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December 18, 2008



The limited Eggplants are totally like the wii!

I can't wait to get that color. Until then my Peacock will suffice.



Oh heck yeah, do I ever know what you mean with the rudeness. I sprained my right ankle really badly in mid-October and was in a velcro boot and crutches for several weeks afterwards. Do you think anyone opened a door for me, offered to give up their seat in the doctor's waiting area, or any of that crap? HECK NO. I don't expect that sort of courtesy on a daily basis or anything but I was on crutches for cryin' out loud! I had a very visible disability thing happening!

So yeah, I feel your pain (in a manner of speaking) and hope you're back on both feet/hips soon without the crutches! If you're able to knit while hobbling around on them, you're a stronger woman than I. I couldn't crochet when I was on them because my hands hurt so bad!


Dress warm. Things are clenching here in the Springs; no telling what next week will be like.

Rude people. We can terminate them, right?

Wishful thinking?


The Namaste bags are amazing!
Don't rude people make you just want to whack them with your crutches?? I spent a few times recuperating from foot surgery and graduated from a walker to crutches and then a cane more than once. I was amazed at how inconsiderate people can be. Makes me go completely out of my way to help people now as I've been there. Jogging bra - I so get that!

Maureen J.

Yep, rude. I was up to using a cane, not nearly as bad as being on two crutches, but still, I'd open the door to Macy's and a perfectly healthy, albeit terminally rude, young woman squeezed past me. SQUEEZED!

However, one of my finest moments was in Trader Joe's parking lot, when a woman in a new Cadillac started to back right into me when I was walking behind her car. Without even thinking, I yelled and whacked the trunk of the Caddie with my cane, hard, leaving a dent.

I was so pleased.


A few years ago I had a herniated disk that caused nerve damage in my leg, and I couldn't walk. I needed a walker, and when I was out in public I was shocked at the way people treated me. They shoved past me, let doors close in my face, bumped into me, etc. I have a LOT more compassion now for disabled people and always take the time to smile, slow down for them, and hold the doors open for them to pass through.


I'm sorry about the rude people in this world. All I can say is Carma, they will get there's or so we can hope. The purse looks beautiful, only in my dreams. (meaning I will most like never own one) I'm praying you get well and are 100% by the time all is said and done. Love the color of the yarn just yummy looking. God Bless Marion


I remember having to fly a long long way away when I was about 7 months pregnant. If you think maybe a pregnant gal travelling alone could get some help hoisting her large luggage on and off the conveyor belt at the airport, you'd be wrong. I never cease to be amazed....on the positive side, great gifties you've got there!!


Love bag. Love especially buddy cases. My feelings about Malabrigo go far beyond love.

Am flabbergasted about the rudeness to the crutchbound. I really would've thought people would be rushing to help you. I will say that in NYC, the holiday rush appears to be affecting people quite a bit, in that all the usual rudeness has been dialed up to about 11. It always seems so weird to me that it's a reaction to the season of "peace and joy." Those quotes are necessary, n'est-ce pas?


I didn't tell you, but exactly one year ago I was at my last winter class of bootcamp and I tripped over some cones whilst doing some stupid obstacle course athletic thingy and I broke my foot! Dr. said to stay off foot for one week. Instead, I went to work at the salon on crutches and stood on one foot for 12 hours every day til Christmas so that I would not have pissed off clients. It was the hardest work week of my life. I just kept smiling and telling everyone I was fine cause if I let the smile off my face I knew I would cry. The Dr. was really mad at me for not only NOT staying off my feet, but working the longest and toughest days of the entire year! I healed very slowly, needless to say. Not one person during the whole week told me to sit down and rest. They were more concerned with making sure I got everyone of their f^^&&ing gray hairs covered! I feel your pain, Wendy.


Some people's children!

If you plan on being on crutches for any length of time, ask your doctor for a temporary handicap placard for your car.

Life's too short to deal with more idiots than you have to...


A few years ago I injured my knee badly and spent about two weeks on crutches. Once, after dropping my sister off at the train station, I ended up standing on one leg, crutches in one hand, holding the door for no less than 30 perfectly healthy young professionals. I finally just turned my back, let go, and hoped someone had quick reflexes. Not to wish ill on anyone, but the world would probably be a nicer place if everyone had to endure this once. Merry Christmas, indeed.

Hope you are healing well. Rest is the key and you can take it easy knowing the slower you are now, the shorter you'll have to be slow.


I totally hear you about the being injured thing. People acually do seem annoyed with your for taking so long. LIke...HELLO...I'm on crutches and IN PAIN HERE!!!!!! In anycase....I'm not bitter or anything. I had injured my knee a while back and was on crutches for a while and then had to use a cane for even longer. Yeah....cane+fat lady does not = sympathy. At. all. Oh well...screw 'em. Your bag looks fabulous. And I would give anything to peek at those little note books. I loved your random thought when you had talked about them before. It would make for some fun reading :)


Been there and done that with the crutches. Does make you want to whack them upside their head with a crutch doesn't it.


I remember lugging my baby twins in a cumbersome double stroller and no one thinking of opening the door for me (well, once in a while someone would if THEY were in a hurry to get out the door).

Keep your wits about you an use those crutches if you have top nudge someone ("Ooops, that was an accident"). Kidding :-0

Anyway, Merry Christmas and a very Happy, HEALTHY and successful New Year.

Kathode Ray Tube

I recall being so shocked at people's cavalier attitudes when I was on crutches from a sprained ankle. I didn't even want people too close but as others have said, they were squeezing by me! No "Excuse me's" or anything.

I think people are afraid of anyone who is older or disabled (even temporarily). It reminds them that we're human and they can't stop and think what it might be like to be in that situation. There's also a total lack of civility all over the country.

Hope you have fun in CO.


I (envied)loved your bag so very much that I gifted myself the olive! I can't wait to tell my hubby what else he got me for christmas!


I am a little surprised that folks are just blowing past you. I would have thought as you did that people would be more inclined to lend a helping hand. Here's to a speedy recovery and a healthy new year!


Okay, what's with the Michael Franks?


Maureen: Have you never started to back up your car and then suddenly you see someone you didn't see and then stop? That is probably what happened with the cadillac driver. i would bet a lot of money she wasn't being rude or meant to run you over. It's not the same as someone being obviously not helpful like the woman who squeezed by you. You might want to rethink being proud of denting someone's car. I am sure you wouldn't want someone to do that do your car after you made a mistake.


There is nothing better than a Namaste bag to lift the spirits! I have the Laguna in peacock. Those crutches are great for making a point, as in placed on the toe of someone pushing past you or whacking a shin. Of course you would apologize profusely.


Makes me glad I live in Vermont. People are much nicer. :o)

Amy Jo

Wowie. I totally thought halfway through the first sentence that you were going to say you'd been practically carried everywhere by concerned male (and female) models and people were falling over to help you. Some people's kids! Glad you have some Namaste/Malabrigo purchases to help nurse your grudges. Happy Christmas!


Holy cow...I can totally relate to your encounter with rude people! Taking care of my mom and brother, who are both in wheelchairs, the insensitivity of people never ceases to amaze me. I can be obviously struggling to push a wheelchair through a doorway while, at the same time, trying to keep the door from slamming on us and you can't imagine (although, at this point, maybe you can) how many people will either just stand there or huff and puff. Rude, rude, rude!!!

It's also very surprising to me how few handicapped accessible doors there are...especially at doctors' offices! I thought it was law now.


love your style! eggplant ordered!

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