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March 12, 2009



Terribly low blow, the Red Hat comment. Totally uncalled for. Still, you wouldn't want anyone else to make that mistake. So, if you've decided that the Wollmeise isn't appropriate for a young person like you, I'm available and older - even older than your forged birth certificate, heck, my forged (to subtract, not add, years) birth certificate is even older than yours.


Stunning Wollmeise I'm 41 and usually the oldest person in a room filled with people.lol Darcy


I often refer to myself as old and cranky. Lets me get away with a lot of fun stuff. Like telling someone off for being stupid and also turning down the dang radio at work. Honestly, how many times does a station need to play the same five songs in 7.5 hours?! So you know, if you can't think of what to do with that "Red Hat" colourway...

Also, love Girlfriend's newish chandelier.


Hey girl, us Long Beach folks want to come visit your lys someday, I did the same with my birth cert. to work at McDonalds, but felt to guilty to go through with the job. Think I used typewriter eraser(nice) and my typewriter( Mannuel not electric even nicer)
Give Rocko a squeeze for me..


What a terrible thing to say about such a lovely colorway. I would have named it for fruits: plum & persimmon, perhaps.

Jeanne B.

Ohhhhh... love the yarn. Love the red and purple together.

Harpa J

"Red Hat" my *beeep*...
The yarn is lovely.


Great, now I'm craving cold pizza for breakfast. Love pizza that way.


I don't get the whole red hat thing it kind of bothers me. Anyway, I like the yarn it has a nice contrast.


Oh for Pete's Sake and a Big Brass Band! (My Girl's favorite saying when people are being stupid. The Big Brass Band is from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

That's a beautiful hank of yarn. Knit on, I say.

I faked my age to work for Farrell's Pizza/Ice Cream Parlor down in the LB/Cerritos area way, way back in the day. Gotta love The Zoo!


I remember being "invited" to join Red Hats. Uh, thanks but no thanks. (Unfortunately this was years ago and I WAS old enough.) But besides my reluctance to wear a red hat, the purple and red really do pop against each other. Cool yarn.


Red Hat. HAH! I'm not (much) older than you, but I look it, and I *definitely* act it, so. . . :)

It's still beautiful. You will do something nice with it that will look lovely even if the colors were co-opted by the red-hat folk.


i was just looking up wollmeise wondering what the hype was all about, and then i come to read your blog and see you have some now too! it's apparently amazing.


I just started following your blog and I'm super intrigued by the weaving...could you point me in a good direction to start in? (Like I need another hobby)

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