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February 17, 2009



My RMT totally agrees knitting can wreak havoc... mostly because she's a knitter to so she really knows.

Lovely vest!


The new bangs are quite attractive. As is the vest.


I picked up knitting one year ago. 9 months ago I was diagnosed with arthritis. Coincidence?? I really don't think so, even though my doc doesn't agree (I'm in my late 30s). But.. I'm not willing to quit knitting for longer than a week or two at a stretch, so I may never find out for sure.


I am a massage therapist and got several clients from my old LYS before we moved...knitting is dangerous! Good luck to you, I am thinking lots of happy hip thoughts. And, btw - your hair looks great: )


He can make it *hip* (HA!) by adding a skull and using the knitting needles as the cross bones. Besides, doesnt he realize you are published?!?


I am loving the hair and I am really loving the vest. Both teenage daughters just asked one like this. Please hurry tech editor..;>


i like the vest and the haircut. bangs are cute on you!
but we really can't see the thingies on the vest shoulders. i know they're there...unless i was imagining it. no, no...i'm sure it was on a previous post.
hehe :)
i have a hip problem, too. i am told my left hip is out of place because i changed my squat stance, and it doesn't want to pop back in. i am being scolded for not stretching every day (apparently, that's supposed to help it *want* to go back in). it's not painful. i just have this clicking every now and then when i do high kicks in the office when no one's around. i bought these new pants from express - the editor's pants - and they're really stretchy! i can do the splits in them! and my knee clicks when i straighten it. but that's about it. my dad says i should drink some of that joint juice they sell at costco...hmmm...


Who's your tech editor?! I'll light a fire!!!

Love the new 'do, too!


You don't need the joint juice! The noise could either be a tear somewhere or simply a tendon running over the bone.

The saddle thingies are there, under my hair. I promise that the pattern will have a closeup!


I have had problems with my hands in the past and have taken all sorts of business to the chiropractor, but I blame knitting and graduate school.

It may be completely bunk, but I swear by bamboo needles and loose knitting.


I recently had a staple gun injury (ah-hem, don't ask) and can't knit. I am SO understanding the "pain" you are feeling from not running now. Being a non-any kind of excercise person (can knitting be considered an upper body work out?) I never understood - but now seeing that no matter what it is that you love to do, when you can't it really SUCKS!
By the way, don't ever share the name of your stylist - she would have more work than she could handle. Your hair, as usual, looks fabulous.


I hope the tech editor gets this lovely vest out soon...I need one! (BTW, great hair!)


I very much dig the vest. :)


Your hair looks amazing! First thing I noticed and I wanted to make it known! :D


Thanks about the hair! What's cool is that my natural color is very, very light and my stylist manages to tint it just once and get all those low lights and highlights in one fell swoop!

Okay, I'm a total dork talking about this online. Back to knitting...


Very trim and pretty. Like the color, and the little green detail.


BELEGAJ TRIKOTAJXOJN! http://trikada.blox.pl/html


You know, I've been having terrible arthritis problems, in the past few years, and I sit in the same chair in the same position to knit. By golly, I think thee is a connection. In fact, yesterday, I just had a procedure done: Radio Frequency Denervation, cauterization of the facet endings, to try and relieve some of my pain. I'll bet anything, that knitting has contributed to my condition!! You're onto something! You need to write to the American Medical Association with this study! Wow. I hope you feel better.
I love the vest!


Love the vest! I have been perusing Ravelry for vest patterns but nothing hit me until I saw this one. I want it now please!

And you, you look gorjus!


When I was visiting an orthopedist regularly for my knee, he did make several comments about my knitting. He asked how many hours a day I knit...then told me to watch my posture, and change up my projects to knit with different size needles because the motion was a bit different (different enough not to cause a repetitive motion injury).

If they don't want the needles, what about a copy of the book?


My massage therapist has given my several good exercises to stretch those muscles and tendons that get tight during our knitting sessions. They have really helped me so that there is no limping when I get up after a long time knitting. Love the bangs and the pattern. Am starting Something Red next week after finishing the current project!

7-letter Deborah

I sheepishly told my chiro. that I was really sad about getting knitter's elbow. He is the team chiro. for the St. Louis Cardinals and I felt my problem was so tiny compared to a major league athlete. I will love him forever for the way he looked shocked that I would consider giving up knitting and the way he said, "No way! We've got to get you knitting again!" just like I was Albert Pujols.

ps--I've also had hip problems from knitting. My light was too far behind me & I spent hours and hours rolled onto my left hip with one leg tucked underneath me. He fixed that too. Did I mention I love him?


Love the vest. I have been looking for a good vest pattern and this is it. Can't wait for the pattern!


Vest looks beautiful, love the name! Oh,and I LOVE your hair. :)


Glad to hear you are on the mend. Wouldn't want those fabulous patterns to stop coming. Love the vest! Have a great day! Liz

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