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October 23, 2008



I don't know which are more fun to read...your adventures or Rocko's! Next week, you'll probably be telling us that Rocko is Houdini reincarnated!


I thought our weather was crazy here in Ohio and then I went to Denver. It will snow there in May which is rather unheard of in this neck of the woods. Although autumn must be completely upon us now, I hear they are calling for snow next week.

Glad your trip went well. Perhaps you should set up a webcam to watch Rocko's antics. You may even get to see his thumbs in action. :)


That dog, LOL Maybe his name should have been Trouble? I just adore the stich things I just made me one not long ago. Plane jane type. Its pictured on my blog. Cheeted as shaw them online and copied them (lack of money will do this to a person) And as for the yarn she dose a wonderful job! Please excuse my spelling typing, going through some medical prob and affecting my thought process along with other things. Thanks for being here your a sweetie! Marion


You might want to double check that there weren't any macadamia nuts in the package (I know, its unlikely from an airline, but still). Macadamias are very toxic to dogs--even in very small amounts (ask me how I know...).

If your dog shows any signs of paralysis in his legs, get him to a vet asap.


Thanks for blogging about my Stitch Savers!

It was great to meet you!

Casting on for Slinky Ribs today...


Oh, I keep my little guy in a crate too when I'm not home. Or when I'm not looking... mine weigh's 3 pounds so he can sneak in and out of things and pee and chew whatever he likes at all times... Unless I "accidentally" leave him on the couch... he is too scared to jump off. HAH!

1 point = me.


It was great meeting you! I can't wait to start Ingenue :)


That Rocko is a Rascal!
I hope you love him to pieces because he is definitely testing your limits.
Like my boy Rudy.



I totally know what you mean about the cold weather. I'm longing to wear a good pair of tights and some gloves, but no such luck. It is going to be 92 today! Ridiculous!

I need it to be cold so I can justify knitting something in wool!


I live in DC, but happened to be in Denver this past week at the same time you were having your signing. I was crushed when I learned that the location you were at was 40 minutes from the conference I was attending with no rental car. I emailed Tattered Cover, and within an hour they let me know that they'd send some books over to their LODO store for me. I got another email at about 3 on Tuesday letting me know that they'd arrived.

I was so impressed with their customer service, and so happy to get signed copies of your book. It's fantastic!

Tiny Tyrant

I totally adore Rocko. Send him to my house so he can join Scrat in eating my hearing aids.

You can get metal crates that fold down with double latches. I use that to keep my monster dog in when we aren't home.

When the little dynamo doesn't need to be in it, you can collapse it stick and stick it under a bed.


Any chance of you making an appearance to Charlotte, NC?


Thanks for reminding me there is one good thing about living in a cold climate. Most days I just yearn for California and am convinced I'd be happy to knit exclusively with linen and cotton...

By the way, what is that lovely blue yarn in the first picture?

Wendy Bernard

It is Asian Trends Artesanal, color 218. It is cotton/alpaca/polyamide.


Liz Novak

LOVELY yarn, and I'm happy to hear you're doing the book tour thing!

It is possible to get a nice-looking crate for Mr. Rocko. Check online -- FetchDog.com has some okay looking ones (http://www.fetchdog.com/shop/a/dog_crates/dog-crates), and I've heard of much nicer ones in catalogs. Good luck!




Oh, how I feel your dog related pain. My golden retriever must be crated whenever I am not at home, because she absolutely adores yarn. She especially likes Lamb's Pride Bulky, because it is such a perfect bone-shape. At least your dog weighs only 8 pounds. Imagine that amount of onery multiplied by ten.


Oh, I wished I'd known you were in Denver longer. But you were probably having a great time visiting with your family, which is awesome. My knitting group girls (MaryKay, Terrie and Kelly) all had a ball meeting you.

Carol Koehler

The link to "the gal who makes the crochet hooks" doesn't work anymore. bummer Could you post it again?

Just got your book! Wow this was worth the wait!

Wendy Bernard

...I think it is because they sold out!

Carol K

Are you coming to Phoenix?

Wendy Bernard

I don't know where I'm going next...Stay posted!

courtney (knitnpurlgurl)

I LOVE that blue yarn!!!!

cheesehead with sticks

I think that Rocko and my german shephard, Jasmine, are cousins of some sort. We rescued her in June and I still have to crate her whenever I leave the main floor for over a minute. It amazes me how fast she can see me head for upstairs and next thing I know I come down and shes jumped from the kitchen table to the counters and is eating paper or bread - she's 70 lbs! She's getting better...I think..I hope!

Darcy Watts

I received a stitch saver in my All Hallows Eve Swap Package so tickled to receive one:)Hugs Darcy

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