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October 27, 2008



Things usually come in 3s so it's safe to say nothing will go wrong. Hope the surgery goes well and that your completely 100% before the TNNA. As for Xmas being a bit early, I honestly heard a Xmas song on Sirius the other day. I thought I lost my mind but I was in a car full of gals on our way to the Sheep and Wool Festival in upstate NY and we were all in disbelief!


At least you'll finally be able to do something proactive with this hip. I wish you well and a speedy recovery. I love the blue cabled mitts. It's a pretty shade.


Someone already did the 'bad things come in 3s' routine, so I'll save it. ;)
Good luck with your surgery. I'll keep the fingers crossed. ;)
I've not knit for about 4 weeks now since my move and you know what? I am feeling a bit crazy. Hypothesis proved! ;-)


I know about the cookies sitting there and you know you can't have any opposed to you have forgotten them. All too well. LOL As for those fingerless mitts, oh heaven the color and the everything about them is making me want a pair now!!! And I can't have them. LOL As for your surgery, I'm happy that they can fix what is wrong and you are young so will heal quickly! Both pluses. Is pluses a word? Yes at least you can knit while you have a speedy recovery! God Bless you and you will be in my prayers that you have a quick and healty recovery!!!


Was glad to meet you in TC in Denver, good luck with your surgery, according to my mom, it's worth it, and she did two hip replacements at once, hopefully you'll avoid the heavy surgery and be skipping around California in a bikini, while we're in sweaters and knits here in Colorado


I hope your surgery goes well and that the holidays allow you time to heal quickly. :)


Oooo love the mitts. Can't wait for the pattern. Well, the hip. I'm glad you are doing something. It's not too cool to be in pain. Someday, ask me about my broken foot and the surgeries that followed. Ack.

And, not knitting (or spinning) would be BAD!

Maureen J.

I hope your hip surgery result is as good as my hip replacement. No problems at all these days. However, my Dr. wasn't so good at the cosmetically pleasing surgery scar, or he figured at my age and weight, it didn't matter, and, actually, it doesn't. At your age and weight, tell him to make it pretty.

I, personally, have never forgotten that home-made chocolate chip cookies were in the house. (See weight comment above).

Oh, and start exercises to strengthen the hand, arm, etc. muscles that you'll need for crutches or walker.

sue Treiber

those are really cute warmers.
Good luck with the surgery.


Good luck with the surgery!! Back to the knitting thing...I haven't knit on my projects for over a year. Life, ya know. Now that I have this cast on my arm...I know what you're sayin'. That blanket with the lace-y edging is just calling my name. SIGH. It was so nice to meet you at the book signing.



Oops! That is...the blanket with the lace-y edging I started a YEAR ago.


Sorry you have to have surgery, I'm sure it will go well! Here's to a quick recovery!


Hey, you are a young thing! Surgery will go well and the healing smooth. I bet you will be back to your "active" self in no time. Knit on!!


Bummer about the surgery, but if it's what will help you, it seems like the right route to take. Good luck on the surgery. I'll keep you in my thoughts.


Funny, I just started some fingerless mitts with exactly the same yarn, except in a rosey-mauve color. I hope your surgery goes well, and especially that your hip feels better afterwards than it did before the operation. Wish I could see you at TNNA...maybe next year!


Just think of all the knitting you can get done while recuperating! I had surgery last year (2 weeks no driving) and got a LOT done! Love the mitts...can't wait to see the pattern.

BTW I'm casting on for Slinky Ribs today - I can't wait!

Steph VW

Yay for hip surgery! My best friend had her hip "resurfaced" at the ripe old age of 33. She had osteoarthritis that was making her life hell. Now she's my "Bionic Best Friend" and doing very well.

I hope that your surgery goes well and that you, like my friend, are the cutest girl in the orthopedic wing at the hospital. :)


Yikes - surgery!? I just kissed DH as he went off to run a spine conference. If you need any information, I would be glad to ask him. I know what you mean about not being able to knit - when I was pregnant I couldn't drive because I couldn't fit behind the wheel. I could barely waddle down the street to the coffee shop for some company. But what really, really bugged me was the fact that I couldn't knit! Carpel tunnel. Ugh! Oh well, it probably prevented the creation of several really ugly scarves for Christmas gifts. (I was a new knitter - garter stitch, what can I say?) Hang in there - it looks like your creativity is flowing - those are beautiful!


I fell and broke a finger back in January. Couldn't knit for a month, and spent anther 2-4 weeks after that regaining my normal tension. It is horrid, and I was one crazy woman during most of that time.

I hope all goes well with your hip!


I wish you the best, and the surgery has you feeling back to your normal healthy self! So many of us are wishing you well.


Love the fingerless mitts! I can attest to the craziness that has ensued now that I can't knit. I have a herniated disc in my neck that affects my left arm and hand. My doctor and PT have forbidden knitting for the last six weeks, and there's no definite end in sight. It's driving me bonkers.

elizabeth m

I don't know if it's strictly in 3s, but bad stuff definitely comes in runs. I hope your run of it is almost done.

Good luck with the surgery. Hope you have a speedy recovery.


Wendy, I'm so sorry to hear that you're having surgery! I hope they can help you. Best of luck and I'll be thinking of you. Keep us posted, please.


At least you'll have the surgery over with before the holidays, and you'll be so much better! The mitts look great! I will look forward to that pattern!


Good luck with your surgery!

Totally off any of the topics of this post, I wanted to tell you how much I love your book. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found it while poking through the bookstore on an US Air Force Base in England. I swear this means you've made it to the big leagues! The whole store only stocks a 1000 or so titles in ALL genres and there you were - way to go!

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