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October 30, 2008



oh sweetheart, you have the legs and chutzpah to rock the legwarmers even when they're out of style. they will look good on you no matter what.

Mary Beth Klatt

Why not just buy sweater knit fabric like this (http://emmaonesock.com/fabrics/sweaterknits25124.asp), stitch it up and trim? Much easier and cheaper, I'd think.

Terrye Kinch

No knitting machine, sorry, but you know what? I've been toying with The Knitting Of The Legwarmers myself. I'm doing the Helsinki scarf/hood thing right now, if I spin just a bit more yarn.....
Ok, off to knit....



....but I have the PERFECT yarn!

sue Treiber

Just make them!
Maybe they'll stay in fashion longer.


Just to encourage your obsession (legwarmers), I've made myself two pairs in the last year, and I wear them so often that I want to make myself a third pair, as soon as I can find time in between all the holiday knitting (legwarmers).

BTW, I knitted mine in the round, with calf shaping, and they were easy and fun.


You could start a trend (leg warmers) and soon everyone will simply have to have them (leg warmers)!


Go for it! I'm planning on making a pair for myself very soon. And if you change your mind about wearing them, then make them a gift or donate them to the local dance school.


I don't have a knitting machine but I think you should still knit those legwarmers. If you don't you will suddenly find yourself in some crazy situation where everything is going wrong but if you had legwarmers all would be well. You don't want that to happen do you? Plus can't you wear legwarmers during surgery?


i think i have seen that you can wear legwarmers during surgery. so there's always that.

i have been toying with this idea for a long while now. and can't bring myself to do it. even though i think they might come in very handy here in Chicago... aww heck. i think i might just give in!


I would knit the legwarmers. Even if they go out of style in the blink of an eye - you can always frog them later and re-use the yarn in something else.

Maybe the next fad? Armwarmers?


If they go out of style wear them under you jeans and no one will see them.
Peace and Yarn,

elizabeth m

You want me to make you some on one of my knitting machines? I can make a stockinette tube on one of my machines. I can make them flat on a machine with a bigger range of gauges, and then you could seam. email me. I'll do it.


Actually, I do have a knitting machine and it is in LA, with Julia. If you are genuinely interested in borrowing it, I can put you in touch with her for a temporary hand off. I doubt she'd mind.


I have a knitting machine, just have to dig it out of storage. I've never learned how to use it. So, if you com up with a 'recipe' for legwarmers, I'm interested. Even though I live in So. Cal too and it doesn't seem to be cooling down.


Hey! Stop obsessing about leg warmers and finish writing up those fingerless mitts you've been working on - I'm obsessing about making me some of those!

Snap! Snap! (that's the sound of the whip, don'tcha know)



I don't know how but some how you'd be able to pull it off and look great in leg warmers.

the Lady

Weekend Knits has a pair that should knit up pretty quick.


legwarmers look supercute with rollerskates!


Oh I was thinking about it last night when I was flipping thru my Last Minute Knitted Gift book. We should knit it and be IN!!!


lmao! this post cracked me up!

Maureen J.

If, as others have suggested, you can wear them for the surgery, you might want to knit a thong to match.

(Legwarmers) look stylish with crutches. And pitiful. But, hey, ya got the yarn so...


My mom has 9 (yes 9!) knitting machines. Her basement shop is in Iowa, a little far from California. She may even have a machine or two for sale, I'm not sure. She collects knitting machines like some collect stray cats. She says they just keep showing up at her door. My dad finds this hard to believe but she is standing by her story.

Diane S

Legwarmers never go out of style for ballerinas! I have made several pair for gifts for my daughters dance friends and they constantly are wearing them. I just make them with circular needs (or dpns). Very easy and an appreciated gift for dancer teachers or dancer friends!


If you send me the yarn and the pattern I'll make them for you (you're on your own for the seaming though). In Michigan these are very necessary and I handknit a pair last year so I can wear my sassy shoes with my jeans and still stay warm. I hadn't thought about doing them on the machine till now, thanks for the idea.

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