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October 15, 2008



A first sweater in cashmere? Wow.


That's what I said.


Although I wanted, secretly, to give her a high-five.


Fab photos.


Maybe she was the 300 grand lady.

denise in c'ville, va

i believe that dog has the most expressive personality i've seen in the canine world. ok. not seen for myself, but through your (and HHWV's) photos.

Jen M

That's quite an expensive first sweater!


Wow. I am full of admiration.
On the other hand, I have knit plenty of sweaters, and only one of them (Sizzle, in fact) had any cashmere in it (20%, and 80% merino so still rather nice), so colour me jealous of the first-sweater-knitter who can AFFORD cashmere!

Linda J Davis

MEME You will know where I am coming from.
My stepmother sold and put in the dump every posession my father had. And then left me the bill for his cremation, because I wanted to take him back home to Ct. She wanted to throw him in the river in FL. Ok You reap what you sew.(I can't wait)My mom passed away very suddenly(she had been recovering from cancer)I am executrix.I'm holding down a 8-5 m-f job trying to do this and empty a house she has lived in and saved everything for 40 years. Ok I am getting to know a different side of her and it helps to ease my missing her. I have a cable afghan she was working on and am planning on finishing. Not many people understand my highs and lows.I know you will understand.


I don't understand the "indignation" part, but I *love* the way the cashmere story turned out.

Very sorry for the loss of your step-dad, and I hope the evil fraud story ends as well as the cashmere story.


I worked at a yarn store over the summer and had one particularly rude and demanding customer like that, except she complained about the price and told me I had rung up the items incorrectly. She came in breathlessly demanding numbers, which I assumed (but still asked to make sure) were needles that she wanted and showed her where the needles were and how they were arranged, but she kept standing there repeating her numbers (5,6, 10, 10.5, 11) until I got down and pulled the needles she seemed to want off the rack. I showed her the less expensive ones(bamboo) but she wouldn't have them. She thought she needed circular so I pulled those off the rack and started asking her what length of cable and she repeated to me "5 inches, 6 inches, 10 inches..." and wouldn't believe/didn't seem to hear me when I said the size referred to diameter of the needle, not length. Another ten minutes of needling later, she's at the checkout recklessly picking up the impulse buy stuff and tossing it back "into place" as she saw it, then complained about the price of 4 sets of addi turbo circulars. Apparently she didn't look at the prices either, which might have happened if she had gotten her own darn needles off the rack instead of making me do it.
And of course she came back the next week wanting to return the needles because they were oh so expensive and she'd gotten the wrong sizes- as if she thought I wouldn't remember her. She showed me her project too- a red heart super saver shawl that was bristling with stitch markers despite being entirely stockinette and told me, as if she were queen of knitting and of all techniques, that she was going to switch to circular needles which would start making it a tube all on its own. I made a token effort to explain that that wouldn't work but she still wasn't listening to me. After she left I asked my employer about her and she apparently comes for some classes and acts the same way and always pretends that she knows it all despite being gently and repeatedly corrected by the teacher. Oh what a customer. The only bad one all summer, really, but she stuck out in my mind.


I didn't realize how long my comment had grown.. sorry.


I used to be the woman who bought the cashmere. As a new knitter, I just didn't know what else to do, except to follow the pattern exactly as it was written with the exact requirements. As I became more experienced, I could change my buying habits. That comes with time, and if you don't have anyone around to ask (and really, you don't know to even ask), you're just at the mercy of the pattern requirements. Of course, a yarn shop is going for the sale. It's a dilemma for new knitters, and they don't even know it!


P.S. Love to see Rocko!


are you coming to chicago?


Discuss...I'm speechless! :-) That pic at the top is one for the books - just priceless.


Are you coming to New England?


Ohhh, I really hope that her sweater comes to fruition and is not abandoned in the back of a closet. That's a lot of bucks for a first sweater. That being said, if she wants cashmere and wants to pay for cashmere, more power to her.

I LOVE knitting for people who show that level of enthusiasm. It makes it all the more enjoyable.


please please please come to Rochester, NY - our autumn is in full swing, so you'd get to wear your fab knitted goods!
Socks look great, god love the knitter who knits a first sweater in cashmere, hope you catch that swindler! Thanks for sharing - those are always my fave posts


that is the cutest photo, with the candy or what-not in her hand and R's tungue hanging out in anticpation of a dropped peice!

The Knitting Archaeologist

Now see, I am of the opinion that a worsted weight sweater, even out of cashmere, should not require that much yardage. Unless her sweater was knee length with kimono sleeves... So I am a little disappointed that the LYS worker didn't spot that and double check her math before selling that much cashmere to a person, whether they can afford it or not. I would totally be willing to pay for cashmere, but I would be really annoyed to know that no one stopped me from over-buying for a project. I got annoyed when I over-bought acrylic! I just don't need excess stash of the same yarn hanging around my apartment:)

Kathleen Taylor

Some lucky person is going to snap up all that cashmere at the Thrift Store in a couple of years, at 50 cents a ball.


All I can say is some people you can never please! Girlfriend is such a cutie, and the pup is adorable too, the candy in hand and socks going out the door it seems with no shoes, then you added the thought of how excited my Barbie gets when im knitting her something!!! Such memories, she will have forever and what a wonderful, beautiful mom she has. God Bless Marion


I wish you all the best with the 300 grand situation. Just remember "serenity now" led to insanity later.


Well you know what they say "If you don't know you can't do something then" I don't remember the rest but I bet she will end up making a beautiful Cashmere sweater. :)

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