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January 01, 2009



I think I like the original title of this post better :P

I just want you to know, dear Wendy, that you inspire more than you know and I am so glad that you are around, doing what you do.


Yeah, well, I rethought the "shit" part.

Jen in KS

I'm making one of these blankets, too, but on the diagonal, increasing then decreasing like with one of those Grandmother's Favorite Washcloths patterns.


Have a very terrific 2009! Love the saying, it'll be my new one now too!


HAHAHA! Thanks for the phrase... do you mind if I adopt it also??? I shit you not.

You're lucky that Girlfriend is so good and doesn't have ear problems. Luckily, most of my flying was done for business and there weren't as many children flying on those flights in the middle of the week. It does seem that some parents don't understand what it's like to be a child.

Can't wait to see the finished blanket. :)

Happy 2009!


That project looks gorgeous. If I weren't resolved not to buy more yarn, I'd go to Elann and start one myself!
(Happy New Year !)


I love the blanket, I shit you not.

sue Treiber

I say it all the time! And I love the blanket.


Happy New Year!

The blanket looks beautiful, I also, shit you not. I was wondering if you're doing strips of Tunisian or doing the whole width at once? I love the look of tunisian crochet but need more practice with it.


hahaha!!! thanks for the next catch phrase. happy 09!

Knitty Cent

The blanket is gorgeous. I've done tunisian crochet a few times and enjoyed it. I agree with ya 100% about screaming kids. There's no reason why they should ruin it for everybody else!

Happy New Year! ^_^


Hi Wendy!
It is 4am here on the east coast and I can't sleep. (We are adopting a rescue dog today, anxiety and excitement have taking over) Thanks for the great laugh!!
I love the blanket! It is making me want to learn to crochet!


You have to post the other phrases if you think of them. I totally am in need of more catch phrases. No! Really! I shit you not!

You are too funny! I can't wait to read what mischief you get up to this year. :)


Love the blankie and I'm sure girlfriend will in years to come! Isen't that an older phrase? Hmmmmmmm seems like I have heard it before long ago. LOL Happy New Year and wishing you and your family Health, Wealth, and Happiness always!!! Marion


I wouldn't shit you...you're my favorite turd! Sorry, I just couldn't resist! I really get a kick out of reading your blog. Happy New Year!


Love the colors. Is tunisian crochet hard?


Happy New Year!

Love the colors of your blankie! It will be so plush and drapey in the worsted :)


Love the colors of the blanket. What is the name of the yarn?


Love the blankie, the look and the colors, Happy New Year!


Your blanket is lovely! That and your scarf may yet make me figure out crochet.

Meanwhile, I'll take a screaming and kicking kid ANY DAY over the eye watering body odor of the man sitting across the isle from me on my flight to Germany. My child is disabled and the stink eyes we have received on airplanes, even when his behavior is exquisite, are nothing compared to what this smelly man deserved.


Uhm, last time I checked, expletives (unlike gloves) do NOT have to match. I shit you not. HNY to you and yours. May make it through V-day without too much distress; then we're clear through Halloween, right?


I like the colors! Its going to be really pretty! I can't wait to see the finished blanket!


love the blanket! I too, would most likely set out to purchase more stash than dig through the official stash. Hee Hee.

I don't like the holidays either. I am soooo glad that it is all over and done. (I shit you not!)

oh and BTW, since you always have such wonderful music in your "in the ears" section, I have to encourage you to take a listen to a couple of my 2008 favorites....The Bowerbirds "Hymns for a Dark Horse" and Ferraby Lionheart "Catch the Brass Ring" they are both wonderful!
Happy New Year!!


A drugstore that stocks booze. This would catch on fast here in Massachusetts, where the snow's piled high and everyone has a cold.

I shit you not.


What? The drugstore almost always has the best deals on booze!

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