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July 09, 2009





Well that's quite a list ...


It reads like a poem and is too funny.


Heh Heh Heh Heh.


You are so funny.

dee f

thanks for the reminder about Exes. guess i'll spare myself . . . LOL


I had no trouble picking out those truths. Even in a T/F format, you tell an awesome story.


So true! Slowly but surly I'm getting farther and farther from Facebook. I've deleted all my co-workers because of TMI and TM?? (too many questions) and I'm getting close to cutting the cord on some old friends, see your statement #4.

Miss Dallas

OK, I just discovered how ridiculously true No. 4 and the first No. 10 are. They are in your past for a reason. It's often a good idea to leave them there.


What a wonderful reminder of one of the reasons I left facebook - but it's much funnier when you say it!

Diane S

Tuna Sandwich w/no pickles? I just don't know if that one is believable!!! I enjoy reading your blog & looking at your great pictures.


It feels great to get it all out, doesn't it? Even if it's in code. LOL.


So, I recently started a blog so I could complain without being negative to the people around me. Then I went on a 2 wk road trip with my mom and my 4 kids. Gave the addy to my family so they could keep up with us. Now I can't complain about them. I don't know WHAT i was thinking! I can't complain (at least to the degree I desire) because of the same reason. I need an secret place to vent!


I tell you, there is a reason why you are a writer. LOVE IT!


Thank you so much for posting this one! So clever and timely. I just found out this morning that an old beau (20 years ago) is now living practically around the corner with his family. I spent hours this morning thinking about if I should contact him and what I'd say if/when we ran into each other. Now I know the answers: (1) No! and (2) Kids and weather. Thank you!


err... yeah. you've named all the reasons why i had to go dark on facebook.

Yakira Heistand

Well said!!

My teenagers friended me on Facebook, can you believe that? Have I not embarrassed them enough yet? Now, not only do I have to keep my entries PG, I keep getting their incredulous queries as to why I ONLY have 27 friends when they each have over 200.

As for getting in touch with old flames, it's never worked well for me.


#10 (both of them) are confirmation that we unwittedly make the best decisions for ourselves. Your blog is written word of my thoughts! I laugh and get emotional about each. Maybe that's why I check so often to see if a new posting is up. I think of you as a friend.


And that's why I don't want anything to do with Facebook. Yee gods, there's a reason they are EXes!

Lynn in Tucson



I have been very selective on who I have let be my friend on FB. (I just friended you btw - feel free to ignore!)


I wish I was cool enough to be your best friend in real life. Thanks for making knitting soo cool.


excellent way of sharing. oy.


An ex having a menage a trois with an old friend? That's enough to wisen me up about any fantasies I may have about communing with exes.
BTW, how is The Help? That's coming up on my reading list and it sounds good. I just finished The Elegance of the Hedgehog this morning and loved it.

Account Deleted

Uh, so I can't friend you on FB?! Damnit, girl! : )

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