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October 13, 2008



We need pictures of us wearing these kissing John together!


Does your book tour include the Bay Area at all? :)

Jen M



Thanks for coming to Seattle! It was fun to see you, and seeing some of the sweaters from the book was an extra bonus. You and the sweaters are even more fabulous in person than on the page/screen! And you helped me get over my fear of negative ease - after a lifetime of sewing garments from woven fabric, it's hard to intentionally knit something "too small," but I'm going to be brave and do it.


Wow sounds like you did have fun!!! Love the blowing kiss pic, I have to say you put a bit more pucker into yours.LOL Good to see you arrived home safely! Oh how I envy you I am orginially from Seattle and am stuck here in Indiana! Hope it didn't rain while you were there LOL (inside joke) Huggs and God Bless Marion


I wish I could pull off a hat. They just don't belong on my head. Ever.

You look great (as always)! Are going to do a book signing around here??


kiss kiss right back, my lovely.


Monday Oct 20 7:30 Tattered Cover, Highlands Ranch (Denver). I've got my map all ready!


great pic...funny, thought it was your sister dooze before i read that it was you


Ooooooh! First Class. Well, we all know you're a first class kinda broad. :) Congrats on the successful signing, and ditto the question re: signing around here (being LA).


I too thought it was Dooze! Sometimes you really look identical. You do rock that hat, girl. And you ARE our Yarn Harlot! I just heard her mentioned on Conan O'Brien last week, Greg Kinnear talked about her. Kinda took me aback. I've no doubt it's just a matter of time before knitters are waiting in line to see the beautiful blondey girl (that'd be you!).

Excited for you as you travel for book signings. We'll enjoy watching you soar. :)


I just wanted to tell you, I bought your book last week even though I don't have the body to do credit to your fabulous designs.

But, I've got to tell you, you're techniques, and the inclusion of larger sizes with your patterns are so incredibly fabulous! I have admired the top down technique but was totally overwhelmed by how to figure it out. Now, I've got your book and cannot wait to try a pattern!

Congratulations on a book that truly will be a classic to the knitting community!


Love the pic. And I'd be happy to play photographer for you and Scout. I mean, I'm all the way over here, but so is John. (Shameless ploy to lure favorite bloggers I haven't met to my town...)

Does it tell you anything about my specific yarn addictions that I spotted that it was Malabrigo at 100 yards?


Hey look! Isn't this yours? The little boy's pullover at top in the Blue Sky, that's your design if I recall correctly. I was browsing the popular Philly LYS blog at Loop, and there it was right at the top. See? You're more famous than you realize! :)


Love the picture awesome and I love the colorway of Bounce yummers!!!Hugs Darcy


You should re-think the Bloody Mary thing. I'm telling ya. They have a tendency to grow on you. I made a few pitchers of them for a tail-gait brunch we had before my daughter's college graduation. Best college graduation we've ever attended... 3 hours in the sun, speakers from hell, hundreds of graduates filing up one at a time... no problem. :-)


Part of the joy of being in first class is being able to drink champagne regardless of the hour of day! Try it next time, the flight attendant won't even blink when you ask.


Just had to say that I finally got my hands on your book, which meant that I then went and dropped a fair amount of cashola on yarn for 2 projects in there. I am so excited to start in...so much so that I forced myself to finish up another project that I have been dragging my feet on so that I could jump into one of yours. The book is divine by the way and the patterns look easy to follow and well represented in the photos.
Sounds like your Seattle trip went well, I am just bummed I could not have been out that way for one of your signings! Do consider a trip to Iowa one of these days, I know several gals that would love to come to a signing of yours in the central area!


I'm with Holly. Bloody Mary's aren't at ALL like spaghetti sauce... Ewwwwww, no. More like alcoholic SALSA with no lumps. HaCha!


Sometimes I get lonely when I travel to super cool places alone because I really want to share the experience with someone. :)


Come to San Francisco for a signing. We'll show you around.


Brilliant, I didn't provide the link in my "isn't this yours" question. It's at http://www.loopknits.com/2008/10/14/blue-sky-alpaca-kids-designs-trunk-show/
Even more brilliant, I don't know how to just link it up. Sorry bout that. But it's your design, that I am sure of!


yes, it's mine, Nants!


If you really want to enjoy solitary travel, take the train. I took it round trip from Chicago to Seattle (a gorgeous trip through the mountains) in May - met my daughter there (she was there for work). And, when my other daughter lived in Baton Rouge, I would take the train there 2 or 3 times a year. Always first class (I am too old to try to sleep in a coach seat) & that includes meals. They fill up all the tables of 4 for each meal which means that unless you are a party of 4, you sit with strangers. This leads to interesting conversations as does sitting in the observation car. On the trip to Seattle, they served champagne the first evening & had a wine tasting the second afternoon. Now that daughter is moving to the Bay area & I will be taking the train from Chicago there at least a couple times a year (I'll probably break down & fly the other times because it's cheaper but I really dislike it).


You are so channeling Marilyn in that pic! As I write this I am sitting sans DH or Thing 1 and Thing 2. I am noticing a lot of things here in the Memphis airport that I never would have noticed, too. I can't go into details, but.....people are sort of gross, aren't they? Let's just say if you are wearing NO shoes and wearing a mumu, don't stare at me when I pull out my knitting!

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