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March 13, 2009



Hi Wendy--love your blog and your patterns.

I've stopped reading a well-known adoption forum and the Weight Watchers community forum for pretty much the same reason: too much nastiness. It seems like the perceived annonymity of the internet has let loose crazies who simply would not be listened to anywhere else, and others who have "baggage."

Still, it can all be quite fun taken the right way...


Do you use sock yarn as warp and weft, or just weft only? I'm so used to cotton crochet thread as warp, but I'm curious about stretch if I used the sock yarn for warp too.


NSLYS - You crack me up! I wonder if you realize just how often you lift my mood. Thanks!


I've been meaning to write telling you how much you're killing me with that loom. I've always wanted one but now that want has been ratcheted up more than a notch or two. A loom has zoomed up the priority list with a bullet.

Thanks for the inspiration is what I'm really saying!


Amen. There seem to be many people out in the cyber world who are mean, because they know they can hide. If they had to look you in the face and say the same things, they wouldn't. They would think them, but they wouldn't say them. We need to hold each other accountable here in cyberland, too. It's called being civilized! ;)


The nastiness is WAY out of hand in the forums; a fact that I find really depressing. What's wrong with people? Or (dare I be more specific?), what's wrong with women? Why are women so mean to each other? In all my 44 years, I've never been quite able to figure that one out.


I echo a lot of posters here about the snarkiness on other sites. Honestly, Wendy, it's one of the many reasons why I like coming here. Your peeps are nice!

And I love the weaving projects, too. It makes sense that you'd need some down time from knitting after writing a book. I have friends that are writers. It's as if they have given birth once the final edit is done. The last thing they want to do after all that is write!

Because you're using sock yarns in the weaving, is the FO soft? Not like a cotton towel, right? You're making me think I have to try this.


I had a translation to correct last week.
Instead of "mainly younger surgeons", the translator had written "MANLY younger surgeons".

I had to laugh and think of your male-model surgeons... then I reluctantly corrected error. Sigh.

;)) ROFL


Just got the book. Fab-U-lous!

Marti D-A

I'm glad to learn I'm not the only person who has experienced this (snarkiness on comments). I left the Ravelry SOS 2008 group because the moderators were so mean to some participants. This is supposed to be FUN (intentional shout) people!

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