinner with a couple in which the husband has a pair of "those toe shoes" as the wife put it.

She did not find it sexy. Did not find it sexy at all.


It must be said...Rocko is crazy cute.


Ha - you're the second runner today I've heard talking about that gadget.


There's only one thing on earth cuter than sock monkeys - and that's Rocko.


The shoes are worth it. I tried using the connector by slipping it (tightly) in my laces of non-approved shoes. 15 minutes later, I was looking for it on the sidewalk! If you already have an ipod, it's easy to use and set up, and definitely worth it.


I really thought the next picture was going to be you chasing Rocko around the room trying to wrestle the monkey out of his mouth! Such a good boy these days : )


Rocko is beyond adorable -- love that fringe of fur standing up on his forehead.


I wish that would happen to me, hugged so hard my eas fall off.


I have to say that I've been running consistently for more than 2 years because of my Nike+ (which included training for and running my first half marathon, and the second scheduled for next month). It might just work for you. I'm mesmerized by all the feedback, and find it as addictive as running itself.

I don't blog tons, but most of what I do blog originates from my Nike+.


Oooh! Yes, do get the vibrams. My boyfriend and I both have a pair. I wear mine 24/7 and we go hiking in them (neither of us are runners) but I really do feel a difference in my "swagger" when I wear them. My ankles and knees start to hurt when I wear other shoes now. Barefoot's the way to go!


Those gadgets are irresistible, aren't they? Have fun with your new toy!

I have a little neoprene pouch that attaches to my shoe laces; it holds the wireless transmitter that I use with an iPod nano.

My most favorite fitness gadget, though, is a Polar heart rate monitor. It works when I walk, bike ride, etc. The feedback is fabulous.

Harpa J

The picture of Rocko and the monkey is just adorable.


Love my Nike+! It's so much fun--I'm sure you'll enjoy it. It got me through a couple of half marathons and I started as a walker.


I LOVED plastic needles! Plastic was my favorite type of knitting needle, way back when I learned to knit 25 years ago. Plastic is slightly pliable, warms to the touch, is relatively lightweight, isn't too slippery, doesn't lose stitches, and, best of all, plastic tips NEVER splinter (unlike bamboo), and the shaft almost never breaks even if you sit on it (unlike bamboo). You can jam plastic needles in your purse and mistreat them in all sorts of ways and they just hold up great (unlike bamboo which you have to treat like it's fine china).

Also, bamboo needles -- at least my Crystal Palace and Takumi needles -- have the size stamped on the shaft. On the smaller bamboo needles -- anything below a 5 -- the writing on the shaft is SO TINY I can't read it. Plus, the print tends to wear off over time, making it even less legible. What good is a knitting needle to me if I can't tell what size it is?

By contrast, plastic knitting needles had the size stamped on the metal button at the non-business end. The number was huge, easy to read, and (obviously) never wore off no matter how long you used it. I have plastic needles that are more than 20 years old and I have no trouble seeing what size they are, but I have some brand new bamboo needles and can barely guess what size they are.

Why did bamboo become the material of choice for most kniting needles? Bamboo is inferior to plastic in every way I can think of. I'm just baffled by this phenomenon. Either the whole industry just took a wrong turn, or bamboo has magical benefits, and plastic serious defects, that are both completely invisible to me.

I asked a yarn store about this once and they said, "The plastic needles just don't sell." (Nowadays I can't find them on the iunternet, either.) Maybe bamboo seems beautiful and exotic and that's why people buy it? Plastic looks relatively cheap and unsightly by comparison? But whatever it is, people sure as hell ain't choosing bamboo for its superior utility.


That is the most awesome picture of a dog I've ever seen! Oh, and the monkey's cute too, LOL


"Because I hug him so hard" made me melt, it was so cute. Girlfriend is adorable.

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