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September 30, 2008



They would have to drug me if I had an injury that kept me from knitting! I say, keep the wine cold and the glass full - either the cold will help numb the burn or the wine will help you not care.
Heal quickly!!


Hey - maybe now would be a good time to brush up on your safecracking skills, what with the missing fingerprints and all.

And thus I amuse myself at your expense. :-)


i can one-up that: this weekend i managed to burn my face on snack food. first-degree, but MY FACE. damn vegan jalapeno poppers!


OK - just in case there is a next time and I hope there isn't (I hate a burn). Buy an aloe plant at your local W____t and when needed, break off a small piece, split it open and apply immediately, directly to the area. This is also good for bee stings, heaven forbid. I'm not a Dr, but have used this for years.........it works! It's amazing! Wish I could have used it on my bicycle wreck scraped knee last week! In the meantime, like your choice of band-aids ;-) (mine are just plain skin tone)
BTW - love, love, love your new book!


Thanks Carole! I did snip off a piece of aloe and slapped it on. (We have a huge plant.) I'm thinking it contributed to the fact that the skin didn't fall off earlier.

the Lady

Ooh. Potholders.


Ouch! burns are never fun! I would trade lives with you in a heart beat. LOL Your not getting the good end of the deal. OK OK I'm a bit drepressed lately so don't mind me. All I can say is heal quickly and have girlfriend gently kiss them fingers. It always seems to help. Huggs Marion


Ouch! I hope your fingers heal quickly.


You poor thing - that burn is awful. I don't know if it'll help, but J&J makes some special burn band-aids that really work.....can you tell I had a friend who worked there? I used them when I had a terrible accident with my french press. The last time I couldn't knit was when I got pregnancy carpel tunnel. I had just learned to knit and was trying like mad to get Christmas presents done before I delivered. Let's just say that I wasn't pleasant to be around. Of course, several people were saved from receiving acrylic garter-stitch scarves for Christmas that year......


I'm amazed I didn't see any stories about the candle salesman on the evening news.

As for the burns, try to keep your wounds moist. Moisture provides the means for new cells to migrate across the wound bed to mend themselves. Dry bandaids will stick to the wounds and lift the repair work and delay the healing process. Perhaps you can find a product called second skin-a gel like moisture holding product. Most drug stores carry this (look near the blister stuff).


Ditto everyone's advice. You can also buy Aloe Gel--just make sure it's 99% aloe. Most drug stores sell aloe gel that's mostly alcohol. You may need to go to GNC or a health food store for the real stuff.

You also might want to consider that your dermatologist friend isn't likely to have any medical equipment with her at the school picnic, so you might want to make an appointment to see her at the office where she could do more than just make sympathetic noises.


I have the same bandaids! In fact I have one on my pinky after a recycling accident (cardboard "cut"). Hope your fingers heal quickly!


How did you not just die laughing? I don't think I'd be able to keep a straight face if someone tried to sell me a fake candle that you blow on to operate (sounds dirty!).


I like Lisa's remedy of a cold glass of wine. Hold to chill the fingers and drink to numb the pain. Although it might be hard if the burn is on your leg or elbow.


First off - ice isn't the right solution, no matter how intuitive it might seem. I know it feels better, but trust me - try this simple method on a 1 or 2nd degree burn.

Run burned areas (fingers) under warm, but not hot water. It'll seem hot, so keep testing with your other non-burned hand to make sure it's only warm. Then, swish a little bit of regular hand or dish soap on the burned area. If you have a soft bush and can bear it, sweep away dead tissue with it.

After that, I rinse with cooler water, and repeat with the warm water & soap. I saw Dr. Drew Pinski recommend on TLC once, and have had great results with it. I burn my fingertips a lot, too - so anything that gets me to keep using my fingers after I've already damaged them is awesome.

The theory goes - you're rinsing away some of the anti-inflammatories that make it hurt so bad; so, you don't have to spend so much time feeling the burning sensation.

Ugh - 4 inches... I totally understand that. I have to rip back about 4 on my Skinny Empire because I didn't check it for fit before I hit the Icord bit. Oy. Good luck with your fingers healing fast, and recovering from your 4" afghan rip!


hahahahhahaha. what a silly young man.

i'm sorry about the afghan ripping, i'm also sorry about your fingers.


I used to have access to a first-aid kit that had magical burn creme, literally made the pain stop for a while. Don't remember what it was called, but it seemed a fairly ordinary thing that one could get in the drug store.

Also, I must confess that I embiggened the first picture to get a closer look at your bling. Pretty!!! :D


Blow on once to turn on, and blow on twice to turn off. Hahahahaha. Maybe that's something you can only truly appreciate after being married for a while? Your garnet sweater looks gorgeous! I can't wait to see it in full. I hope your fingers are feeling better.


I've seen a nice pattern for crocheted potholders...


Ouch...I feel your pain. More than once, I'm embarrassed to admit, I have tried to take something out of the oven WITHOUT A HOTPAD at all. I don't know what I'm thinking (or not thinking, I guess) but I don't even realize I'm doing it until I hear the sizzle coming from my hand. D'oh!


Why didn't your LYS owner/manager just tell the ill advised salesman that there was no soliciting allowed and send him on his way?


Aloe Vera Gel!

Use it!

As soon as possible!

No matter what anyone else tells you!

The longer you wait, the less it will be able to do, but it is better than ANYTHING else you can use! Unless it gets infected and you need an antibiotic.

But aloe vera gel has exactly the nutrients you need to build new skin and keep what you have as healthy as possible! It can be absorbed through and into the skin, and has exactly the nutrients your skin needs in exactly the right proportions.

I make sure that I always have some available, and carry a tiny container of it in my knitting bag for emergencies.

You can also get it with a mild anesthetic (lidocaine) to help you feel better.


Ouch - I had a nasty burn once on the back of my hand and the dermatoligist told me to keep it bandaged all the time, changing daily of course, to keep the infection out. He prescribed some sort of ointment with silver in it. If it wasn't 14 years and 2 kids ago, I'd remember the name of the cream.

Regarding the plastic candle salesman: He must not have noticed how sharp and pointy those little knitting needles are, or he wouldn't have been standing so close. Of course, if they were stolen, he probably wasn't that smart to start with.


ewwwww wendy, I was just eating pizza... bleeeeh

Melissa in Oklahoma

I think it's called Silvadene, or something like it - it does relieve the pain and nothing hurts like a burn! I am sorry!

Now, as a long time knitter, I would advise you to practice throwing - it will make color work easier, and then maybe you will be knitambidextrous. Et voila! A new life skill! And you could give the left digits a bit of a rest...to heal...just sayin'

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