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August 27, 2009



My daughter made a couple of the plastic bags too. My stepdaughter loved them!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

Know It All Knitters (or know it all anythings) make me crazy.

I've wanted to knit or crochet plastic bags into a bag for a while but I not only have tons of canvas bags already, I'm nearly out of plastic ones as I use them for kitty litter. Woe is me, I guess!


Ab-so-friggin-lutely! We could extend that thought to several other arenas as well...

Actually had some knitters over tonight... they were knitting a curtain (!), a couple of sweaters, sock, scarf, glove, and I don't know what. I think if somebody was knitting something gruesome, we'd share some of our yarn for her next project, or some of our patterns... but people have all sorts of reasons for knitting what they do, who are we to be so snobby about it?

Melissa R

Really? They say things like that? [Sniffs judgmentally] Some people! Somewhere their mothers are dying of shame.

Please please please post pictures of the cardi - it's fascinating and I would love to see it, especially from the back...


I am dying to knit that Endless Cardi Shawl thing, but the kit is way out of my price range. What yarn are you using?


Yes, please tell us what yarn you're using ! I just got the pattern this afternoon and I'm trying to find a yarn use.


We have to pay for plastic bags here (in NZ) so its worth using the ones left to make them recyclable!


I edited my post to tell you about the yarn I'm using.

Texas Jackie

Just yesterday I found the Endless Knitted Cardi Shawl on the Tilli Thomas website and knew that I HAD to knit it too! Looks like you beat me to it, it'll be interesting to see how it works up in other yarns, so I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

By the way, I'm a serious lurker and have been enjoying your blog for several years. I'm also looking forward to your new book, your first one is so inspirational! I've knit two patterns and both have been winners!

Thanks for keeping us entertained and in stitches!


LOL. I guess I'm glad now that I haven't been able to find a knitting group.

Mary T.

Thanks for bringing up this issue with people being snarky about one's knitting project choices. It seems rude to me, like saying to someone, "Wow, that haircut SUCKS! Good thing hair eventually grows out, huh."

This struck a chord with me, because I decided while watching Julie & Julia, that I was going to knit all 48 projects in Nicky Epstein's Knitting On Top of the World over the next 4 years, one per month; I think it will be like taking a master class in knitting techniques from around the world, and I happen to really like a lot of the patterns in it. I started a blog called Knittingontopoftheworldknitathon.typepad.com,
to talk about the project, and to see if other knitters might be interested in joining me and doing KALs on projects they like.

I just posted my first post on Sunday; and by Wednesday, another knitting blogger wrote a post mocking my choice of book, as some of the projects in it aren't to her taste, and posted a picture of one she particularly didn't like. On the nice side, this led to an interesting thread on her blog, of what books other people would choose, were they to make every single project in them; and some people defended my choice, although no one should have to defend their taste in knitting - isn't that the whole point, to knit for pleasure and not for the approval of others?

As the French say, "To each his (or her) own." Sigh; all that judging, and finding fault with everything, can't be good for your insides.


Seriously? People are that rude to someone's face? It's bad enough on the Internet where I assume it's because there's relative anonymity. I consider myself very lucky to have my supportive knit group.


I have a "Bag bag" that my mom made. I use it a lot and always - EVERY time I'm out - get a complimentary comment on it. It is "cute" or "a great idea" or "so clever". Heck, Mom makes enough to sell them at her local health foods store and to friends and such. They're a great way to re-purpose bags that might otherwise end up stuck in tree limbs...or....something.

Lynn in Tucson

Hey! That's a cool garment! I'd wear the heck out of it (if I ever finished it).

Lynn in Tucson

You doing sleeves or no sleeves?


No sleeves!


LOL - I'll try and remember some of those lies to tell people... :D


Girls in our group are so very polite, but you can totally say but the lack of 'aww, it's so gorgeous' etc remarks. Like my latest pair of socks..
as a side note, you should try 'oh gawd, it's so 2000 and late' on somebody - very effective (or just in your head), y'know.


This is why I don't knit at my LYS. They are just stroking their egos. My daughter would tell them STFU, but I just smile and walk away knowing I never have to buy yarn. I just have to knit really fast. I inherited over $3,000 worth of yarn when my aunt died. Do you think it's all up to date? NO, but I use it anyway and if I go to the LYS to ask the owner (a past friend of my Aunt) about a suitable pattern she'll without fail comment loudly for those Bitties to hear "Oh I loved this yarn... This is such and such (something currently on the shelf) but not in the colors we have." Then they all want the color I have.


Too funny! I've got a couple of crocheted bags from plarn in the works, too. I chip away at them in the privacy of my living room.


Wow, makes knitting at home alone (like I always do) seem like a nice thing now...


Man you have some sort of sucky knitting group in CA. I've seen those types of knitters here and there but they aren't the norm. And songs? My 6 yr old is singing Black Eyed Peas 'I'm so 3008, you're so 2000 and late'. Maybe she'll become one of those knitters!


I think that you should be able to knit anything that you want(any way you want, using any yarn, needles, etc. you want) without having to worry about someone else's opinion.

I've got a *winner* at my SnB (we call her "Fancy") who not only with look down on your yarn choice, but who is a disciple of using ONLY dpns for knitting socks. She will actually try to convert you if she sees you're using magic loop. She will also point out to you when you're knitting wrong. Didn't know there WAS a wrong way to knit, but whatever. We all cringe when a newbie sits next to "Fancy" since we know will never see this person again after that night. She is *that* abrasive.

What makes this even more ironic is that "Fancy" is teaching a bunch of sock knitting classes at one of the LYS in my area using.....*wait for it*....magic loop method. What a G-Damn hypocrite!


LOL! You should send us a video of Girlfriend doing that song.
I get people going up to me and saying that they cant "crochet" but their grandma does."


Wow I can't believe people would say your knitting is dumb or out of style. That is just not cool. I always encourage people to knit whatever makes them happy even if I personally don't like it. I'm sure not everyone likes some of the things that I knit for myself!

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