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December 23, 2008



lmao simple as that your too funny! Huggs Marion


O.K. that's pretty bad. Maybe we all could start a second site for knits gone wrong. I have far too many "bulky knits" that have only been worn by my girls for silly photos. And the clown foot socks -- maybe three pairs? And the extra fuzzy novelty yarn phase? Ouch. You're brave to show everything!


Do you have any Rastafarian friends in need of a new hat?!


now, that's an idea. I'll pull it out of the garbage...


You and Scout are too funny!
Have a very Merry Christmas.


but still....it's such an awesome idea, and I'm sure it can be salvaged. I'm patient, I'll wait!


Ha, tampon holder...

For a true loser of a hat, it could display the tampons peeking cheekily out-of-pocket on the outside edge of the hat, like a ring of little hatpins.


Oh dear, definitely one for the loser pile. You get a A for effort though. I love coming to this blog and seeing was music you are listening to. Isn't Adele's CD amazing?
Happy Holidays


So I am guessing that you already figured out that Kureyon felts up like a dream? Love the colors. There just has to be something you can do with it!



nothing's sacred. maybe I'll talk about Oprah in my next blog post? HAAAA!!! It made me laugh though. MWUAH!

And I got the scarf! That's what I was going to tell you yesterday when you ditched me. I love it so so so much. I will take a picture tomorrow. Thank you so much chica.


Truly, your failures are as inspiring as your amazing successes. I have tried to felt Noro Silk Garden with similar results. Instead of a hat though, it was a giant messenger bag- to remain giant. Later that day Iooked at the fiber content. doh. If you can "fail like me" then maybe there's hope for me to "succeed like you."


I had a lot of trouble with Noro felting too. I guess I can share some sympathy (and maybe a laugh) for your troubles.


How about 'music to my ears' cap ...

Kasia W

Wendy, you just make my day. Everything in stride! What about cutting it up into squares and using the 'patches' on something else? or for coasters? (sure looks good when they do it in those felting-old-sweaters books!)


Your hat is so funny! I vote for coasters!


I can empathize with the "everything going wrong". Sing yourself a little Annie. The sun will come out tomorrow...

I'm sure somewhere out there someone has a head bigger than yours. Donate that as a hat to be gifted to someone who is really cold.

I just got your book for a Hanukkah gift from my MIL!!! I'm so excited. Thanks for sharing the winners & the loosers.


Merry Christmas and thanks for the giggle!


from the looks of it, it would have a perfect life as a tea cozy!


Wait - you still have use of tampons?!


To echo, most of my "knitting" in the last 6 months has consisted primarily of *trying*, *failing miserably* and *frogging*. I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one who suffers from loss of knitting mojo. I do expect to get it back some time soon. In the meantime, I'll just stick to the basics and actually follow the patterns, rather than consider myself creative.

Happy Ho-Ho's to you, CHUCK, HWWV, GF and Rocko!!

elizabeth m

Sounds like you are in the throes of a Machine Conspiracy. I hate it when that happens.

Merry merry and all that! Hang in there hon!


I'm thinkin' maybe gather it up with a new band and make it a bit beret'y?


Cut some tiny holes near the edge, run a ribbon thru it and call it a drawstring bag. The colors are great, it felted better than I have ever seen Noro felt and let's face it, who doesn't need another project bag? I bet a sock project would fit perfectly in there.
Anyway, who HIDES their tampons? Tape them to your chest - then everyone knows to be nice to you!


The bits and bobbles of lint, etc. hanging down are a nice touch.

Maybe a cat bed?


Wendy, I (unfortuneately) have to hang around lots of 20 somethings, so I am thinking, instead of a tampon holder hat, maybe a condom holder hat....seems to be a popoular item amoung this demographic!


Tea cozy??
(Cut holes for the spout and handle)

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