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November 16, 2008



Huh. I've always wondered about that- the fires seem way more frightening than tornadoes. And I've seen plenty of those, growing up in Kansas. Hot Novembers? I wish. Wisconsin seems suddenly cold to me.


The fires are scary. But, if you have seen what the fire fighters do up close and personal (we've had those fancy DC-10's literally drop a load of retardant onto the cliffs across the street) you will feel suddenly safer. They make you instantly believe in Super Heros.

Miz Booshay

Such a contrast in the top picture.
Peaceful and calm in the forefront.

Destructive and frightening in the background.

I can't imagine. I'm glad you are safe.


Oh how I miss home (Southern California). Today was "hot" up here (Bay Area, which means hot is anything above 70) and while I felt totally at home, everyone around me kept freaking out about the heat in November. Apparently November should be cold... good thing I'm a knitter (seriously, you'd have more ammo for patterns in another location--but you know that).

Another book, great idea and good luck on the endeavor. Stop making me look lazy, already.


I have 2 things to say! You are very profound! And Read the book "The Shack" www.theshackbook.com
that sight tells you about the book! I just finsihed it and its awsome!


Oh that fire in the back ground! Scary!

Love the photos. Girlfriend is so pretty, Rocko makes me think of a dog my great aunt and uncle had when I was little. Chuck..well you know I have a soft spot for Chuck. That bottom picture must be Cash. We had a boxer named Falstaff (after Shakespeare not the beer), they are such funny dogs.


This is a really beautiful post.

I love the way that you paint the picture of your surrounding with tiny but telling details. And from that intimate Sunday afternoon setting come profundities. It's marvelous and thought-provoking.

And when did you live in Singapore? You're always such a mystery, even if you reveal yourself so honestly in your blog!


Great post! I've had the experience of experiencing a broad spectrum of weather as I was growing up too. And I swear I was chased by the world's biggest cockroach on one of our trips to Texas! Glad you are safe and got to enjoy a nice day with family. :)


Beautiful boxer dog!

I grew up in the part of tornado valley in Ohio and can smell a tornado in the air.


Girlfriend looks just like you in that picture.

bill morgan

Excellent prose Wendy.

An excellent start to a wonderful book, whatever it will be about....


Sounds like a really wonderful day. Except for the fires that is.


I'm glad you're all safe. My husband's daughter is in Riverside, and so we've been following the news fairly closely. The firefighters are definitely superheros. I love the pictures of the doggies, and your little girl is so sweet. I am completely intrigued about the mysterious room in your sister's house, and therein, is your book! You can add the pomegranates and the nuts, yes, I hear a story there, for sure.


My Honey Bunny is down there fighting fire. I am waiting for his gps coordinates to Google Earth where exactly. He has been sent several directions but as of last night should finally be assigned.

I feel for SoCal with all the smoke! We had some awful fires this summer and it was a reminder of how bad that can be.

Susan - Knitters Delight

That couldn't have been said any better!


I'll read anything you write. Soooo....you've got an Ashton/Demi situation with HWWV - VERY cool :)


Wow, you have a knack for the nostalgia that makes me homesick in a sweet way. I may be able to wear more sweaters in Utah, but I'll always belong to CA. The only thing I can think of that would add to the days at your sister's is a cousin for girlfriend. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Love your post, I feel like I am right there next to you. And, BTW, Girlfriend is a knockout, just like her mom!!


So....is there any yarn in that box with the old photos? :)

Great post - it makes you realize that anywhere you live there will be at least one thing that is not pleasant. And sometimes you love the please for that unpleasant thing, not in spite of it...you know?


So....is there any yarn in that box with the old photos? :)

Great post - it makes you realize that anywhere you live there will be at least one thing that is not pleasant. And sometimes you love the place for that unpleasant thing, not in spite of it...you know?

elizabeth m

I hope you and your family are all safe from fires. They scare me more than tornadoes, which tend to be so limited in scope. The fires seem more like a hurricane in their destructive potential.


Are those the fires in the background of that first pic? Wow.

I had a fire where I lived when I was 19(I was out when it happened). I'm a nut about saving things. All our important papers and all our pic's are scanned/downloaded to discs and kept in a fire-proof box. Along with a video of our posessions (including all my yarn!) for insurance purposes.

Keep safe and send links to that ninja photo shoot!


No, those aren't fires in the background. We were trying to photograph all the smoke, but in the end we managed to get a picture of what looks like fires...it's just a reflection of the sun


Maybe now I know why I live in Vermont. :o)
No earthquakes, no tornadoes, no fires....wow, I guess it's pretty boring. Oh....forgot about all THE SNOW


I just ordered your knitting book last week. I'm looking forward to it's arrival. Well or was, until I read this blog entry today. http://alison.knitsmiths.us/ I honestly agree with Alison. Today was the first time I'd seen the pictures inside your book, and as everyone else, myself included, agrees the garments are terrific! The message isn't. I'm disapointed your book isn't in the style of your blog, which is what I expected. Oh well, on the bright side if I show this to my husband, just maybe he'll suggest some yarn shopping!

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