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October 07, 2008



Looks fabulous. Here's a question for you, though-- when writing your own designs/patterns, do you use test knitters for different sizes? Or rather, how do you figure out sizing, and know if it works? "We" suggests help with editing... just curious, designing seems so mysterious.


it looks great!

can't wait for the pattern!


I hire a professional technical editor who checks all the sizes and checks my math.

I do my own grading, meaning, I knit whatever size I want, and then I use mathematical principles and standard measurements to figure out stitch counts and row counts for other sizes.

If I paid someone to knit all sizes or asked a pool of knitters to do it for me, I'd spend so much money or wait a year to get it all done! It would be awful!

Valerie in San Diego

It looks absolutely beautiful!


Foxy! :)


Wow! It's beautiful. So is that picture!


All that photo needs is a giant silver tray of bon-bons next to you on the grass.


It's really beautiful.

sue Treiber

hubba hubba!

Nachaele Olson

Ewwwwwwww, I love it! I can't wait to see the final pattern! :)


You look SO hot in that cardigan. Well, you always do, dear. Hope we will get to see you in your newest garnet colored Somewhat Cowl as well, bet you will look just smashing. Seeing it in that garnet inspired me to start one for myself. We have every single one of your patterns (as well as that fantastic book), can't wait to get this newest one too!

You know, Wendy, as a P.S., your book really is incredible. Of all the knitting books I own, and that is a'plenty, yours is the first I was drawn in so much so as to read it literally cover to cover. It's unlike all the rest, making the knitter feel so much part of the process instead of just following blindly along. I see why it's #1 at Amazon, it deserves to be.


gorgeous! subtle but still faire aisley.


It looks great on you! :)


Beautiful! And that chair rocks too!


God, I want that leopard chair!

I'm currently knitting your Ornate Raglan using Mmmmmmalabrigo, and I keep having to stop and rub my face in it. Can't wait to wear it!!


fan-tas-tic......and I ditto the comments about the chair, I would love to get my hands on that!!


Cheers! woo hoo! Beautiful pic! Love it. Now if only I had the figure for that sweater. Maybe for one of my nieces. Marion


DAYYYYUUUUUUUUUM, that's cute. And I don't even (generally) like fair isle (esque) for adult sweaters!! (Although I completely admire the knitters that can do that kind of work.)


Woohoo! Just in time for Christmas or for me to knit to wear for Christmas..ADORABLE and the chair is too!


I just went through the comments, and notice your reply to Jeanette - "If I paid someone to knit all sizes or asked a pool of knitters to do it for me, I'd spend so much money or wait a year to get it all done". Well, not that I'm a designer or know anything about it, but I do know that certain designers (I'm thinking Japel, but I could be wrong) have asked people to be test knitters. I never could b/c I'm just not that fast, but I'm guessing based on all the accolades you get every day, it wouldn't take much to build you a strong group of excellent (fast) knitters, willing to do it for the fun of it or for recognition in these here blog entries.

I'm just sayin.


So beautifully photographed! Can't wait to see the pattern. P.S. I can't believe you do your own grading! I just knit my size (puny) and sent it to the tech editor where he worked his magic in the math lair. ....


Love the chair!


ooohhh! I LOVE this pattern. a huge fan of fair isle and loving a (somewhat ?!) grown up version. can't wait.


I've been wondering about this pattern! It's awesome! Nice setting for the sweater shot!


OMG, that pattern is amazing! Very grown-up indeed. Love it!

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