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July 13, 2009



I wish you were my neighbor - I would cheer on your book victories, make chocolate chip cookies - from scratch (which I am a 4-H blue ribbon cookie baker) and share them with you - and hopefully along the way I could learn a few things from you. Consider those of us who read your work - far away neighbors. We are like Wilson from the Tim Allen Show - you don't know our faces, but we share our wisdom and support.


Girlfriend is adorable. :)

We had a "craft party" for my daughter's 8th birthday, and I was shocked at the number of girls who just sat there and stared at their kits. I heard lots of "I don't know what to doooooooo!!!" and "I've never done crafts before!!!" Seriously, we were talking about stringing beads and gluing glitter. With my own daughter, I'm always yelling at her to stop making stuff and get in bed, already. ;)

Yakira Heistand

I make everything from scratch, including pancakes and bread. And I can't stand disposable dishes. I work from home and I homeschool my youngest. Talk about loosing touch with friends and the rest of the world!

Wendy, I've felt the same way for a long time.

I have no words of wisdom or hackneyed cliches to utter. Ann is right, but I'm only 5' tall so I can't see over the fence, but I'll peek through the knothole.

Ann, I'll give you my Challah recipe if you give me your cookie recipe.


Shouldn't the second graders be cutting the shapes from construction paper? In order to prevent another generation of craft-impaired people, I mean.


Is that part of growing old? I feel the same myself. I had this bunch of friends from undergrad...we were pretty close and hung out on a weekly basis. i went to grad school 50 miles away, two years later, we are no longer that close. At first, i tried to be proactive in organizing get together then i realize we have just drifted away. now, my relationship with them is no more than exchanging plesantry at an occasional get together. My relationship with my gradschool friends are pretty normal but not close. i see them once a month....none of my friends are crafty, so it make it even tougher to share my excitement. Worse than you, i don't have any crafty friends. i tried going to a knitting circle but i didn't have a warm welcome, so i decided not to go again. perhaps i should try again? In conclusion, you are not alone. Perhaps, it is just a phase in life. it may change in the future, hopefully


Part 2, you know...apparently, people change friends every 7 years


I think we are developing generations of folks who don't know how to do anything to entertain themselves and others without a nintendo, a wii, a big screen tv or countless other expensive gadgets. Don't get me wrong, I love my computer, mp3 player and big screen tv. But I also love to cook food from scratch, and knit and bead and other things. I think teaching kids to do crafts helps expand their brains in ways that will make other learning easier. Besides the sense of pride in creating something is awesome.


I think MOST of your readers feel the same way. And, I think most of us read you because not only do we have that in common, but you are cool too. You say what we think and don't have the guts to say (or do have the guts and in which case have no friends because of it), you voice how we feel (better than we would ourselves). Though you may feel lonely, you have MANY readers that feel like they are your friends even though you have never met. Given the chance, many of us would bring the fixings to make salsa and margaritas (from scratch) and our latest project, whatever the distance, to hang out with you for an afternoon.


It's my experience that all this technology that's suppose to "keep us connected" actually hurts more than it helps. Yes, I may know that a friend went to the grocery store to buy 1% Milk. But, no, no one can bother picking up the phone to purpose going to lunch anymore.

It's not that we're not friends, it's that we all stay home and surf the internet instead of talking to people anymore.


Wendy....it makes me sad to think that you are sad too. I know exactly how you feel. I'm so tired of people who can't do the smallest of tasks. They always ask me to shorten their new pants, or make a neat scarf for their dog because they are going someplace special. I have lots of friends but none of them can do any type of craft. and...they aren't the least bit interested in what I'm doing either. What kind of friend is that?
Do your friends know that all of us who read your blog with such admiration, think you are abaout the greatest friend there ever was? Be proud of your accomplishments Wendy. You have tons of admirers. We might not seem real here but believe me...we are !!!


Another crafter here whose sense of otherness sometimes (often, really) gets her down. Hang in there.


You all do seem real! Thank you!

(And no, my friends do not know about you guys. I don't talk about the blog much. But, that is fine for me. I'm just happy to have a place to talk out loud and hear back. Hearing back in comments means a lot. It really, really does.)


