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February 27, 2009



Love the beret! I think I'll avoid the balls, but I never get tired of you talking about the balls.


Ahh - I have always wondered how Temari balls are made. And now I'm a bit sorry that I know because that totally appeals to the sick OCD in me. :) I seriously don't have time for another craft. (I'll keep repeating this until I believe it!)

Donna P

I don't want to burden you with an email, but just wanted to shout out that I just discovered your Opulent Raglan pattern via Ravelry and it was love at first site. I don't know where this pattern has been hiding and why I've never seen it before. I immediately ordered the magazine (Knitscene, 2008) and its on the needles next. Anyway, just felt I had to share.

How do you have ever make time for Temari balls?

Your new beret is fab. Rocko is a doll.


I could never, ever do it. There is nothing mathematically perfect about me. I am so helter skelter in my approach to crafting that it would surely lead to disaster.

My hat (beret) is off to you.

Your Katie's Beret came out really well. It really suits you.


PS I meant to comment on the limpa post, but was having a hectic week and never got to it. My dad often made limpa when we were kids. You brought back fond memories. Thank you.

Now, I really should pull out the recipe and make a loaf.


I just think your hair is super cute. Did you add more bangs? What ever is going on, it is looking good. And, BTW, your beret is great too:)


oh yeah. I cut into my hair. Just needed more hair in my face to hide the, uhm, eyebrows and wrinkles!


Have you ever tried kumihimo? It can be just as addictive as knitting or possibly temari making and the end results can be made into fasteners for clothing, jewelry or just made into decorative knots for display.


hang in there! your geometry will return, you have all this good karma for loving your crazy (cute) dog!!


Temari woulda makea me crazy.

But I love that self-portrait.

Barb Sue

Oh my, you must be in a difficult temari class! Get to the library and find my book. There is a easier way!
Barb Suess
(NOT a perfectionist or mathmetician - can't even spell!)


I would love to try a Temari ball, but I'm afraid the styrofoam would drive me crazy. I couldn't stick a pin in it, you know. If I could get past that sound, then maybe.
Love Rocko!
Where's Chuck? How is he?


Someday you will look back on that lost ball and laugh........not now though. How did the class go?

Great hat on you. What size needle (size, not length) did you use with the Ranco?

Citlali Talina

wow! those temari balls are something I wouldn't even get near making! lol! RESPECT!!!:)

I love how the beret looks!


I think I used a six...


Those Tamari balls are amazing, but I think it would make me batty. I have a nasty perfectionist streak when it comes to crafty things. Oddly enough it doesn't affect my housekeeping though. Hmmm.

elizabeth m

I love that hat! And it's a great self-portrait, which is a challenge in its own right. (I always doubt people who tell me that they can't wear berets. Everyone looks good in berets, in my opinion.)

As for the temari: I love looking at them when you post them. But I have never once said to myself, "Self, there's a hobby you should explore." Nope. Not once.


Beret is beautiful.

The Temari Balls are, too, but...what are they for?


Temari is for Temari's sake. No other reason than to make you happy.

Jennifer (Liscat)

Hey Wendy..........Ali told me that the pattern for Crisp was available when I saw her at Liscat. I came home and bought it immediately. AI haven't been this excited about a project in a long time!!!! Peace - Jennifer


Yay! I wore your necklaces today!


oh Balls! Just think how happy Rocko is when he finds one! His life has been enriched by coming to live with you.

Love the beret. Hats are on my list for 2009. I never wear them, but always think I need another hand knit hat. (kinda like when you think you are out of mayo, so you buy another jar to add the the 3 that are already in the fridge :)

Kelley Petkun

I love them! Thank you, I think, for introducing me to this craft. I may not take it up but I think I will order a couple of instruction books as art books. Well, that's what I'm telling myself now.

I can see this as a craft night project with the quilters from Connecting Threads. After the knitters make up their personal mannnequins.


Tiny Tyrant

Oh my gosh I do love Rocko. He has the best happy face.

And Temari wouldn't cut it in my house with Scrat the Brat and his love of all things spherical.


Hi! I have been reading your blog for years. Congratulations on your book! How do you decide where you go to promote your book? Any plans for visiting the East Coast?

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