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November 23, 2008


elizabeth m

They are awesome boots!

I'm so sorry for HWWV's loss. It's a hard thing to work through.

Thanks for the mention. I'm busy finishing a whole bunch of stuff for Issue 5, coming on Feb 1 or so.

sue Treiber

Those are awesome boots.
Too bad for me nothing fits over my calves!


Yeah, but these are totally adjustable! (Not that I need the competition or anything, for these boots)


come on, I have to know about the boots!! I live in Canada! You'll never see my around LA. :)


Ok I have to know what you are planning with that purse? Marion


The purse is now a pillow (I resorted to glue and it looks mighty fine)


AAahhh, you wore those boots in Denver, I believe that I commented on them. I love those. Are they as comfy as they look?


you betcha.


...past the Tipsy Fox - is your toothless joint in my neck of the woods?

Love the leg warmers - and, sorry to here about HWWV's loss.

We need to meet for lunch and yarn shopping again one of these days :o)


yes, it is in sorta your neck of the woods, at the base of the hill.


there's only one company i know of that makes boots like those, but i'll be a good girl only say that you'd have to sacrifice a lot of yarn purchases to get them. ;]


Damn! Those boots are hot!


Thanks for the shout out! Again, the boots are soooo cool, and the leg warmers look great. Come on over for Thanksgiving up in Aspen and I'll feed ya some dinner. You like to shop, eh? Maybe I'll find those boots there. That's just the place I might find something like that... Heh, heh, heh.....


I love the between the legs flare. :P

And you know that just made your man smile.


Oh... I just thought it was a bit of gas or something.


Fryes -- or -- Philosophy de Alberta Ferretti? Oh, do I love those boots. . .


Uh...Firorentini & Baker (just hoping that the price tag will keep all you guys away from the last pair of my size 38's in red...can't afford them but I'll dream and don't you dare buy them!)


Investment footwear -- isn't that what they're called? Certainly better than the stock market these days . . .


...but only if I could sell them (which, if I could, I would not).




You're killing me with those boots. And they come in red too!


yes, in red. I'm ready to cash out an old savings bond to get them.


Well, darn, again! I really noticed your boots when you were at Third Place Books. Sad to hear they are sold out everywhere. My calves are too big to wear the boots I have stashed in their boxes in the closet. Oh well.

Good news...the cast is off and now I have to practice getting all the finger dexterity and such so I can knit again and/or resume doing all the things that a normal human being can do like housework, drive, dress, and such. But I'd rather knit.


Yay Margie! Your cast was quite impressive...


That was the 'mummy cast'. I since had one in purple and light blue. It's been off a week and now I have to go back to work tomorrow.

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