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July 27, 2009



Yes. Yes we do. Sign me up for one women's large!

Hilarious, adorable pic, by the way. I have been planning to knit or crochet a market bag because I forget my reusable shopping bag about 50% of the time and it's maddening! I want one that's squishy enough to squash into a ball and cram into my purse for such occasions.


Dontcha hate when that happens?!! GF's attitude is priceless.


As much as I'd prefer something I could make myself, I really like having a nylon fabric market bag -- the style that folds up really small in your purse but is still be plenty big for the farmer's market. The stretch of knit fabric is just too much of a nuisance.

Julia S.

Definitely!! I would totally buy one in multiple colors if it was available.


I love the bag, sorry it turned out so big, but it still looks amazing!


A bag with the slogan on one side, so that we have the option of being snarky or just unassuming.


That is a fantastic picture. My consolations on the crochet fail- at least it's fantastic in theory!


I know I def need a t-shirt that says that :)


Put a sock in it...a hand-knitted sock!


LOL, my knitted market bag turned out almost the same way....way way long. It's fine if you are carrying yarn though.

I'll take a t-shirt!


OMG, I snorted loudly when I saw the second picture. At first, I thought it was one of those distorted-perspective pictures, and then I wondered why Girlfriend was frowning so, and then *click* I got it. Too funny!


I wonder if there could be a "G-rated" version that as a public school teacher in my community I could wear that just said

"Knit your own socks."


This has got to be one of your funniest posts ever. Your picture up top, all proud of your awesome bag, and then Girlfriend's picture when you scroll down, seriously had me cracking up at my desk. Every time I look at her standing there with that huuuugge bag it makes me laugh. Oh well! I guess you could always take in the handle...

Yakira Heistand

Oh Wendy, I can't tell you how many times I've made something for my kids, so positive that it's the right size, only to have them try it on... Girlfriend's expression is priceless.

As for the slogan, I would love a bag with 'Knit your own socks!' one one side and 'Eat my stash.' on the other. As funny as 'Knit your own socks bitches!' is, it's not something I could carry around in my rather religious Jewish neighborhood. Much like the bumper sticker that I have tucked away in my dresser for when my kids are grown that reads, 'If you're going to ride my ass at least you could pull my hair.'


I'd totally wear that shirt.


That is the funniest photo of girlfriend ever. Can't believe how much she's grown up since I started following your blog.


Oh, that was HELLA funny!! I love the upbeat, enthusiastic tone at the beginning - you didn't even *hint* at the possibility of impending doom.

And that expression. Priceless.

I'd get that t-shirt, even if I don't knit socks!


I'd take one of those shirts!

Super cute bag...and hilarious picture!! :)


Hysterical. I love the face on your daughter!


I totally need that shirt!


wow, your girlfriend has really grown this summer! Super cute girl you have there.
cute bag. I don't know about the t-shirt. It would be great for yarn stores.


Do we? Do we ever!

Rev Linda

Too funny. You see the head scarf I made for my daughter. Let's just say it covered more than her head!


Great picture. I too agree with the need for a rated "G" shirt - as I work with kids and parents. Don't forget to offer it in a plus size.I would go for the "knit your own socks" version. Thanks!


I think if I end up doing it, there would be a G-rated and one with the asterisk. I wouldn't wear one that actually spelled the word out... And of course, there would be plus sizes.

But a mug? I'd use a mug with the whole shebang.

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