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October 13, 2008



Seattle was fun and I'm so glad I got the chance to see you there Wendy! I'd been away from blog reading for most of the summer so imagine my excitement when I checked in for the first time in a long time and saw that you would be in town on the very same weekend we had decided to hop off Vancouver Island to spend our belated honeymoon in Seattle. After a day of exploring downtown, my new husband happily joined me on my bus journey to the burbs to see you - pretty great guy eh?!?

I am SO excited to try so many of your patterns in this book and want to thank you for all of the eye-candy in Custom Knits, yarn and otherwise.

Keep doing what you're doing Wendy, I'm a big fan!

PS I just looked up what tinking is and realized I'm a near expert!


Well done on wearing the Bounce in the right way (according to me of course :)) I can't figure out why people wear hats so far back on their heads that they seem to be about to fall off. The precarious nature of this seems to bother me somehow!


But you should give readings! You are a great writer so you could write something you'd normally post to the blog and read that. Something tangentially related to knitting, or not at all related to knitting (like the blog sometimes is) would be entertaining I'm sure. In any case, here's another plea to come to SF or the SF Bay Area.


I am new to your site as of today. Thank you to the young woman that came into our shop and showed us your work!! I just compared your photo to Scout. I must say, yours is way cuter!! I love your website. I am quite a bit older than your typical fans, I'm sure!
I will enjoy reading your blog!


My comments ended up under the name of Jean-don't know why.

Heather Fontenot

The hat is beautiful, and we can't wait to see you here in Denver.

Kay B

I tried making the "Bounce" knit hat and got stuck on the v-stitch part of it. The ribbing turned out fine, the m1, knit 5 row turned out fine, and even the first row of the v-stitch turned out okay, but from then on, it was a big mess and I've tried 5 times to make the hat, but really struggling.

Kay B

Do you happen to have the You Tube instructions on how to make the "Bounce" hat? The written instructions are becoming impossible to follow.


I didn't write that pattern. You should try to contact the designer or ask for help from another knitter.

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