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October 04, 2008


Maureen J.

Actually, it's good news that the hip problem can be fixed by surgery, isn't it? You'll be so relieved when it's done.

I liked all the covers. So nice to see the California influence in the book. Maybe we'll get more respect out here now? I love the photographs. They do a good job of having a cute and fun slant while still showing what the knit looks like.


So sorry about your hip(s)-at least cute doctors?
We also have a de-stuffer dog. No pillows are left around and no stuffed animal toys. He quickly finds the seam, rips open, and fluff everywhere. At least the dogs are also cute too!


It is fun to see the behind the scenes for the book! I plan to attend the booksigning in Seattle/Lake Forest Park. I was sure I'd be working that night....before my vacation week, but after tripping and breaking my wrist a few days ago (at work) I am not going to work for a few weeks now. I think one of my coworkers thinks I did it on purpose so I'd get extra time off! No knitting for a while, either.


Sorry to hear about your hips!! At least you have male model doctors to look at during this ordeal. Aww, humiliated puppy is so darned *cute*!!!!


Delurking to say 'Wowzer your book looks amazing'


Just a word of orthopod advice, be sure to get very specific details of what and how long the rehab will be. Bless their hearts, their jobs are to break bones, repair ligments, tears and miniscus in other words somesort of operation is oft the end result of any orthopaedic injury. I am in week 7 or 8 or what I thought would be a quick rehab of two ligament repair with no end in sight. But I do love the book...even my husband commented on what a nice book it was...he never does that!!!!


Love the Rocko outfit! I agree that the humiliation may not work but it's always worth a try. Your pics of him are priceless and it would be incredibly hard to stay mad at him for long - but that still doesn't make you any less mad when he does his antics. Hope you're feeling better and maybe surgery will not be necessary after all. (positive thoughts..)


Rocko looks adorable. I am sorry to hear that you need surgery. Hopefully it will cure what ails you and can get back to doing the things you love. :)

Yarn mom of 8

Sheesh. Since you linked the pictures of your book, I now have to go out and buy it. There are only 6 or 8 items I have to knit now.

Great job! Can't wait to start knitting your designs from this book.

Bummer on the surgery. Hoping for no pain when it's done!


Oh, your dog is up to some devilish tricks! The costume is quite fetching on him.

Surgery is a great excuse to knit, but you knew that.

Maybe one of those handsome doctors needs a hat.


OMG, how cute is Rocko in his devil costume!?!? It doesn't look like he minds wearing it, either. So much for humiliation tactics!


I finally bought your book. I knew it was going to happen, and I was right. It finally did. I just love it. Better than many! Congratulations.


I would have to go with the second honorable mention. It has a cute sweater AND a guitar!

Miz Booshay

I am so happy your publisher did not include the male model with the sunglasses.
That picture reminds me of really old, bad knitting photography from the 70's. You know, where the men look like Ken dolls :o)


I love your dogs! :)


kennels aren't a form a training. he needs to be trained. please watch the dog whisperer or read up on dog training.

Liz Sheridan

Last thing I needed was another pattern book, but after reading a positive comment, somewhere! last week ordered yours, it arrived here in the North West of Ireland on Friday. If you had just written it a few years ago it could have saved me buckets of euros spent on all the rest. I've recently started knitting from the top down and now most of my books are redundant, your book has given me the means to adapt patterns to suit my new passion so thanks for that. I love your book, Liz


Putting the pup in a kennel/crate will only make him more frustrated and energetic. Put the pillows out of reach, or get a baby gate and confine him to the kitchen - but in either case, get a BUSTER CUBE or similar food-dispensing interactive toy to keep him busy.

He sounds like he would benefit from some positive reinforcement training ("clicker" training) which will use up so much of his mental energy that he'll be out like a light when you're not there to watch him.

folding dog stairs

I'm so glad I started reading your blog.Well All the pictures of you are good ones in my opinion. Really you should be the model. As for the surgery im sorry but better taken care of while your young and can heal quickly.

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