I have struggled with feeling like a "square peg" most of my life, and it's only in the past 8 years or so that I've had a large group of friends and felt like I'd finally found a place to fit in. That old loneliness still seeps in here and there, though. My best friend (who is also "crafty") has a new, very busy job that also requires travel, and we don't have time to knit, drink wine, and talk about everything these days.

When people snicker about how someone "marches to the beat of their own drummer" I don't think they realize just how incredibly hard it is to be out of step with the rest of the world, even though it would be harder on one's soul to follow the crowd.


I am sorry you are sad. I keep hearing about how there is a "craft movement" and more people are learning how to do things like knit and sew and do woodworking, but I guess it hasn't really infiltrated the general population yet, huh?


Hey, remember Facebook? Well, lemme tell ya - I found an old HS friend (I shouldn't say old, but we both graduated in '72, so you get the picture). Anyway, she FREAKIN' KNITS!!! Whoo hoo!
It can happen. Really. It can:)!!!
And being crafty and knitting and being a mom does NOT mean our brains fall out!
Just sayin...
Look around you at what you've got - especially Girlfriend:)
Gratitude is hard sometimes, but what would you give for any of what you have right now at this very moment?


LeighB in ATL

Yeah, I took some cookies to my daughter's pre-school a couple of years ago. They were quizzing me on the ingredients on the box (for food allergy issues, I think). I was like, "there is no box. these are made of butter and flour and sugar with some chocolate chips. I can give you a recipe, but not a box." The girl looked at me like she really could not comprehend what I was saying.


It must be going around these days. I feel exactly the same. I work in the software industry and all my close friends are male. I can talk to them about sci-fi and movies and nerdy stuff, but I have no one to talk to about girly stuff like babies and pregnancy and knitting and so on. My husband hates that my friends are male... it makes him jealous. I am looking for female friends and have found one that I think will eventually be a good friend, but man, it's hard to connect with people these days. So I'm with you. I know how you feel, and it sucks.


I don't have any close friends at all (we moved last year, I'm rather shy, and I've got a baby). Oops. And I must say that I was disappointed to be given a sock monkey that was *bought* at Target or someplace. Seriously? Nobody knows how to make them anymore?? Lame. It's much better when it's got character.


I know how you feel. I have no local friends who share my crafty interests. I wish I did. Maybe all craftyriffic peeps should move to one city so we can hang out. I vote for Albuquerque.

Linda in Ohio

Many times lately I have been sad. Next week I am moving far away from family and friends. I will be leaving a very satisfying job at the LYS. However I hope that knitting and my other crafty interests will actually lead me to finding new friends. May we all find a like- minded circle of friends.


I too have been going through the sad feelings lately. My best friend, a non-knitter, lives 2 hours away. My local friends think it's "cute" that I knit and that's all I do. I joined a local knitting circle about 3 1/2 years ago and it has helped. I am the odd woman out. I cook my meals, knit, sew, and am a stay-at-home mother.

Here is what helps me get through the sad moments - my kids. My son is my number one fan. We made homemade jam last week, and it's the only thing he wants to eat. And when he wants to wear a sweater in the middle of summer, that puts a smile on my face.

Wendy, I am finishing my second Custom Knits project - the Playmate Indigo sweater and I LOVE it! I look forward to your posts and I read your book weekly. I know we would be friends in real life.


Ah honey, I feel your pain. I am the silly knitter of the soccer group. It is hard to be that person at times. If one more person asks me why I bother with socks I might scream.

I am just down the 101 if you want to met up for a craft fest.


I think that the social friend situation is a cycle, with ups and downs. I've been in downs, for sure, and so i really appreciate the ups. I've posted my knitting group on Ravelry, and am enjoying the newcomers that it brings. And the synchronized bicycle dance team has been great for friends! (No, not kidding!) I'll tell the waves to bring you some good people who grok you.

About a year ago, I was introduced to someone who works at the biology lab that I used to work at, who bicycles to get around, AND is a spinner and knitter! I've never found someone who shares so many of my disparate interests.


I feel the way you do sometimes. I think it is because I don't fit the stereotype of a crafty mom so most people are surprised when I say I knit or sewed something the children are wearing. I used to work in the fashion ind and most people assume I am a clothes snob. But yesterday I looked at my kids and realized 80% of their clothing was made by moi.


GF has grown up so much. I remember when you were in the midst of the potty training battles.

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