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October 07, 2008



What a great photo. You could have been the model in your book! The BOOK. I love it. Am knitting the Slinky ummm, something (the memory is the 1st to go) for xmas present for daughter #2 in Silky Wool and lovin' it. Thanks again. I was a 15 minute celebrity in my LYS, Hehe. "Oh, You won the book!" "You NAMED the sweater?!" Fun, fun.

Can't wait for this pattern to come out. Of course I have to knit it. Maybe a Christmas present for daughter #1...




Dang - everything looks sexy on you! Can't wait for the pattern - I want to make mine (guaranteed it won't be sexy on me) from the same yarn/colors. Another 'home run' Wendy!


Love the newest pattern, but since I have a mortal fear of fair isle, I'll stick to patterns without it! Which brings me to my question: I'm ready to begin my Somewhat Cowl, and was wondering which method you've found works best for the stitches cast on within the body of the sweater: knitted on, cable, or backward loop. (I realize I sound anal, but I just don't want to screw it up!) Hope your hip(s) are feeling better, and Rocko's so cute I'm sure it's hard to stay mad at him for too long. Take care & thanks


I use stupid-ol' backward loop. But you could do a knitted one or a cable cast on or a . . .

Cecilia de Lurker

Love the chair, and the toenails. It was 25 degrees at our house this morning, sickening . . .

Maureen J.

Speaking of looking hot, which you do in the best sense, weren't you melting outside Wednesday? I don't know how you look so cool.


yeah, melting. It was 100 in our backyard. Ugh.


Love the sweater bought the pattern where did u get the yarn?????



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