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October 04, 2008



I've been secretly blog stalking you for some time now, reading, but never leaving a comment. After reading your last post, I gotta ask you this. Why is it that in the pics shown on your editors page, the fav accessory for your knitted works is...undies? Is it a Cali thing? Just curious. :) I love your blog and your book!


It's the stylist's fault...


...and they are bathing suits...


Oh, bad dog.... kennels are good. My dog has one and loves it.


It looks like the Dog Humiliation Tactics ALMOST worked on Rocko!! I have 2 that do the same thing only they are 3-4 times bigger than him. It's hard to stay mad at them when they are so cute, isn't it? Does he get to go trick or treating with girlfriend - further Dog Humiliation Tactics opportunity!!

Hope your fingers are healing and that you can avoid surgery on your hip.

I liked the 3rd version of your book cover with your blog name on it but those book editors and stylists obviously know what they are doing!! You'll let us know when your book tour/signing will be in So Cal - or did I miss it already?!!

Oh - and one more thing - when is Fair Enough coming out?


Oof, sorry about the needing-surgery thing. In my doctorly experience, orthopods are very good looking, so I agree with you there, but radiologists tend to be the nerdy, pasty, awkward sort. :) Of course, everyone is easier on the eyes over there, so maybe even the radiologists are cute!


Powell's Books were booked up (in L.A.) so there isn't going to be an official signing out here!

Fair Enough will come out in the next week or so. I just have to find the time to get pics taken...


That picture of Rocko needs to be published somewhere, like in a calendar for October or something!
Glad to see you are down to one band aid on your fingers. Somewhat Cowl looks gorgeous! I love the color you chose.


Aww, Rocko looks so fetching in his costume.

FWIW, we keep Thea in a crate whenever we leave. We say, "Get in your house" and she pops right in. She doesn't necessarily love it to pieces but she doesn't mind and all our stuff is largely whole.

Panda never required such confinement but she'll sit in the crate whenever it's not otherwise in use.

My favorite of the rejected covers was the last one. :)


Surgery...Ok this is seriously going to cut into the book tour. But think of all of the knitting time as you are recuperating. And of course all of the extra face time with the Actors Three.


Delighted that you have male models for MD's.. perhaps all the MORE reason to solicit second opinions? I'm recovering from surgery and find that I have NO interest in knitting. Just. Can't. Concentrate.

Linda A

Great...Heavenly...Ye GODS!! Those alternative covers are so much more YOU. Why not...why?


. . . this is my third opinion...and with the best surgeon for this type of problem.


Well All the pictures of you are good ones in my opinion. Really you should be the model. As for the surgery im sorry but better taken care of while your young and can heal quickly. I'm sure girlfriend will take good care of you!!! LOL huggs Marion


Being surrounded by good looking men AND being a knitter - how do you do that? I never see ANYONE but other women knitters. Even when I DO see a man, he sees the knitting and looks the other way! Of course, I am not as cute as you, but I think (hope) they are more afraid of the knitting than of me. Maybe you can let a few of us single knitters come up and help you after the surgery (that SO sucks BTW) and you can introduce us around!


I had the same surgery 5ish years ago. I even had the Giant Needle diagnosis method. Given that you're still walking, I suspect your rip may be more possible to fix completely than mine. Anyway, the surgery is fantastic. I had to go to PT to overcome the overtensed muscled that were trying to hold my hip together before the surgery, but besides that and the bandage changing (there was tape in bad places) it was almost immediately better. I could actually put weight on the leg again!

At least for me, the fix isn't perfect: I have to be careful about what chairs I sit in and sometimes it will just randomly swell up again. It's a huge, huge relief, though. Good luck with your surgery and I'm sure you'll feel much better soon.


Hi Wendy, I'm not sure if this is just a Firefox issue I'm experiencing, but every time I click on your photos to get a larger view, the pop-up window only displays a cropped portion of the photo; it cuts off the bottom area pretty significantly. Just wanted to let you know in case you weren't aware. :)

Jen M

I'm so glad I started reading your blog. I see that you too have a "little devil" in your home.

Two words, Wendy: DOG CRATE!

Thank you for the link. After see the patterns from the book I will DEFINITELY have to buy it!


You are so right about orthopods being hot. DH works with one and when I fell down the stairs this week I was half-hoping I'd wrenched my shoulder enough to get an emergency appt. with him.

Thought I'd share my fav. orthopod joke:
Q. What are the 3 favorite years of an orthopod's life?

A. Third grade.

P.S. Thx for sharing the outtakes from the book. I always love the behind-the-scenes stuff. I have a friend who's a writer and it's great fun to see which covers the publisher picks for her novels.....


You'd better get that kennel quick, because from the looks of Rocko, he's not very happy about this! I love him.


Loooong time reader, first time de-lurker.

I had to tell you that I bought your book last week and cast on for Ingenue last night. Love the book, love the patterns, and I want to thank you for putting (what was obviously) a tremendous amount of work into it. The patterns aside (although they are fantastic), I have a feeling this is going to be one of my much-used "theory" books that comes out every time I start a project. ("Hmm.. what if I shortened the... and added shaping here... and made it a v-neck..." You get the picture.)

Anyways, thanks so much. Hope to make your book signing in Seattle, though I am in Vancouver (Canada), so... ahem... hint hint. Publicists take note?

P.S. Hard to wish you luck with Rocko when he is so damn cute being naughty!

sue Treiber

sorry to say, but i don't think the humilitaion tactics are working. He looks rather proud of himself!


Little beggar! Bet he gave you an I didn't do it look too.

While I like the cover they finally settled on for your book, I think I like the second cover on the main page of that site best. Suits your blog more.


Good luck with the kennel! We've had great success with ours. It's tough at first, but I think you'll be really happy with it after a while. :o)


Silly dog! I really do like the cover on your book, it's so you (and SoCa). As soon as I get past my spending freeze on yarn, I can't wait to start knitting your lovely patterns. In the time being, I'm doing a lot of page flipping and dreaming.

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