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November 10, 2008



I love it I'm the first to respond to this post! Oh how I understand about the running (im afraid I would have to just walk) Im 51 and having alot of problems now. But to feel the aloneness the music and not a care in the world for the time your running walking is awsome. It made me feel so so good to do the walking (then it was speed walking) and I did 5 miles and thought it was alot but loved it!!! I love the yarn. Have you ever thought about spinning your own and yes you will become fond of it!! God Bless huggs Marion

Maureen J.

I've never done the running, but I used to walk 3 miles a day, sometimes twice, and look in windows until my hip got bad, and I didn't get back to it even after the hip replacement. So now I'm swearing I'll see if my back will let me start walking again. Best night walking is coming up. I love to take after dark walks when the Christmas lights are up, and listen to Kiri Te Kanawa's Christmas CD.


What a schmuck I am!! I dragged my butt to the gym tonight all the while thinking if only exercise was like knitting or cooking. I love to knit and cook but I don't love to exercise. And here you are wanting and wishing to go for a run. You are an inspiration Wendy (you too, Marion and Maureen) I take so much for granted.

I risk sounding motherly here, but don't hurt yourself!


IF you don't use the 3rd skein, can I buy it from you? I am making a Clapotis and I fear I am a little short on yarn. Good luck with the running, I have been trying to walk every day. Get some shape back. Good luck to you.


Angie, are you using the same yarn? Let me know, okay?

melissa p.

wow. i read your blog often, but have never surfaced; however, this one got me. i think the all-too-familiar dying a little death part. running for you, writing for me. here's to it. i'll try to get back to it as well...revive...rejuvenate, even if it hurts a bit. enjoy the view.



OMG... I completely know what you mean about the running, the same thing has happened to me and I long to get back into shape so that I can run again. Enjoy your running/walking and I wish you a speedy recovery from the surgery


My alone time has been missing for quite a while. I love to listen to the Opera and just be for a bit.


I am glad you are running again. I imagine it feels great after waiting so long.


I just have to say..you GO girl!! :o)


Hi Wendy,
I know the feeling. I used to be an obsessed runner, and that all stopped for some reason. Then I walked, and that stopped as well. Hmmmm, might explain my big butt. Heh.

And, that scarf, WOW. That's beautiful and would look great around my neck here in Colorado! So, give it to your sister in law and I'll go borrow it once in awhile. Maybe I need to learn how to crochet, too.

Keep on running! (and tell us if you ever see anything exciting in those windows.)


Keep trying! Never give up!
I love the Taiyo!!!


Wendy, I absolutely loved this post. I love all of your posts, but this one spoke to me! Being a marathon runner I feel like I leave a little bit of myself on every finish line. Every one, I think "will I ever run another?" Th thought of not running scares the bejeebies out of me!

Don't hold back, do your three mile runs. You have earned it and deserve it.

I thought I recognized the yarn in the picture. I made a hat out of Taiyo that I ABSOLUTELY love. It is so soft. I wear it every cold morning (we get alot of them in PA) to walk the dogs. The recipient will love the scarf if you decide to give it away. Happy Trails!



Ahhhh....running. I so love it! Especially the part where I feel 15 again when I have an especially good run - you know the kind where you literally feel as though you can go on forever? Where you pass people half your age on the trail and you can't feel any body parts jiggling as you run?

December 3rd, huh? I'll say a special prayer for you......and hope you'll be up on your feet (or hips) in no time!


I love looking in other peoples windows, here in brooklyn its not really that easy because everyone lives in apartment buildings but, every now and then you can see an apartment that doesn't have any curtains and people dancing around in the window, or eating dinner, or watching tv. i really enjoy it.


Move to Vermont, woman. Your knitting talents are in need of some seasons!

Miz Booshay


All My Children is all over the place right now, isn't it?

I can't remember why Di would be mad at Ryan?

The way Kendall bats her eyes drives me batty!


Well, Miz Booshay, you do know that Kendall is a goner for now, so we won't have to watch her bat her eyes for awhile, maybe years...

Gina in the SF Bay Area

Kanan Road - as in Agoura? I can't believe you are running in the same hood where my father used to do his daily 10-minute miles (never faster, never slower). He's passed on now to the great treadmill in the sky, but my mom still lives in one of the "smaller" houses across from the creek near the elementary school. I never thought of my father as environmentally aware, but he did point out that the watering of the grass was over-watering the oaks along the creek, killing them in the process. Maybe on one of your future walks when your hip is all fixed you could hug one of those big old oaks for me.


Running, I do it also, but cant say I love it. But I love the pint of Ben & Jerry's I ate last night, and the two glasses of wine it burns. You must be mighty quick 45 minutes and 7 miles. DUELLY IMPRESSED


Well not sure if it was exactly 45 minutes!


I was just talking to a friend about "glory days" - for me, it was roller blading in Pacific Beach. NO ONE could touch me. When I wanted to, there was a gang of kick-a$$ bladers that let me tag along (and I was so thrilled, even tho I was in my 30's and they were in their 20's!!), but most times, it was me, speed, tunes and such freedom.

Sigh. Seeing your beautiful scarf *almost* made me feel better.


Gina, I ran Kanan Road in Westlake Village/Thousand Oaks. You're thinking about West of the 101. I was on the east side.

kathy carey

....a year an a half ago my teaching of 7 yoga classes and 7 Nia classes a week abruptly halted with an ACL injury. Your post made me realize, at 47, how much my life has changed, and how much I miss the movement. I do walk 3 miles a day....but I miss the joy of sweating, dreaming, expressing, and swirling. Knitting has been my constant friend throughout, but...I almost feel like I'm grieving the other. Thanks for your blog...I appreciate you sharing your talents and thoughts.

lori ann

Such an interesting post. I can empathise with you Wendy, and so many of your commentors! 3 years ago I tore my meniscus(knee) on a trail run. It's hard to come back, be sure to follow ALL the Drs orders and I think more importantly the P.T.- Knitting's never put me through such trials,ah,bless! I love your blog.
xx lori

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