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October 19, 2008



Remind me to never piss you off!


hahahaha. why were you knitting voodoo dolls again?


read the last post. It has to do with someone defrauding an estate left to me and my siblings to the tune of more than 300k...


That's very fun. :) I hope it all comes out well in the end.


Oh, you're a bad, bad girl! Good for you . . . and success is the best revenge.
Sorry to have missed you in the PNW. Hope the book tour is going well!


Right, I read it but suppose I forgot.. which is strange because the same thing happened to my mom earlier this year. A woman who was, at one point, a trusted family friend somehow managed to swipe a couple hundred k from my mom's dad's estate. Unfortunately the whole thing cost my mom (also the executer of the trust) months of bellyaches and court dates. Just take deep breaths and remember... it's only chips (and you can't take it with you).

elizabeth m

Let's hope it has an effect on the outcome!


Oh Gawd! I love it.


You go! I hope that made you feel a little better.


I'm shocked! And a bit amused at the same time. Somehow I can't picture myself making something just to burn it. But then to each his own. And hopefully what they say is true what comes around goes around. Huggs and God Bless


Gotta Laugh, This post Wendy was just too funny!You sure have a creative flair. At one point We were cheated & years later the Lord gave it back to us in a different way. Your love of the craft burns bright even in fustration.


Oh I wanted to ask will your book tour bring you to Milwaukee area? Hope so!

Sheri Brethel

Good luck in your estate battle - been there, went through that.
BTW, LOVE the book and I think I sold 3 more copies this weekend by sharing it with girlfriends!


thats great.


May the force be with you. Get 'em!


Note to self: Never knit children's pajamas with Paton's Decor. :-)


Funny! Thanks for the laugh!


That is fantastic! I hope she gets what she deserves.

the Lady

Holy Sh*t.


Ooh, Wendy, that is too funny!

Melissa in Oklahoma

I thought it was funny until...but please keep us posted on its efficacy...not that I would ever....well...



Can you also sic the IRS on this person? That's what we are going to do to the family's black sheep whom we are certain "borrowed" one third of the money my mother got from selling her old house. She had only been dead a few hours when he zipped over to her new house and erased both word processors from her computer and all files she had created, and went through her file cabinet. So we couldn't find an IOU (she would have typed it on the computer and saved a hard copy somewhere) and our lawyer says we can't do anything about it. But the tax man will be interested to know why he didn't pay taxes on a $60k "gift."

Hmm, maybe I need to make a similar doll. The rest of the family has been waiting for him to get what he deserves for years now and maybe fate needs a little nudge. I like my dpns, though!

Maureen J.

Very appropriate. Save your pattern, you may have the seeds of a new book there. "One Skein VooDoo Knits". Kind of the antitheses of a prayer shawl.




omg. this is the BEST. did you seriously burn it up!? email me when you are back. don't know how long I'll be up but find me if you are around.

love this!!

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